Old Gray Barn ‘Cross is only two weeks away!

The Old Gray Barn Cyclocross race will be at least as exciting as last year! The Hill of Truth will still be there, but this year we have grass on top! So…not as many rocks for everyone to bounce off of. We’ve changed up a few things on the course and have some more climbing included on the backside of the Hill of Truth as well as a gulley dismount area that is new. In addition, this year we are partnering up with the Wounded Warrior Project and trying to raise some much needed funds for this fantastic organization. I’m calling on everyone to PLEASE donate something…every dollar helps these warriors who come back injured to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle. You can go out to https://support.woundedwarriorproject.org/individual-fundraising/TheOldGrayBarnCXRace/ to make your donations!!!

See everyone there!!