RACE REPORT – 2015 Grant Park Cup

Race Report and Photos by Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com
Blue skies and sunshine smiled upon the Grant Park CX Cup presented by Van Michael Salon on Saturday. Nearly 300 racers made this the biggest Georgia Cross race of 2015. Some of the draw was that Grant Park was part of the National CX Calendar, which is the first step before holding a UCI race.s The course was challenging for everyone with plenty of turns, fast straightaways, and off camber. The first dismount was a double barrier at the bottom of Heckle Hill. Spectators and fellow racers congregated there to heckle, give handups, and sit on the Loose Nuts couch. The second dismount was a short set of stairs on the backside of the course. They claimed several victims that tried to ride them with flat tires.

The Elite Masters on the start line.

In the Women’s Cat. 4, two duos got away on the first lap. Amy Ross (Peacthree Bikes) took an early lead before wiping out on a turn during the second lap. Several riders including Kathryn Kadous (L5 Flyers) passed her, but she eventually made her way back up to second. Kathryn held on for the wind. Mae Gurene (Sorella Cycling) put in a hard effort on the bell lap to pass several riders and take third. The Men’s C at. 5 podium was Brad Jacobs, Matt Fisher (Red Kite Bicycles), and Eric Garlinghouse (L5 Flyers). Eighteen juniors lined up. In the 10-14, Eli Hoppenfield took an early lead that he never relinquished. Reece Latham (NCGA-Mission Source) put up a good fight and got second. Leon Waine (EPTC) was third. In the 15-18, Frazier Cycling teammates Max Lenk and Isabella Nguy stood on top.

In the Elite Masters 40+, the race started out with what felt like a comfortable tempo for the front riders. After the first lap a group separated themselves from the rest of the field.  On the second lap, 4 of the 7 pulled away-Peachtree Bikes riders Wes Garland and Connell Patterson along with Litespeed-BWM teammates Darren Comer and Chris Chotas. On the final lap Connell said that he “was feeling good and decided to give it a go just as we entered the end of the pavement after passing the start finish. That created a little (just a second or two) separation between each of the remaining 4 riders. Darren rode up to me and there was a small gap between the two of us and Wes and Chris. Going into the last downhill wooded section I was able to get around Darren and elected to bunny hop the stairs creating a gap between the two of us. Thankfully I was able to maintain the gap for my first elite masters win!” Darren was second with Chris in third. In the Elite Masters 50+, Bobby Thrash (Adventure Cycles) took the holeshot followed closely by Jeff Clayton (Georgia Neuro), Dub Smith and Alan Burton (both Toyota Forklifts). The four jockeyed for position with Bobby eventually dropping back from the others and Jeff sliding out on a greasy off camber section. Jeff was able to quickly rejoin Dub and Alan. The lead trio took turns on the front trying to distance themselves from the other two until Dub gained about 15 seconds on them.  Alan sat of Jeff’swheel into the fourth lap until Dub’s lead was firmly established. Alan then passed Jeff and began a solo pursuit of his teammate. Alan reduced the gap to Dub, but Dub was determined to not be caught, burying himself in the final minutes to stay clear and take the win with Alan four seconds behind. Jeff was third.

The Elite Women’s field saw 16 strong ladies vying for the $1500 purse. Continuing a GACX tradition, payouts were equal for the Elite Women and Elite Men. Very quickly Lisa Randall (SuperSport) and Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles) distanced themselves from the cx peloton. Brittany “BHop” Montgomery (Sorella Cycling), Rhy May (LNC Racing), Jean Miller (Sorella Cycling), and Susie Farmer (Privateer CX) gave chase but could not catch them. An untimely flat mid-race took out Jean. Lisa, who is more known for her climbing abilities, outsprinted Kim for the win. In the post-race interview a smiling Lisa said,” That is the first sprint I’ve ever won!” BHop turned herself inside out to claim the final podium spot. In the Men’s Cat. 4 race, Junior Jack Rexter (Frazier Cycling) topped the nearly 50 rider strong field. Kenneth Ingersoll took second with Chris Bulloch (Faster Mustache) in third.

Frank Trevieso (UHN-706) and Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) leading the Elite Men in the middle of the race.

With fast course conditions, the Elite Men stayed together much of the first two laps. Eventually, a group containing Frank Trevieso (UHC-706), Tristan Cowie (Mock Orange Bikes), Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW), and Arthur Sagat (Ms. Roses). Everyone took the lead at some point during the race. At one point a mechanical took out Tristan, but he was able to bridge to the group on the final lap. Frank pipped Tristan at the line for the win. Nick was third. In the Cat. 3 race, Darren Comer took his second podium of the day with the win. Brian Field was second, and Tim Mondor (Alpha Bikes) took third.

Serious prizes were on the line in the Singlespeed race—rubber shakes and frosty beverages. Brendan Cornett (Litespeed-BMW) wanted to make sure that he got some. He pulled away at the start and left everyone in his wake. Toyota Forklift teammates Murphy David and Dave Marbut worked together but could not reel Brendan in. Further  back in the pack, a racer was seen on his city bike complete with basket and cute bell. Eric Nicolette (Fast Mustache) put in a valiant effort for a midpack finish on his tandem cargo bike without a stoker. Brendan crossed the line first. Murphy and Dave were  second and third respectively. All three Singlespeeders were delighted with their rubber snakes. The Masters 35+ Cat. 4/5 riders had a huge field. Tim Marshall (Incycle Bike) took the win followed by Robert Conaster (Reality Bikes) and Jeph Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles).

