Entry Fee Increase

After more than a decade, GACX needs to increase our entry fees. The cost of running a cyclocross series has gone up just like everything else. Effective immediately, all race entry fees will be increased by five dollars. A second race will still only cost ten dollars.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of GACX!

Entry Fees:

Men CX1/CX2/CX3 $30.00
Men CX3 $25.00
Masters 35+ $25.00
Masters 45+ $25.00
Women CX1/CX2/CX3 $30.00
Single Speed $25.00
Women CX4 $25.00
Men CX4 / CX4 35+ $25.00
Junior A (18-15) $10.00
Junior B (14-under) $10.00

If a racer wishes to enter a second “Adult” race during the day, the entry fee is $10. The entry fee for the first race is the amount of the more expensive race if applicable.


Men CX1/CX2/CX3 $30.00 (Full Entry Fee)
Single Speed $10.00 (Discounted Entry)
Total Entry Fee Due: $40.00
Juniors A or B $10.00
Men CX4 $20.00
Total Entry Fee Due: $25.00

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