Racing age for the 2017-2018 season is determined by a rider’s age on December 31, 2018.

How to determine your “Cyclocross Racing Age.” This can be very confusing. The simplest way to answer the question is, what is your age in years on December 31, 2018? That number is your cyclocross racing age. It is usually USA Cycling racing age +1.

Individual Racer and Bike Rules:

All races are held under USAC permit.

All races are required to hold a USAC License or purchase a one-day License (available day of race). One-day licenses can be purchased onsite and are valid for a single day of racing. One-day licenses may only be used for races open to the lowest category of racer for that discipline (Single Speed, CX 5 women and CX 5 men). Experienced racer one-day licenses may be purchased online prior to the event.

All riders must fully complete and sign the standard USAC waiver of liability at each prior to beginning each race or riding on the course. A racer’s failure to do so will result in loss of all series points earned up to that event.

All racers must wear an ANSI or SNELL approved helmet while using their bike before, during, and after a race.

No bar-ends are allowed on mountain bikes per USAC rules.

Disc brakes are legal in all Georgia Cross Series races.

Racers may ride any types of bicycle legal for mass start events per the USA Cycling rules (cyclocross, road, mtn. bike, fixed gear etc.)

Single Speed Rules: Riders must have a single cog in the rear. We are allowing locking out the front shifter in certain arrangements based on the shifter on the bikes. They are as follows:

Shimano: Chain must be in the big ring and the shifter lever zipped-tied.
Sram: Chain can be in either location in the front, but must be zipped-tied.
Campy: Chain must be in the small ring and the shifter zipped-tied.

All USA Cycling rules apply.


If a racer requires a category upgrade to race the appropriate category it is their responsibility to obtain the upgrade prior to the race. To obtain an upgrade see Sometimes upgrades can be done at races but it is the racer’s responsibility to make sure the appropriate officials will be at the race to upgrade them.

Men CX1/CX2 and Men CX3 60 min
Master 35+ CX4/CX5 30 min
Masters 40+ CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4 45 min
Masters 50+ CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4 45 min
Masters 60+ CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4 45 min
Women CX1/CX2/CX3 45 min
Single Speed 30 min
Women CX4/CX5 30 min
Men CX4 45 min
Men CX5 30 min
Junior (15-18) 30 min
Junior (14-under) 30 min

Entry Fees:

Men CX1/CX2 $30.00
Men CX3 $25.00
Masters 40+/50+/60+ $25.00
Masters 35+ (CX 4/5) $25.00
Women CX1/CX2/CX3 $30.00
Single Speed $25.00
Women CX4/CX5 $25.00
Men CX4 $25.00
Junior (18-18) $10.00
Junior (14-under) $10.00

***There is a $10 day of registration late-fee.

If a non-junior racer wishes to enter a second race during the day, the entry fee is $10. The entry fee for the first race is the amount of the more expensive race if applicable.

As long as a junior enters the “junior” race they may do a second category race for $10.


Men CX1/CX2/CX3 $30.00 (Full Entry Fee)
Single Speed $10.00 (Discounted Entry)
Total Entry Fee Due: $40.00



The individual final series standings will be the best 10 out of 11 races, the lowest points race will count as the drop race. Drop races will not be factored into the individual series standings until the series finale.

Racers will receive points based on finish placing as well as “field” points. For each category racers will receive 1 point for each racer that finishes behind them. i.e. if you beat 5 people you get 5 field points. Every racer starting the race will be used in the calculation of field points.

Points based on placing will be awarded in each category for the following places:

Place 30 minute race 45 minute race 60 minute race
1st 30 points 60 points 120 points
2nd 27 points 54 points 108 points
3rd 24 points 48 points 96 points
4th 21 points 42 points 84 points
5th 19 points 38 points 76 points
6th 17 points 34 points 68 points
7th 15 points 30 points 60 points
8th 13 points 26 points 52 points
9th 12 points 24 points 48 points
10th 11 points 22 points 44 points
11th 10 points 20 points 42 points
12th 9 points 18 points 40 points
13th 8 points 16 points 38 points
14th 7 points 14 points 36 points
15th 6 points 12 points 34 points
16th+ 1 points 2 points 19 points
DNF 0 points 0 points 0 points

Points will be awarded to all finishers in each race.

The USAC official’s results will be used to determine the series points. No Changes will be made to the USAC results. You must dispute the results within 15 minutes of the results posting at the race. Please note that every rider completing the race will receive points dependent on length of race.

Points do not carry over in the event that a racer upgrades categories mid season. As in, if a Men’s CX3 upgrades to the Men’s CX1/2 race the points will not carry over. If a Woman’s CX5 upgrades to Woman’s CX4 her points will still remain since she is racing in the same race.

In the event of a tie in the points standings, the rider with the higher place at the State Championship race will break the tie. In the event that neither rider rode the state championship, the rider with the higher placing at the finale will break the tie.

You must be present at the Series finale awards ceremony to claim your series award.

The Results coordinator will keep the official points series standings on the series web site. Any rule interpretations or rule changes are at the Executive and Technical director’s discretion.

OVERALL Series Prizes:

Men CX1/CX2 | Cash $400/$300/$200/$150/$100

Women CX1/CX2/CX3 | Cash $400/$300/$200/$150/$100

Men CX3 | Trophies 3 deep

Women CX4/CX5 | Trophies 3 deep

Men CX4 | Trophies 3 deep

Men CX5 | Trophies 3 deep

Masters 40+ (CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4) | Trophies 3 deep

Masters 50+ (CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4) | Trophies 3 deep

Masters 60+ (CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4) | Trophies 3 deep

Masters 35+ (CX4/CX5) | Trophies 3 deep

Single Speed | Trophies 3 deep

Junior 15-18 | Trophies 3 deep

Junior 10-14 | Trophies 3 deep


2017 Georgia-Cross individual race payout

Men’s CX1/CX2 and Women’s CX1/CX2/CX3

# Racers Payout 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
5 or less $195 85 65 45
6 $195 85 65 45
7 $225 85 65 45 30
8 $225 85 65 45 30
9 $250 85 65 45 30 25
10 $250 85 65 45 30 25
11 $290 90 70 50 35 25 20
12 $290 90 70 50 35 25 20
13 $320 95 75 55 35 25 20 15
14 $320 95 75 55 35 25 20 15
15 $370 100 80 60 40 30 25 20 15
16 $370 100 80 60 40 30 25 20 15
17 $370 100 80 60 40 30 25 20 15
18+ $425 105 85 65 45 35 30 25 20 15


Men CX3 Prizes 3 deep
Women’s CX4 Medals 3 deep
Men CX4
Medals 3 deep
Men CX5
Medals 3 deep
Masters 40+ (CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4)
Prizes 3 deep
Masters 50+ (CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4) Prizes 3 deep
Masters 60+ (CX1/CX2/CX3/CX4) Prizes 3 deep
Masters 35+ CX4/5 Medals 3 deep
Single Speed Prizes 3 deep
Junior 10-14 Medals 3 deep
Junior 15-18 Medals 3 deep


Overall Team Competition Rules

Team points will be determined from the highest points earning 7 team finishes at each race.

No changing teams during series

An individual will not have points counted towards the team if they fail to put the team name on the registration form or write it illegibly.

Not a rule, but it would be helpful if all team members filled out the team affiliation the same way!!!!!

There will be no drop race for team points.

Ties will be broken by the team’s points total from the Finale. Any remaining ties will be broken by the highest placing team member at the State Championship.