2017 Nash CX Race Report

Nash Farm CX
By Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

The beautiful Nash Farm in Hampton was this past weekend’s stop of the 2017 Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin. Cold, almost CX like temperatures finally came along with sustained winds that would play a part in some of the day’s races. With some rain the night before racers were not sure what to expect from the course, but there was hardly a puddle to be seen. The East Point Track Club (EPTC) set up a course with a mix of gravel, lots of grass, and some dirt roads. The downhills were fast, and the uphills were long.

Judah Sencenbaugh concentrates during the Elite Women’s Race. Photo by Travis Nuemuller.

A small but competitive field of seven toed the line for the Elite Women. The smoother course favored series leader Judah Sencenbaugh (SCAD Atlanta) over her mountain biker teammate Mackenzie Myatt (Rescue Project/Stratton Exteriors). With the start whistle, they women were off. With a fast start they were together up the hill and down through the first few turns. The long downhill going to the bottom of the battlefield broke things up a bit. Judah went to the front followed by Molly Russell (LNC Race Team p/b Slim Wonder Wears Socks) and Mackenzie. A mechanical problem forced Mackenzie to DNF a couple of laps into the race. Iris Levin (Bike Law Cycling Club) was behind the leaders in third although Amy Ross (Peachtree Bikes) was chasing hard. Judah held on for the lead with Molly in second and Iris in third.

The CX1/2 Peloton tries to hide from the wind. Photo by Trish Albert

The CX1/2 race looked like a crit at times. Even with a fast start and the climbs in the first few laps, nothing broke up the peloton. The men kept riding at a hard but steady tempo. Forty Five minutes into the race, seven CX1/2 racers were together with a couple rotating pulls on the front. No one wanted to stay out in the wind for too long and burn energy. Finally, Nick Van Winkle got a 30 meter gap on the pack going over the barriers in the last lap. Despite a hard charging peloton, he held on for the win. Andy Scarano (Rescue Project/Stratton Exteriors) took the sprint for second over teammate Artur Sagat. Nick retains the blue Parks-Law.com leaders jersey going into the finale weekend in Athens.

2017 Rome CX Race Report

Rome CX Race Report
by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Lock and Dam Park was the host for the Rome round of the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin. With no access to the far side of the park—home to the old hills and run ups–, Rome found a hit with the new course! There were turns with mud, turns without mud, straights with some mud, more straights without mud, some rocks, and a sweet downhill to a steep uphill. The hill sent more than a few riders slamming into the ground; others were able to find the line and clear it every lap. Tina Locklear is the winner by getting through the hill 3 ways: tumbling down, running around it on the switchback, and riding.

Racers had to navigate some muddy sections.

The Women’s Elite race saw Judah Sencenbaugh (SCAD Cycling) fly off the front with Molly Russell (LNC Race Team p/b Slim Wonder Wears Socks) and Cambrie Epperson (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear) in tow. Judah used her old triathlon running skills to put time on Molly and Cambrie in the muddy sections. There were several turns that were faster to run than ride. The podium would be Judah with the win, Molly in second, and Cambrie in third. Sorella Brittany Montgomery and Elizabeth Lee (Team Zoom) were not far behind.

The Nick and Artur show continued in the Men’s CX 1/2 in Rome. They got away early and never left each other’s wheel. Spencer Whittier (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga), Andrew Scarano (Rescue Project/Stratton Exteriors), Jon Okenfuss (L5Flyers Cycling Team) chased but could not catch the Dynamic Duo. In an exciting sprint finish, Artur Sagat (Rescue Project/Stratton Exteriors) nipped Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) by an inch for the win. A handshake after the race showed what good sportsman and rivals they are! Spencer hung on for third.

Elite Masters 40+ Series Leader Nate Sibly took the win on Sunday at Rome CX.

2017 Ellenwood CX Race Report

Atlanta area cyclocross racers enjoy several practice venues to hone their skills. The Ellenwood CX Ranch is one of the most popular. A local racer has created a semi-permanent course on family property. Over the last few years additions have been made to the course, giving it a unique flavor. The course is built on a gentle slope in an old pasture with woods that at the back. Perhaps one of the crowd’s favorite places to watch was on the steep climb in the woods or at the bottom of the descent where many riders were catching air.  Be sure to check out some of the video on the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin Facebook page. Racers legs burned after going up and down the slope 3 times in succession on the race course. Much of the rest of the course weaved in and out and back on itself with technical turns and barriers breaking up one of the short straights. It made for an exciting sight as spectators tried to figure out which way racers were going. The L5 Flyers and Litespeed-BMW teams put on a really fun race!