Fresh Faces – Richard Patterson

Let’s get to know Cat. 4/5 Masters 35+ Racer Richard Patterson.

GACX: Tell us 3 non-cycling things about you.
Richard: I live in Grant Park with my wife and our 2 tuxedo cats Penelope and Ramona. I am in sales for a company that builds machines to test all your electronic gadgets when they are being designed or manufactured. Other hobbies are eurogames (like Catan) and music. I used to play trumpet, guitar, and composed electronic music for a while but biking has pretty well replaced those.

GACX: How did you get into cyclocross?
Richard: I have always enjoyed biking, mostly as transport/exercise until a friend encouraged me to go mountain biking in college. Then more recently I think I was looking at a bike manufacturer’s website, and they were advertising cyclocross bikes. I had never heard of this before so I started watching videos online and was quickly hooked on the idea. It just looked like fun.

GACX: Have you raced bikes before you did your first cyclocross race? What is your cycling/athletic background?
Richard: Unless you count racing around my suburban neighborhood when I was in elementary school! I have never worn a number until I decided to try cyclocross. I have done gym workouts, which I got really bored with, and switched to cardio kickboxing (with 180 lb. bags) last year. That’s rough on your hands/wrists so biking is my main thing for now. In high school, I tried to do pole vault one season. I guess I am attracted to the weirdest sports!

GACX: What are your goals for this year at GACX?
Richard: Because it’s only my second season of racing ever, my only goals are having fun, meeting cool people, and learning something from each race.

GACX: Any advice for someone that is consider racing CX?
Richard: It’s going to be so much fun. When people tell you it’s the hardest type of bike racing, believe it. You’re going to learn mind over body because your legs will be burning in the first lap and you’ll need to persevere. At least, if you are new to racing/group rides like me! Lastly, start in the spring/summer with road bike group rides. I need to do this next year!

RACE REPORT – Elks 2015

Elks Sunday Race Report by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Stephan Hicks practices his Superman in his first Cat. 5 race.

The Elks Aidmore Cyclocross Festival always has some of the more challenging courses that Georgia Cross races on. This weekend did not disappoint. Saturday was the Backwoods Course that many prefer to race on a mountain bike. Sunday was Shades of Honey Badger. Weeks of rain took their toll on Sunday’s track with several wet places and two wheel sucking mud holes. The biggest feature on the course is The Ditch, which is just as it sounds-a muddy, slippery ditch that riders have to navigate. A few brave souls try to ride it, but most riders opt to dismount and hop over it on their feet. The course then wound through the woods before a short stretch of pavement. A long grass section was broken up by two stairs. The final dismount is a set of barriers just before the finish.

With Carol Baldwin upgrading to Cat. 3, the Women’s 4 race was wide open. On the first lap, Cambrie Epperson went to the front. Amy Ross (Peachtree Bikes) was close on her heels, only a few seconds back. Cambrie used her mountain bike skills to keep the gap open and take the win over Amy. Kathryn Brown finished third. The ditch took its toll on the Cat. 5 racers. One crashed dismounting before the ditch and a few crashed trying to ride or hop the ditch, much to the amusement to the hecklers. Other spectators could tell when someone fell because of the noise and cheers coming from the direction of the ditch. Tim Spackman (Globalbike) won. Eric Garlinghouse (L5 Flyers) broke his shifter on the last lap and managed to run his way to second. Matt Hutchinson was third. Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) passed much of the Cat. 5 field on his way to winning the Juniors 15-18. In the Under 14 Juniors, Reece Latham (Mission Source-NCGA) took the victory over Troy and Leon Waine (EPTC). The Waine twins would later be seen in between races putting their BMX skills to use by riding the ditch and clearing it with a foot to spare.

Seven year old Josh Hills (Frazier Cycling) fearlessly attacked the Ditch on the first lap, but he didn’t quite make it-instead doing his best frog impression. (Josh was fine and went on to have a strong finish in the Juniors 14 & Under!)

On the start line of the Elite Masters 40+, Wes Garland (Peachtree Bikes) looked around and saw a sea Litespeed BWM kits. The Litespeed boys were not going to let Wes run away with the win Sunday! They put up a good charge with Charles Rossignol firing the first volley. Then they sent Daren Comer to the front. Wes kept his cool and fought off their attacks one by one. Chris Chotas was the last to give it a go against Wes. He couldn’t quite catch the man in orange but got second place for his efforts. Ian Prunier (Smyrna Bicycles) moved up through traffic to claim third. In the 50+ Elite Masters Chris Isenberg (Mission Source-NCGA) took the holeshot with Hardwick Gregg (Infinity Racing p/b Tom Williams BMW/Mini) hot on his heels. Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts) passed both in the twisty tree section -leading the others down the hill to the ditch and continued to set the pace into lap two. Midway into the second lap Jeff Clayton (Georgia Neurosurgical Institute), now recovered from a first lap mishap, took the lead on the junk shed climb. Hardwick passed Alan early in the third lap as Jeff continued to steadily pull away. Keeping one another in sight the final three laps, positions remain unchanged with Jeff taking victory followed by Hardwick, Alan and Chris.

