4 thoughts on “Georgia ‘Cross has a new website!

  1. Hello Guys I see you have some open dastes on your locations
    we are hosting the new concept Bike to Bike MTB- Road the MTB section inclused an short cycle cross course alond with a 1.3 mile Motorcross track, 10 miles of trails

    I am working with John Hudgens on this event he has stated that we have the perfect facility for such and event as yours

    we have 6000 acres probable already have 80 % of what you may need we have our own timing system in place we host races of every aspect motocross atv side by sides bicycle running
    we have the capability of building anything you can create

    located 1.5 hrs east of atlanta 30 minutes southeast of athens 45 minutes from augusta centrally located we have camping housing full bar resturant 8000 sq ft bar with stage for banquets

    we host festivals as well
    if you are interested in another location contact me

    thanks mike

  2. This is a comment about the tentative race day schedule. I would like to see the Masters CX4 race separated from the CX4 race (which is large enough as it is). Last season I was able to participate in two races by doing the Masters 45+ and then the CX4 race back-to-back. Now I am limited to only one race. Couldn’t the Masters CX4 race be run with Women CX4 and Juniors, for example?
    You could say that if I wanted to race more, I should upgrade to CX3, and then I would be eligible for two races. My reply: wasn’t the purpose of creating a Masters CX4 category to remove slowpokes like me from the Elite Masters race?

  3. Masters racing has always had races within races. If I am in shape I am racing for podium. If I am out of shape I am racing 5 or 6 guys for eighth place. The idea of having a masters CX4 race in the CX4 time slot is to allow masters guys to race but not watch themselves get lapped by the faster masters? Well that may be one thought. The plan is that in the CX4 race the masters racers will have a slightly different number so they can figure out who they are racing. Possibly the masters racer numbers will have a red stripe across the number so it is easier to figure out who you are racing at the start line and during the 30 minute race. I also imagine that some masters may want to stick their toe in the water and a 30 minute race may be a bit less intimidating than the 45 minute masters 1-3 race. The goal of a separate masters CX4 was not to remove any slow pokes as they really do not affect the faster guys negatively, but to allow new masters to race against their peers in a slightly shorter race. If the CX4 guys decide they want to race the longer and maybe faster group they can upgrade to CX3 after they get the points, or use their upgrade potential from their mountain bike or road bike license. Our only goal is to increase the racing opportunities for all and bring more folks to the cross family.

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