Fresh Faces – Richard Patterson

Let’s get to know Cat. 4/5 Masters 35+ Racer Richard Patterson.

GACX: Tell us 3 non-cycling things about you.
Richard: I live in Grant Park with my wife and our 2 tuxedo cats Penelope and Ramona. I am in sales for a company that builds machines to test all your electronic gadgets when they are being designed or manufactured. Other hobbies are eurogames (like Catan) and music. I used to play trumpet, guitar, and composed electronic music for a while but biking has pretty well replaced those.

GACX: How did you get into cyclocross?
Richard: I have always enjoyed biking, mostly as transport/exercise until a friend encouraged me to go mountain biking in college. Then more recently I think I was looking at a bike manufacturer’s website, and they were advertising cyclocross bikes. I had never heard of this before so I started watching videos online and was quickly hooked on the idea. It just looked like fun.

GACX: Have you raced bikes before you did your first cyclocross race? What is your cycling/athletic background?
Richard: Unless you count racing around my suburban neighborhood when I was in elementary school! I have never worn a number until I decided to try cyclocross. I have done gym workouts, which I got really bored with, and switched to cardio kickboxing (with 180 lb. bags) last year. That’s rough on your hands/wrists so biking is my main thing for now. In high school, I tried to do pole vault one season. I guess I am attracted to the weirdest sports!

GACX: What are your goals for this year at GACX?
Richard: Because it’s only my second season of racing ever, my only goals are having fun, meeting cool people, and learning something from each race.

GACX: Any advice for someone that is consider racing CX?
Richard: It’s going to be so much fun. When people tell you it’s the hardest type of bike racing, believe it. You’re going to learn mind over body because your legs will be burning in the first lap and you’ll need to persevere. At least, if you are new to racing/group rides like me! Lastly, start in the spring/summer with road bike group rides. I need to do this next year!