Armed with her new orange Fuji, Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles) laughed at the mud and roots. They were no match for her on Sunday! Kim went to the front on the first lap and immediately put a small gap on Leigh Hopkins (Service Course Auto Works) and Maria Carelli (UHC-706 Project). An ill-timed broken derailleur left Leigh in the pits borrowing a bike. Maria solidified her second place. Behind them Loose Nuts teammates Rhys May and Emily Cox were battling for third. Emily squeaked by for the final podium spot. The Men’s Cat. 4 podium was Rubin Jacobo-Rubio, Chris Bulloch (Faster Mustache), and Tim Marshall.

The course did not seem to favor any rider in the Men’s Elite race. Frank Trevieso (UHC-706 Project) and Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) traded being on the front for the first half an hour. Frank finally put a few seconds onto Nick with 3 laps to go. He held on for the win with Nick in second. Spencer Whittier (Privateer CX) used his form from the big Ohio and Louisville races to capture third. In the Cat. 3, Ian Garrison (Hincapie) took the win over Andy Leuttgen (EPTC) and Tim Mondor (Alpha Bikes).

The Single Speeders were heard cursing a few of the hills as they raced. The course had several hills that were grades of 11-12%. Gearing was an important choice when you had only one. Looking to solidify their domination of the Single Speed overall standings, Toyota Forklifts used teamwork to isolate Michael Manthey (Faster Mustache). While Murphy Davis took to the front, Dave Marbut sat on Michael’s wheel. Murphy soloed for the win. Dave passed Michael on the last lap to take second. Michael was third. In the Masters 35+ Cat. 4/5, Nick Harmer (Faster Mustache) won. Robert Conaster (Reality Bikes) and Corny Pogi (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles) rounded out the podium.



RACE REPORT – Savannah 2015

Amy Ross (Peachtree Bikes) captured her first win of the year in the Women’s Cat. 4

The Savannah Superprestige Cyclocross Weekend was held at Oglethorpe Speedway in Pooler. Sunday’s race was part of the National Cyclocross Calendar for the Elite Men and Women. This drew larger than usual fields with some of the best riders in the region. The course was Classic Savannah, flat and fast, around the Speedway grounds. There were three dismounts-a barrier set, triple stairs, and a set of railroad ties on the backside of the pond. The Flyover made its annual appearance and did not give riders any trouble this year. The threat of rain held off for most of Sunday, much to the delight of racers, who are tired of getting pummeled every weekend.

Sunday’s action started with the Women’s Cat. 4. Carol Baldwin went to the front with her usual quick start. Behind her, Amy Ross (Peachtree Bikes) and Cambrie Epperson were hot on her wheels. With 2 to go, Carol dropped her chain on the backside of the course and had problems fixing it. Amy seized the opportunity to take the lead. Carol chased for a lap and a half but could only come to within 10 seconds of first. Amy took the win with Carol in second and Molly Russell (Spindle) in third. In the Cat. 5, AJ Jessee claimed the top step of the podium followed by Brad Beadles and Jose Rojas. The Waine twin and Reese Latham (Mission Source-NCGA) battled it out for supremacy in the Juniors 10-14. Using his crit skills, Reese roared through the flat sections like he was on a road bike. He held on for the win. Troy beat out Leon in the sprint for second.

In the Elite Masters 40+, a large group stayed together until the half way mark. Wesley Garland (Peachtree Bikes) pulled a little bit ahead for the win. Ian Prunier (Smyrna Bicycles) was second, and Daren Comer (Litespeed-BMW) was third. In the Elite Masters 50+, Chris Isenberg (Mission Source-NCGA) took charge from the start, maintaining the lead through most of the first lap. As the mostly intact group exited the trees along the edge of the track Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts) moved to the front, staying on the gas. The group began separating through the infield section with Alan and Steve Noble (Sarasota Cycling Club p/b SeaSucker) opening a lead on the chasing field. While Steve and Alan took turns setting pace in front, Chris was never far behind and eventually bridged to make it a lead threesome by midpoint of the race. While each made attempts to split the group, they stayed together into the last lap. While leading the group, Steve accelerated heading into the pond loop, which caused Chris to lose contact. Alan hung on until the flyover when Steve’s continued fast pace became too much. Steve soloed in for the win followed by Alan and Chris.

The largest field this year lined up for the Elite Women. With a holeshot prime on the line, Rhys May (Loose Nuts) took off to try to claim the tires. She wasn’t quite able to hold on and was over taken by the field. Things quickly spaced out with Peachtree Bikes teammates Shannon Greenhill and Paula Burkes along with Kristin Apotsos going to the front. They put a gap on Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles) and Sorella teammates Jean Miller and Brittnay Hopson. Paula took the win with Krisitin in second and Shannon in third. In the Men’s Cat. 4, Kenneth Ingersoll claimed the top step of the podium and was joined by Chris Bulloch (Faster Mustache) and Ruben Jacobo-Rubio.

