State Championship (Macon) Report

FIRST PHOTO BY Travis Neumuller
CAPTIONS BY Mark “didn’t suck too bad at bike racing last Sunday” Babcock

Guys, you're doing it wrong.

While Mother Nature did not grace Georgia Cross with any muddy, cold races this year, the weather was lovely for the series finale at Sandy Beach Park in Macon. Large turn outs in all fields vied for the State Championships jerseys and medals. Some riders were focused on keeping their lead in the series or trying to improve their points in order to get a coveted Georgia Cross cowbell. Spectators grilled out, heckled riders, and enjoyed the day. The course was similar to years past but with a few more switch back climbs in the back half of the race. The barriers in the field provided a dismount. There were also 2 sand sections that were rideable for many. Also spotted was a little bit of mud by the lower picnic shelter.

The Elite Masters races started off the day. In the 35+, a group of 5 broke away. By the final lap, two riders were off the front-Eric Neely (Sugoi) and Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes). Chris put a small gap on Eric coming into the final climb that Eric could not close in the last 100 meters. Chris held on for the win with Eric in second. Shey Lindner (C Town Bikes) got third. In the Masters 45+, Michael Schmid (Deeds Publishing) got things strung out from the start with his typical fast start. After some jostling for position through the grass section, a trio of Bob Kuhn (HUP United), Mike, and Alan Burton (FFCC) gained a small gap on the rest of the field. The trio began to unravel the first trip through the beach with Alan lost contact. Bob then got a gap on Mike, and both began their solo rides to the first and second podium steps. Behind, Lamar Mauney (FFCC) bridged to Alan and rode together until Alan brought himself down on the drop in to the cereal bowl. Dub Smith (FFCC), who had been hovering a few seconds behind the two, took advantage of Alan’s mishap by catching and dropping him. Lamar stayed clear taking 3rd in the race and first for the 55+ State Championship and Dub taking 4th in the race and the final 45+ state championship podium step.

In the Juniors 15-18, it was a battle between Elliot Baring (Cycle Youth) and Brody Hartley (Florida Velo) with Elliot coming out on top for the win. Brody was second, and Fletcher Lydick (Frazier Cycling) was in third. In the Juniors 14 and under, Davis Branyon (Frazier Cycling) won with brothers Leon and Troy Waine (Junior Flyers) following for second and third. The Women’s Cat. 4 race saw a small group form on the first lap with Kim Pounders (Smyrna Bicycles), Lori Ballestri (ALTX), and Jen Undutch (Sorella Cycling). Using her mountain bike skills on the technical parts of the course, Kim pulled away in the second lap. She would hold a 45 second advantage to take her first victory and the state championships jersey. Jen can in second, and series leader Lori was third.

Kim Pounders pounds the pedals on her way to a state champ jersey. I realize this is not the most original caption, so feel free to come up with something better and laugh quietly to yourself. I said quietly. This is a public library.

In the Cat. 3 Men, Jake Andrews (Georgia Cycling) took the top step of the podium while Charles Lessing (RHR) was second and Fletcher Lydick was third. Owing to a flat first half of the course, Women’s Cat. 1/2/3 the field was together for a good portion of the first of five laps. It began to break up on the second beach section. Soon three riders were clear of the group–Paula Burks (Team Mystique), Lisa Randall (Sorella Cycling), and Shannon Greenhill (Peachtree Bikes). Paula put a little distance between herself and the other two on the second lap. Going into the third lap, Lisa got a gap on Shannon, gaining more time with each pass through the sand. Shannon could not match Lisa in the technical sections. Paula won the race, but since she is from Tennessee she was not eligible for the state championship, which went to Lisa. Shannon was third.

The Men’s Cat. 4 fields were once again large. In Cat. 4, the leaders stayed close the entire race. Matthew Reeves (Loose Nuts Cycles) came out on top with Kinzer Hewitt (Atomic Cycles) and Eric Kirk (Georgia State University) in 2nd and 3rd. In the Masters 35+ Cat. 4 there were calculations happening as the top 3 for the overall series points were close.Charlie Putnal (Big Ring Racing) took the win with Scott Morris (Lifetime/Loganville Ford) in second and Paul Linck in third.

In the Men’s Cat. 1/2/3, a crash in the first lap took out a large portion of the field with mechanicals and flat tires. Thomas Turner (Team Jamis) and Frank Trevieso (Miami Chasis) switched to their mountain bikes in the pits. About three laps in, the race settled into its normal rhythm. Thomas worked his way up from the back of the pack, leaving everyone in his dust. Doug Ollernshaw (Litespeed-BMW) and teammate Artur Sagat took up the chase but could not hold his wheel. Thomas held on for the win and the state championship. Doug was second, and Artur was third.

The Single Speed race was the finale of the day as well as the day’s largest field. Several riders showed up in costume. Dan McCarthy (Smyrna Bicycles) was the Incredible Bacon Fairy, and Muse Davis (ATLX) broke out his finest mullet. Much like a mullet, the Single Speed race was business up front and party in the back. Tim Barrett (Roswell Bikes) came out looking for the win. He would have to get past series leader Aaron Pyle (ACC) and last week’s winner Mclean Harris (Smyrna Bicycles). The large pack launched with Tim, Aaron, and Mclean quickly going to the front. After one lap, Tim decided he had enough and took off, leaving the others battling other for second. Aaron and Mclean swapped places several times, but in the end Aaron took second and Mclean was third. Towards the back of the race, riders were having fun and spectators were chasing them through the sand.


After the day’s races were over, overall awards were handed out. Congratulations to all of the series winners!

Elite Masters 35+ (CX 1,2,3)
1 Daryl Sawyer FFCC
2 Brady Rogers LITESPEED-BMW
3 Bob Kuhn Hup United

Elite Masters 45+ (CX 1,2,3)
1 Michael Schmid Deeds Publishing
2 Richard Mauney FFCC
3 William (Dub) Smith FFCC

Juniors 10-14
1 Leon Waine Junior Flyers
2 Troy Waine Junior Flyers
3 Davis Branyon Frazier Cycling Juniors

Juniors 15-18
1 Fletcher Lydick Frazier Cycling
2 Blake Johnson Cycle-Therapy GA
3 Tomas Petit

Womens 4
1 Lori Balistreri ATLX
2 Kim Pounders Smyrna Bicycles
3 Catherine Donnelly Smyrna Bicycles
Elite Women
1 Paula Burks Team Mystique
2 Shannon Greenhill Peachtree Bikes
3 Elizabeth Lee LG Factory Team

Mens CX 3
1 Fletcher Lydick Frazier Cycling
2 Jon Wienandt Team Fond Du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery
3 Mikey Waine Junior Flyers

Mens CX 4
1 Charlie Putnal Big Ring Racing
2 Stephen LaVoie ATHCX
3 Tomas Petit

Mens CX 4 35+
1 Brian Murphy C Town Bikes
2 Scott Morris Lifetime/Loganville Ford
3 Lyle Lydick Frazier Cycling

Elite Men
1 Thomas Turner Team Jamis
2 Douglas Ollerenshaw Litespeed BMW
3 David Sagat Fuji Bikes

Single Speed
1 Aaron Pyle ACC
2 Jon Wienandt Team Fond Du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery
3 Joshua Frank ATLX