Kinzer Hewitt (LNC Race Team p/b Slim Wonder Wears Socks) gets some serious air coming down the hill at Ellenwood CX.

Seven Elite women lined up to try to upset Mackenzie Myatt (Rescue Project/Stratton Exteriors) and Judah Sencenbaugh (SCAD Atlanta) and their dominance this year’s racing. Mackenzie went to the front and never looked back. She made easy work of the hill in the woods and the technical turns in the field. Molly Russell (LNC Race Team p/b Slim Wonder Wears Socks) gave chase and came within 30 seconds of first. Judah was third.

In the Elite Men, three riders broke away early. Nick VanWinkle (Litespeed-BMW), Artur Sagat (Rescue Project/Stratton Exteriors), and his teammate Andrew Sarcano put 30 seconds on the field within the first 2 laps. Eventually Nick and Artur dropped Andrew, who would drift back into the chase group. With a couple of short power sections, Artur made his way past Nick, and held on for the win. Cooper Hammarlund (Prima Tappa Cycling p/b Mansfield Oil) rounded out the podium.

Gabriel Ceniza (Keenz Racing p/b Mission Source/NGCA) always knows how to have fun at a cyclocross race.

2017 Ellenwood Parking Notes

The Ellenwood CX Rumble at the Ranch is on for this Saturday!

Parking Notes For Saturday’s Race: Parking will be 2 rows starting at the road and continuing down the dirt road.  Same thing down the lower part of the driveway. 4 rows across the front yard and another row down the upper drive.  Overflow will be available next door. Parking areas will be marked. Please do not park outside of the designated areas! Parking is in yellow on the graphic. The course is in red.

EllenwoodParking2017 copy

2017 Savannah Superprestige Weekend Race Report

2017 Savannah Superprestige Weekend Race Report
Photos and report by Trish Albert

Ah, Savannah Superprestige how we love you! You are an iconic stop every year for the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin. A night race, no hills, it’s flat, there is a flyover, an onsite bar open on Saturday with $3 beer, and wind. OK, maybe we don’t like the wind. Saturday was an amazing day to have a race that went from the afternoon into the night. Collegiate riders joined the GACX racers with 2 divisions before GACX kicked off. Racers opened up their legs with some night racing. Helmet lights were the norm in the races that started after dark, which made it easy to see where riders were. Sunday was epic! People will be talking about the race weather for years to come! A nice 10-12 mph breeze became 20 mph sustained winds with gusts over 30 after 11:00 am. Volunteers could barely stay ahead of the wind as they feverishly repaired course tape. Later in the afternoon wayward course tape caused several riders to have to run to the finish. Sunday was also the Georgia State Championships! Georgia residents vied for the stars and stripes jersey and USA Cycling medals. It made for exciting racing as there was often a race within a race between GA residents and out of state racers or for more than one jersey within a race!

Michael Montgomery’s bicycle decided to take home a souvenir during the CX3 race. The bicycle received minor injuries but is expected to recover.

Congratulations to all of the new Georgia State Champions!

Juniors 9-14 Boys: Gabriel Ceniza
Juniors 9-14 Girls: Elizabeth May
Juniors 15-18 Boys: Eli Hoppenfeld
Juniors 15-18 Girls: Ava Sykes
Men 4: Dylan Cantrell
Men 3: Jeremy Spafard
Men 1/2: Elliot Baring
Women 4/5: Stacy Robinson
Women 3: Judah Sencenbaugh
Women 1/2: Maria Carrelli
Masters 40+ 1/2/3/4: Nate Sibly
Masters 50+ 1/2/3/4: Kirk Corsello
Masters 60+ 1/2/3/4: Lamar Mauney
Masters 35+ 4/5: Joseph Chapman
Singlespeed: David Kemp

The Elite Men 40+ start off in a cloud of dust on Sunday.

2017 Savannah Superprestige – State Championships

The Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series presented by Terrapin makes its annual journey to the low country this weekend. Returning for another year at Oglethorpe Speedway Park, the Savannah Superprestige Cyclocross weekend is going to up the ante, hosting the 2017 Georgia State Championship on Sunday, October 29th.