The rain would not hold out any longer, and it began falling just as the Elite Men and Cat. 3 took the start. Saturday Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) and Artur Sagat (Mrs. Roses) worked together to take 1-2. Not wanting a repeat, Frank Treveiso (UHC-706) took an early flyer off the front. He would never let go. Behind him, Nick, Artur, and a small group gave chase but to no avail. Nick was second, and Hank Beaver (Litespeed-BWM) won the sprint for third. In the Men’s Cat. 3, Andy Luettgen (EPTC) took home the first prize followed by Eric Palacio and Michael Packard.

Frank Treveiso (UHC-706 Project) won the Elite Men’s race on Sunday.

The Single Speeders and Master Cat. 4/5 35+ got to race in the heaviest rain of the day. Parts of the course started to get slick and caused a few minor wrecks. In the SS, Dave Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) took an early lead. He held on for the win with Mike Manthey (Faster Mustache) taking second and Murphy Davis (Toyota Forklifts) in third. In a small but competitive Masters 4/5 race, Jose Rojas won with Tony Blansit (GA Neuro) and Bill Hansen (Peacthree Bikes) rounding out the podium.

RACE REPORT—Serenbe 2015

WORDS AND PICTURES Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Gotta say I'm shocked to see Dave Marbut go over to the dark side. He's such a nice guy.

With 3-4 inches of rain forecast for Sunday, racers groaned as they rolled out of bed. Little did they know that Mother Nature was playing a Trick on them and would be giving out a Treat. Although it rained Saturday night at Serenbe, rain held off for all but the last 15 minutes of Sunday’s racing. The Peachtree Bikes crew put together a well balanced course with a couple of climbs, a slippery bridge, stairs, a flat section, and two fast barriers. Although there were a few mud spots, course conditions held up throughout the day, making for some great competition. Peachtree brought out all of the stops with a fire under the pavilion, 2 kegs of beer, and sweet swag for prizes.

A sizable group of Juniors toed the line for the first race of the day. Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) won the 15-18 followed by his teammate Emily. The 14 and Under was a race between the Waine twins and Reece Latham (Mission Source-NCGA) as it has been all year. Troy took first. Reece was second, and Leon was third. The Women’s Cat. 4 race was the closest it has been all season. Mae Gurene (Sorella Cycling) took the holeshot going into the stairs. By the end of the first lap, Carol Baldwin (Sorella Cycling) had taken over the lead, but she was shadowed by Cambrie Epperson and Anna Frey (Peachtree Bikes). Carol won by a bike throw with Cambrie in second. Anna was third. In the Men’s Cat. 5, Shane Sullivan (Fika Coffee) claimed the top step with Griffen Jones and Eric Garlinghouse (L5 Flyers) following.

In the 40+ Elite Masters, Wes Garland (Peachtree Bikes) took off and looked like he was riding a solo time trial. Nothing stopped him-not the mud or slippery bridge. He went on to win by a very comfortable margin over Chris Chotas (Litespeed-BMW) and Ian Prunier (Smyrna Bicycles) , In the 50+, Dub Smith and Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts) vied for the holeshot with Alan taking the lead as the field exited the technical start. Following closely behind were Chris Isenberg (Mission Source-NCGA), Bobby Thrash (Adventure Cycles) and Torre Smitherman (Peachtree Bikes).  The race continued for four laps with Dub staying within 30 seconds of Alan, Chris maintaining the chase to Dub, and Torre keeping the pressure on Bobby. With two laps to go Dub was reducing the gap to Alan and Torre had Bobby in his sights. At the start of the last lap a broken derailleur hanger removed Dub from contention, moving Chris into second while Torre caught and passed Bobby for the final podium step.

A nice field of about 15 women started in the Women’s Elite. Jane Burlew was an unstoppable force. By the end of the first lap she had put 30 seconds into Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles), and by the end her lead would be nearly two minutes. The real battle was for third as Jean Miller (Sorella Cycling), Emily Cox (Loose Nuts), and Rhys May (Loose Nuts) traded places throughout the race. Jean would take that final step on the podium. In the Men’s Cat. 4,  Michael Garrison (Mission Source-NCGA) was victorious. Rexer Jack (Frazier Cycling) and Murphy Davis (Toyota Forklifts) joined him on the podium.

Who would it be in the Pro/1/2 Men? Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) is always good in the mud, but mountain biker Artur Sagat (Mrs. Roses) has been known to sling around the dirt as well. Or could crit specialist Frank Trevieso (UHC-706) use the flats to his advantage? Nick took a slight lead over Artur at the beginning of the race. Frank fell to third, but that would last only until the half way mark. He took a little time out of Artur each lap. Artur was smoother through the mud and off camber sections, but Frank has a big engine on the flats. Eventually, Frank caught Artur and passed him for second place. In the Cat. 3 race, Ian Garrison (Hincapie) was first with Ben Rothschild (Georgia Tech) in second and Brian Field in third.

The Single Speeders really got into the spirit of the day after Halloween. One racer was seen sporting sported a bright yellow frock. Hewitt Kinser (Loose Nuts) looked ravishing in his French maid’s dress. Also spotted were a hot dog and a runner. The Single Speeders did not just dress up, they put on a good race. Dave “Storm Trooper” Marbut (Death Star Racing p/b Toyota Forklifts) got off the front early. He was followed by teammate Murphy Davis, who was wearing his team skinsuit. Dave was able to keep a gap on Murphy and claim the win. Kinser dusted and vacuumed his way to third place. The guys got a bit too sassy on the podium afterwards, and heads were turning. The Masters 35+ cat. 4/5 also had a close race. Newly minted Cat. 4 Jeff Moore (L5 Flyers) took to the front. He was closely followed by Corny Pogi (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles) and Nick Hammer (Faster Mustache). He gained a little time on Corny with 2 to go as Corny opted to take a beverage handup. That was all Jeff needed to pull away for the win. Corny finished second, and Nick was third.

Fresh Faces 2015 – Carol Baldwin

Fresh Faces Georgia Cross will be getting to know some of our newer racers throughout the season–Why did they get into cross? What motivates them? and why this crazy Sport? This week we talked to Carol Baldwin, who has already been picked up by Sorella Cycling for 2016!

Carol hops over the barriers at Boundary Waters on her way to the Women’s CX 4 State Championship.

GACX: Tell us a little about yourself.
Carol: My name is Carol Baldwin, I am 27 years old, and I have been living in Atlanta for 6 years. When I’m not riding bikes I like to hang out with my boyfriend Jeffrey Che and our two dogs, Oscar and Luna. I have other hobbies that occasionally see the light of day when they’re not buried under piles of bike stuff in our living room: camping, hiking, skiing, and doodling.

GACX: How did you get into cyclocross?
Carol: I’ve been riding mountain and road for the last five or so years, so it’s safe to say I’m a fan of anything involving pedaling and two wheels (sorry unicycles). I’ve heard nothing but good things about how fun and challenging cross is, so I decided I had to give it the ol’ college try. This summer I built up a bike and waited for the season to arrive.

GACX: Have you raced bikes before you did your first cyclocross race? What is your cycling/athletic background?
Carol: This is my first year of doing any sort of races. My first race was a mountain bike Enduro/time trial affair (Big Creek Quick Six) where I came in 4th. After that I participated in the Brownwood Bike Rally Crit Cross B Race and didn’t do so great (10th out of 11 in the men’s/women’s open category), but I got my first taste of cross. I don’t think I had ever worked so hard on a bike before that race, it was a thrill! I was so tired by the last lap that I couldn’t dismount properly and wound up running to the finish line on the wrong side of my bike.

GACX: What are your goals for this year at GACX?
Carol: My goals for the season are to ride bikes, have fun, heckle and be heckled. Oh, and I want to master donut handups. I learned about handups after Dingo Cross and I was super bummed I missed out on that!

GACX: Any advice for someone that is consider racing CX?
Carol: Cyclocross is fun! Get a bike and get on out there for some good, silly fun! Also, don’t be afraid of a little bit of mud – it washes off (for the most part).

Race Report – Boundary Waters 2015

Boundary Waters Georgia State Cyclocross Championship
Report and photos by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes) was the only one to bunny hop the barriers at Boundary Waters.

Finally! The sun and beautiful weather came to the Georgia Cross State Championships. Racers were treated to an exciting, balanced course that favored a cross racer that had power, technical skills, and quick dismounts. There was a single barrier, a double set of fast barriers, and a “bunny hop” set of rail road ties. The rest of the course featured many turns, some fast straights, and a gravel corner that took its share of victims throughout the day.

The first State Championship jerseys would be awarded to the Cat. 4 Women and Juniors. In the Cat. 4 women, the first lap was a tight grouping with Carol Baldwin, Cambrie Epperson, and roadie Christine Grant (Mission Source-NCGA)  establishing a small lead over Kat Kadous (L5 Flyers) and Molly Russell (Spindle). By the second lap, Carol gapped Christine, who fell back with a mechanical problem and lost several places. Christine passed most of the riders that went around her but could not catch Carol, who took home her first State Championship jersey. Christine was second, and Cambrie was third. In the Juniors 15-18, Frazier Cycling swept the podium with Davis Branyon, William Nguy, and Blake Wilson taking the honors. In the Juniors 14 and Under, Reece Latham (Mission Source-NCGA) continued his domination and raced his way to the jersey. Troy Waine and Leon Waine of EPTC rounded out the podium.  The biggest Cat. 5 field of the year toed the line. Shane Sullivan (Fika Coffee) won followed by Tim Marshall (Incycle) and Jeff Moore (L5 Flyers).