“We’re excited to welcome the series back to the flyover,” said Savannah Wheelmen race director Justin Bristol. “It’s a real pleasure hosting the race this year, and I can’t wait to give out the stars and bars jerseys on Sunday. We know it’s a long drive for a lot of our racers, so we’re expanding the prize list to include cash payouts for additional categories. Plus, we’ve got some great prizes from local bike shops and restaurants.”
The course promises to be as fast and exciting as always, but with a few new tricks up its sleeve. Of course, the flyover will be back, but what other course features can we expect? Savannah may be flat, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some drops this year.
Free tent camping is available on site, and RV hookups can be reserved in advance. The OSP concession stand will be open for hungry racers and pit crews, and drinks will be flowing for attendees over 21. Join GACX in Savannah for another weekend of racing October 28-29 at Oglethorpe Speedway Park, 200 Jesup Rd., Pooler, GA 31322.

2017 Old Grey Barn Race Report

Old Grey Barn CX
Photos and report by Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

The Old Grey Barn venue in Rocky Face was back in the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cross Series p/b Terrapin after several years away. Privateer Cyclocross put on a top notch event and blew away most of the racers with a challenging yet fair course. Racers started on the gravel road before turning into the grass. The course went up and down the big hill on the backside several times before coming down and into the flyover. The steep stairs challenged shorter riders, but the ride down the backside was easier than it looked when standing on the top of the flyover. The course then let racers go full gas before going through the race’s namesake, the Old Grey Barn, and over the barriers. HandUp Gloves and Privateer had a great heckle and handup zone around the barn. Beautiful and breezy weather kept things pleasant throughout the day.

Stacy Robinson (L5 Flyers Cycling Team) has dominated the Women’s CX4/5 this year. She took another win at OGB.

The Elite Women’s top podium spot was an open race with series leader Mackenzie Myatt in Montana winning the varsity Collegiate National Championship. Her SCAD teammate Judah Secenbaugh, Molly Russell (LNC Racing Team p/b Slim Wonder Wears Socks) and the Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear duo of Brittany Montgomery and Cambrie Epperson were among the favorites for the win. With the official’s start whistle they were off! The group stayed bunched up as they turned right onto the grass. It was not until the first climb that things started to stretch out. Judah took the early lead with Molly, Brittany, and Cambrie close back. Eventually Molly pulled away from the Sorella racers. She earned a well deserved second place. Brittany and Cambrie would go 3-4 with GACX Series director Elizabeth Lee (Team Zoom) rounding out the podium.

Nine Elite Men toed the line for the start of a competitive race. Elliot Barring took the lead with former Master National Champion Spencer Whittier (Privateer Cyclocross), series leader Nick VanWInkle (Litespeed-BMW), and Wesley Garland (Team Mission Source/NCGA) right behind. Half way into the race Nick dropped back with a mechanical. Having to pit, he lost time. Spencer and Wes took advantage to pull a little closer to Elliot, who was having none of that. He strung his lead out so far by the end that he had time on the final lap to take a beverage handup and an Oreo handup as well as wave to his adoring fans in the heckle zone. Spencer and Wes were all business going into the final lap. They would finish in that order with Nick rebounding to take 4th and Cooper Hammarlund (Primma Tappa Cycling p/b Mansfield Oil) in 5th.

OGB112a OGB217a
Kenny Oladapo (Bike Law Georgia) bunny hops the first barrier in the Single Speed at Old Grey Barn CX. Then Not a Hop over the second barrier. Kenny’s OK!!!. Kenny got up & finished with a a strong Top 10 placing after hopping the barriers every other lap!

2017 Old Grey Barn CX

Old Grey Barn returns to Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin on Sunday, October 22. The pastures will be back! They have changed from years past, but the challenges are much more fun after a wet year and some bedding in of new trails. Practice your leaning off the back of the saddle because it goes downhill fast. Other portions of the course this year include a long gravel start/finish, some wooded sections of trail, a trip around the upper pond, a little zigzag of One Tree Hill, maybe getting your feet wet, a traditional trip through the Old Grey Barn, Heckler Hut, and possibly another surprise obstacle. We’ll have some more of that Seriously Great BBQ from Dalton, GA. There will be a $1 contribution for parking this year which goes directly back into Georgia NICA MTB. 100% of the proceeds go into supporting high school MTB in Northwest Georgia. If you want a partial preview of the course, then we’re running Old Grey Barn, the TBRA edition, on Saturday October 21st. Note there will be slight changes between the Saturday and Sunday courses. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone out on Sunday, October 22nd at 1565 Old Ringgold Road, Rocky Face, GA and Old Grey Barn 2017.