Elite Masters always come out to have their chance at a State Championship medal. In the 40+, Wesley Garland put his stamp on the division the first few races. He would be challenged by his Peachtree Bikes teammate Chris Wyatt. Connell Patterson and Grayson Tudor were hoping to make it a Peachtree Bikes podium sweep. From the gun, Wes and Wyatt pulled away from the pack. Wes got the best of Wyatt on the flatter sections, but Wyatt made up time with his entertaining bunny hopping of the barriers. The crowd went wild every time he did so. In a virtual sprint, Wes took first with Wyatt in second. Nate Sibley (Atlanta Cycling) foiled Peachtree Bikes’ efforts and got third. The Masters 50+ race is usually a pretty close race with quite a few riders capable of taking the victory. At no point this year has anyone made a dominating win. That was about to change. From the go whistle, Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts) went to the front, politely told everyone to eat his dust, and rode away from the pack.  Behind  him, Chris Isenburg (Mission Source-NCGA), and Toyota Forklift teammates Alan Burton and Lamar Mauney were in a battle for the remaining two podium spots. After trading jabs back and forth for a few laps, Chris got a gap for second. Alan grabbed the final podium step. Dub took a very well deserved win and the jersey. He was seen with it on the rest of the day, and rumor had it Dub’s coworkers were going to make him wear the jersey to work on Monday.

Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts) won the State Championship Jersey in the Elite Masters 50+

With a field of 15, the Elite Women took off in a cloud of dust. The flat start kept the racers together through the first set of grassy turns on the hillside. Eventually, Leigh Hopkins (Service Course Auto Works), Lisa Randall (Super Sport), Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles), and Peachtree Bikes teammates Shannon Greenhill and Paula Burkes got a small gap on the rest of the field. This group stayed together most of the first two laps. Leigh Hopkins went to the front on lap 3 with Shannon and Paula behind. Paula pulled to the front, Shannon would take the lead, and Leigh would chase for most of the next 2 laps until Leigh fell in the gravel corner after the railroad ties. This was all Paula and Shannon needed to put about 10 second into Leigh. Despite a valiant chase, Leigh could not catch the Peachtree Bikes duo. Shannon to the win with Paula in second. Leigh was third. In the Cat. 4s Michael Garisson (Mission Source –NCGA) took the holeshot but wiped out just before the off-camber switchbacks. Dan Podratsky (Prima Tappa) then came to the front. Murphy Davis (Toyota Forklifts) then put in an early, unshakable lead around the lake after his own wipeout.  Given the course profile several of the Cat. 4s chose to race their Single Speeds, including Murphy. He nabbed his first State Championship. Chad Conley (EPTC) came in with a strong second place, and Michael Garrison (Mission Source-NCGA) was third.

The anticipation for the Elite Men’s race could be felt through the crowd. Frank Treveiso (UHC-706 Project), Nick Van Winkle (Litepseed-BMW), and Arthur Sagat (Mrs. Roses) had been on each other heels the first two race weekends. The three quickly got away from the field and stayed together until two laps to go. Arthur took a tumble and fell off the pace. Frank put in a big effort with two to go and gapped Nick. Frank held on for the win by about 20 seconds. Nick rolled in for second, and Arthur was third. In the Cat. 3 Brian Feld took home the jersey. Connor Ardrey (Outspokin Augusta) and Tim Mondor (Alpha Bikes) rounded out the podium.

With Jeff Hopkins getting the boot up to Cat. 3, the Masters 4/5 race was wide open. Tim Marshall (Incycle) came out on top with Robert Conster (Reality Bikes Ambassador Team) in second with Jeff Moore (L5 Flyers) capturing another third place. All bets were on Dave Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) and Troy Dunton (DePaula Racing) to battle it out for supremacy in the Single Speed race. Early on they were joined off the front by Matthew Reeves (Loose Nuts). Matthew always does well on power courses, using his riding style to his advantage. The three swapped leads a few times. Further back in the pack, Mikey Waine came out to entertain the crowd with wheelies and other bike tricks. Other Single Speeders were slightly less serious about the race and enjoyed the pumpkin spice donut hole hand ups on the gravel climb. Back at the front, Matthew rode away from Dave and Troy on the final lap, cinching the coveted State Championship jersey.


Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) won the Men’s Pro/1/2 race at Sunday’s Dingo CX by over a minute and a half.

PHOTOS AND RACE REPORT BY Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Dingo CX kicked off the Georgia Cross Series for 2015 with an epic weekend. Heavy rains greeted racers on Saturday, and early races Sunday were buffeted by hurricane force winds, which snapped tape and posts. Dingo Race Productions and crew did a great job with keeping the races going, the tape up, and everything humming along! Chef Greg kept the podium winners happy with homemade cupcakes; the Fajitas food truck had hot coffee on Saturday to help drive away the cold rain or at least keep shivering spectators warm.

The course was a mix of sand, grass with “S” turns, and wide track through the woods that was littered with roots. Two bridges and a barrier section broke up the mud. Saturday’s rains kept the course a soupy but rideable mess. At one point late in the day much of the course was under several inches of water. With things drying out Sunday morning, the mud became very thick. Sections in the woods that were rideable on Saturday proved challenging on Sunday. Mud sucked at riders wheels, shoes, and in one case took a crank arm off in the Elite Masters race.

The Cat. 4 Women, Cat. 5 Men, and a large field of Juniors started off Sunday’s races. Three riders in the Cat. 5 quickly got off the front. By the end of the first lap Bret Noisette (MTB Garage) had taken the lead, which he would hold until the finish. Jeph Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles) was second, and Jeff Moore came in third. In a repeat of Saturday’s Cat. 4 Women’s race Carolyn Baldwin got the holeshot to the sand and never looked back. Cambrie Epperson finished second with the ever improving Mae Gurene (Sorella Cycling) in third. In the Juniors 10-14 the Waine twins (East Point Track Club) took off on together and used their mountain bikes to an advantage. They were able to ride through some of the muck that the other kids were running. Troy took the win followed immediately by Leon. Reese Latham (Mission Source-NCGA) overcame not being able to shift to take third.

Liz Hardy (Sorella Cycling) heads back towards the finish line at Dingo CX during Saturday’s Women’s Cat. 4 race.

The Elite Masters 1/2/3 age groups were redrawn for this year for 40+ and 50+ riders. The 40+ riders did not waste any time going at one another. Wes Garland (Peachtree Bikes) took the win over Litespeed-BWM teammates Charles Rossignol and Darren Comer. The 50+ race was a whirlwind of the Red and Black of Toyota Forklifts as they went through on the first lap. Alan Burton put a slight lead on teammate Dub Smith early in the race. They would hold their spots to the finale. Only hometown favorite Bobby Thrash (Adventure Cycles) could spoil the Toyota Forklifts sweep of the top 5 places as he finished third.

The Women’s Elite and Men’s Cat. 4 race saw the course drying out, which made for quite a few slow sections. Much of the grass was like a bog trying to suck the wheels off of the bikes. The Women’s Elite started first and flew through the sand. Deb Whitmore (Organic Valley) and Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline) quickly distanced themselves from the other women. Kim could never quite catch Deb although she would get within 20 seconds. Deb took the win with Kim in second and Karen Miller (Finkraft Cycling Team) in third. In the Cat. 4, Michael Packard won followed by Adam Newsome and Eric Burke.

In the Men’s Pro/1/2 race, Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BWM) appeared to be the only one ready to race. He got off of the line quickly, hit the sand, did not slow down—spraying sand on the hecklers much to their enjoyment–, and had 5 seconds on the field within the first half minute of the race. Nick’s lead would eventually build to over 90 seconds. Battling for second place was NC resident Josh Whitmore (Organic Valley) and perennial GACX podium finisher Artur Sagat. Josh took second over Artur. The Cat. 3 race was a closer contest with Tim Mondor (Alpha Bikes), Brian Field, and collegiate racer Ben Rothschild (Georgia Tech).

The Single Speeders may have had the best equipment choice of the day with no drive train to mess up in the mud. After warming up in the Elite Masters, Dave Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) got off to an early lead, but Troy Dunton closely trailed him. Not far back were Mike Manthey (Faster Mustache) and Mclean Harris (Smyrna Bicycles). Midway through the race Troy took over the lead and would hold it for the win. Mclean rounded out the podium. The Masters 35 Cat. 4/5 saw Faster Mustache riders Eric Burke and Nick Harmer take the top two spots. Not content with one podium today, Jeph Burgoon got third.


The Dingo CX weekend provided a great finale for the 2014 Georgia Cross season. After several years of drought, GACX has seen more rain than most care to this year. Heavy rains Friday night and into Saturday morning left the flat parts of the course at Hayes Chevrolet in Alto under 3-6 inches of water and the rest a muddy mess. The only change for Sunday was that the thin mud turned to peanut butter mud. The course was slightly more rideable on Saturday. A great time was had by all. There were hand ups, cheers, and much heckling. Dingo CX was an epic end to a great year!

Congratulations to the Overall Winners for the 2014 Georgia Cross Series!

CX Pro/1/2 Men

Frank Travieso (UHC/706 Projec)
Nicholas VanWinkle (Litespeed-BMW)
Artur Sagat Round Here Racing

CX 1/2/3 Women

Paula Burks (Peachtree Bikes)
Elizabeth Lee (Lifetime Bikes)
Kim Sawyer (Toyota Forklifts)

CX 3 Men

David Vargas (Atlanta Cycling)
Matthew Reeves (LNC)
Wesley Burrus  (Toyota Forklifts)


Matthew Reeves (LNC)
David Marbut (Toyota Forklifts)
Troy Dunton (GS Tenzing)

CX Masters 35+ 4/5

Corny Delasalas (Sopo Bikes)
Conor McNally (L5 Flyers)
Sergei Grigorian (Bike Raising)

CX Elite Masters 35+

Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts)
Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes)
Nate Sibly (Atlanta Cycling)

CX Elite Masters 45+

Brady Rogers (Litespeed-BMW)
Grayson Tudor (Peachtree Bikes)
Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts)

CX 4 Women

Brittany Hopson (Sorella)
Mae Gurene (ATLX)
Julia Bryant (Sorella)

CX 5 Men

Zach Holmes
Ben Arnold
Patrick Johnson

CXJuniors 15-18                

Mikey Waine (East Point Track Club)
Blake Johnson (AYC Junior Devo)
Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling)

CX Juniors 10-14

Michael Garrison (Mission Source/NGCA)
Leon Waine (Junior Flyers)
Troy Waine (Junior Flyers)

CX 4 Men             

Devin Vernick (L5 Flyers)
Jason Wolfe (Outspokin-Woodstock)
Chris Bulloch

A NOTE FROM MARK (the guy who makes the internets around here): Thank you, Trish, for providing race reports and pictures every week! You deserve a raise! GACXers, if you see Trish, make sure to thank her.