2017 Elks Aidmore Race Report

A cloudy sky and heavy dew greeted riders both mornings At Elks Aidmore for the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin. The dew burned off by mid-morning and left the course in perfect condition. Saturday’s course was said by many to be the most fun Elks course to date. There was some climbing, some descending, roots (it’s not Elks without roots!), a whole lot of fun, and a huge party at the barriers! Sunday’s course was a reverse of the previous day. It included Turner Hill, which challenged all riders. The bottom is a steep section about 10 meters long. Most riders have to dismount and run it. A few were able to ride it with the help of low gearing or advanced skill. The climb keeps on going and going and going before finally breaking with a short downhill. Elks Aidmore marked the first races that the category leaders would wear the lovely Parks-Law.com leaders jerseys, making them easy to spot.Thanks go out to the round sponsors including Elks Aidmore for hosting the race, The Point in Old Town Conyers, Ctown Bikes of Conyers, Tifossi Sunglasses, and Andy Johnson of Truckerco for his prize donations. Proceeds from the race will benefit the Elks Aidmore mission of supporting families in crisis in the Conyers area. Promoter Jim Behning would also like to thank his Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta teammates, East Point Track Club for providing race day support, Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga, Mikey McIntire for being the crossing guard Sunday, and Eddie Shirey for manning the grill.

Jillian Horn demonstrates proper Terrapin hand-up enjoyment during the Single Speed race. Photo by Trish Albert

The Elite Women had 16 racers on the line Sunday including visitors from Tennessee and North Carolina. Mountain biker Mackenzie Myatt (Rescue Racing) went to the front from the gun. She never looked back to see the field getting strung out behind her. Each lap Mackenzie powered up Turner Hill with only one bobble on the third lap. The crowds on Tuner Hill cheered on all of the Elite Women as they went by. Molly Russell held second place going into the fourth lap and an untimely flat on a root took her out of the race. Judah Senechbaugh (SCAD) took over the chase, but Mackenzie was already more than 60 seconds ahead. Brittaney Montgomery (Sorella Cycling) could see Judah at every turn but could not quite catch her in the second half of the race. Rounding out the podium were Emily Cowie and Elizabeth Lee (Team Zoom).

Sunday’s competitive Men’s CX1/2 tackled the Elks course with abandon. Roots don’t faze them, and several were able to ride Turner Hill with no slow down in pace! Elliot Barring took an early lead that he did not relinquish. Behind him several riders chased. Half way through the race, they were still close to one another, but Elliot kept pulling away. Artur Sagat (Pioneer Mortgage p/b Yourkey.com) was able to come around for second place. Series Leader Nicholas VanWinkle (Litespeed-BMW) was third, Wesley Garland (Team Mission Source/NCGA) was fourth, and Andrew Sarcano came in fifth.

Terrapin generously donated beer for racers over 21 on Sunday. With temperatures above 80 degrees in the afternoon, the cold beverages were quickly welcomed by racers looking to cool off. Several Single Speed riders may or may not have enjoyed their beverages during the race as well.

Kinzer Hewtt (Loose Nuts) gets some air over one of the bumps on the Elks Aidmore course. Photo by Travis Neumuller.

2017 Elks Aidmore

Elks Aidmore Benefit CX is coming back for it’s 11th year in the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin on October 14th-15th. Come race a unique course full of varying terrain. Will the infamous ditch be making a comeback? Come race to find out!

Proceeds from the race go to benefit the Elks Aidmore Children’s home who graciously let us race on their property. Free camping in the main parking area by the race start (up the hill on the other side of the trees) will be available Friday and Saturday night as well as bathrooms and showers.

Save yourself $10 and time in line by pre-registering at https://www.usacycling.org/register/2017-2903 pre-registration will close at midnight Thursday. Rumor has it that there might be podium cookies, but you better pre-register to insure you receive them. Remember to bring you’re bib number if you already raced at Boundary Waters or pay $5 for a
replacement. Check out www.georgiacx.com for more information about the