Day two might have been faster without a bike.

Serenbe 2014 Race Report

WORDS AND PHOTOS BY Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) splashes through the mud on his way to winning the Elite Masters 35+.

Serenbe is a beautiful community about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. Usually the races out there are late in the season, dry, and cool. Not in 2014–cool temperatures, over 2 inches of rain, plenty of mud, and even some lightening. Peachtree Bikes really knows how to throw a party! Racers of legal age got a beer glass with their entry that they could use to take advantage of the keg, which may or may not have been tapped before the first race began. Not wanting to lose time trying to find a cup after preriding, one racer was seen previewing the course with a solo cup in his jersey pocket. An announcer provided the wet crowds with race updates. Huge cowbells and honking horns were everywhere on the course, especially by the mudpit and on the backside of the barn. The two horses were not quite sure what to make of the entire melee.

The Single Speeders had the advantage of not worrying about having to shift in the mud. Their drivetrains were not affected by the early morning slop. Matthew Reeves (LNC), Troy Dunton (GS Tenzin), and Dave Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) separated themselves from the pack. Within the first quarter lap, Matthew led followed a few seconds later by Troy. Dave trailed about 5 seconds back. Into the third lap, Matthew came through with Dave next. Troy slid out and got a mud bath, which put him further back in the field. Matthew rode home for the win. Dave was second, and Troy recovered for third. In the Masters 4/5 race, Jeff Hopkins (EPTC) got the holeshot with the the L5 Flyers train of Conor McNally, Robbin Ralman, Dawson Morton, and Paul Latinga hot on his heels. Midway through the race Jeff, Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes), and Mark Baldwin (Faster Mustache) broke up the lead group and turned up the heat as the mud was churned. With 2 laps to go Corny Delasalas (SoPo Bikes) used his running and scuba skills to pass everyone but Conor. On the last lap, he caught up with Conor at the mud pit before the barriers. Corny would lead the duo up the hill and put in one last dig, but Conor stuck to his wheel and pulled away on the downhill for the win. Corny finished second with Mark Baldwin claiming the last podium spot.

The Elite Masters love to play in the mud. Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) put on a one man demonstration of how to handle some of the worst race conditions in the 35+. He has always been known for his bike handling skills. Tim flew through every mud puddle, the sand, and anything else the course threw at him. He got away early and stayed there until he crossed the finish line in victory. Nate Sibley (Atlanta Cycling) and Darren Comer (Litespeed-BWM) rounded out the podium. In the Masters 45+ the victory was no so easy. Several riders played cat-and-mouse throughout the race. Ultimately, Michael Schmid (Reality Bikes) won Charles Rossignol (Litespeed-BWM). State Champion Grayson Tudor (Peachtree Bikes) was third. Congratulatory handshakes were given all around after a hard race.

Michael Schmid (Reality Bikes) took a mud bath during his Elite Masters 45+ winning ride.

The first two races were spared anything other than drizzle. Not the 11:15 race. They got down poured on the entire time. The Men’s Cat. 5 saw a but competitive field. Tim Mondor got first. Zach Holmes was second, and Michael Packard was third. In the Juniors 15-18, Ian Garrison (Mission Source/NCGA) took the win followed by Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) and Mikey Waine (EPTC). Youngsters love to play in the mud. Several first timers came out for the Juniors 10-14. Smiles were seen the entire race as for once parents did not care how dirty their kids got. Michael Garrison completed the Mission Source/NCGA sweep of Junior wins. His teammate Owen Braunecker was second. Leon Wayne got third. With 2 of the fastest Cat. 4 Women having upgraded in the last 2 weeks, the Women’s Cat. 4 field was wide open. Anna Frey took the win followed by Barbara Chandler and Amy Ross (Peachtree Bikes).

Ten Women’s 1/2/3 racers braved the elements to have fun in the mud. With $50 on the line for the Sandpit Holeshot, Rhys May (LNC) slogged her way to the front to take the cash. With the holeshot competition out of the way, Shannon Greenhill (Peachtree Bikes) and Kim Blodgett came around. Shannon’s triathlon background and half Ironman amateur win this summer came in handy as she swam, biked, and ran her way around the course. A little further back, Amy Frank (ALTX) and Trish Albert (Sorella Cycling) decided to break out their kayaks. Shannon held on for the win. Kim was second, and new Cat. 3 Jenna Downey (Peachtree Bikes) was third. One first place was not enough for Ian Garrison. He won the Men’s Cat. 4. Jason Wolfe (Outspokin-Woodstock) and Liam Ainslie (UGA) rounded out the podium.

Course conditions deteriorated throughout the day if that was possible given that they were already terrible for the first race. The Men’s 1-2 got off to a fast start. As has been the case for most races, Frank Travieso (UHC/706), Artur Sagat (RHR), and Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) were off the front in the first lap. Eventually, Frank gapped Nick, who in turn, gapped Artur. With his win, Frank said, “I think I’m a cyclocrosser now.” Nick came in second, and Artur was third. In the Men’s Cat. 3, Trevor Harding hopped up on the highest podium step. He was joined by LNC teammates Matthew Reeves and Kinzer Hewitt.