2018 Serenbe CX Georgia Cross Finale

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

As it has in the past, Serenbe gave riders some real cyclocross weather with a Georgia twist. Rain poured down most of Saturday, creating some really interesting and changing course conditions for Sunday’s Georgia Cross Finale race. It wouldn’t be Georgia if the weather did not throw in a twist in December, so it was 70 degrees.  There was a deep puddle to ride through, some peanut butter mud, some sloppy mud, and a couple of slick spots. Peachtree Bikes knows how to throw a party. There was a heckle zone by the sand pit, beverages for kids and adults, cowbells, candy, a fire pit and lots of cheering. Racers and spectators enjoyed a day of great racing!

Congratulations to all of the Georgia Cyclocross Series Overall Winners! We’ll see everyone in 2019!

Molly Russell (Loose Nuts) on her way to winning the Women’s 1/2/3 race and Overall. Photo by Travis Neumuller.

Jeph Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles) decided to take a swim during the Elite Masters race.

2018 EPTC CX Classic Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Nash Farm provided an excellent venue for the 2018 Georgia State Championships v1 hosted by the East Point Track Club. Mother Nature smiled on us with early morning races in the 40s that become lower 60s by the time the final race went off. The power course provided some mud, thick grass grass, more grass, a few hills, more grass, some tight turns, and two sets of barriers. Did we mention the grass? The best description of the course was that it was like “riding through 6 inches of boggy shag carpet.” Plenty of teams set up camp for the day with their cheering sections. On the line were Georgia State Champion jerseys and medals plus the usual GACX prizes.

Jenna Downey (Dirty Peaches) on her way to winning the Women’s Cat. 1/2 jersey. Photo by Travis Neumuller.

Congratulations to all of our new State Champions!

The Men 1/2 at the Georgia State CX Championships


2018 Road Atlanta CX Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Road Atlanta is a new venue for Georgia Cross. It’s always exciting to see what kind of course we will have, and we weren’t disappointed. There was a fun downhill into the woods with a turn, a large pond to swim through (Phelps line) or to go around (Sven line), a killer hill with a steep kick at the end, and grass with turns & a downhill & more turns, and a fast finish. It was cold and breezy much to the delight of some.

The Elite Women always provide an exciting race for the spectators. Today was no exception. Molly Russell (Loose Nuts Cycles) and Judah Sencenbaugh (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) took off to the front. They were followed on the first lap closely by Dirty Peaches teammates Brittany Montgomery and Cambrie Epperson. Molly pulled away from the field and put 15 seconds on Judah. Brittany was in third chasing as hard as she could. On the fifth lap of seven, Cambrie passed Brittnay. Molly won with Judah in second and Cambrie in third.

David Kemp (CX Mafia) wheelies on his way to winning Single Speed.

This year has been the Nick and Artur show in the Elite Men. Only a couple of others have come between the rivalry. Not to disappoint the tifosi, Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) and Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) distanced themselves from the competition fairly early in the race. They stayed on each other’s wheel swapping places here and there. Ultimately Nick won the sprint at the finish line. Jacob Morales (AZ Devo) came in for third.

Kenny Oladapo (Bike Law Georgia) never ceases to amaze everyone with his Bunny Hopping skills. That is some air!

2018 Across the Beeriers Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Across the Beeriers. The name says it all—Bikes, Beer, and Cyclocross. It doesn’t get much better than that! Frank Travieso put together two great courses to challenge different types of riders. Saturday’s host was Southern Brewing Company. The course went through the brewery (!) and touched every corner of the property. Rain on Friday made it properly muddy and slick, expecially for the morning races. Sunday was at our amazing sponsor, Terrapin Beer Company. This course is known for its tight and twisty sections with plenty of short bursty uphills.

Mackenize Myatt (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) on her way to a win in the Elite Women at Terrapin. Photo by Travis Neumuller.

A flat start kept the riders for some races together for the first half of the course. This was true in the Elite Women, where everyone hit the field together. The turns started to break the group apart. Mackenize Myatt (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) pulled away from the pack. Molly Russell (Loose Nuts Cycles) was hot on her wheel throughout the race. The gap between the two was never more than about 10 seconds. Judah Sencenbaugh (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), who leads the series, came in for third.

Michael Montgomery (L5 Flyers) was 2nd in Single Speed for most of the race. Photo by Trish Albert

The Elite Men’s race saw a similar start. The front trio of Jacob Morales (Az Devo’s), Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), and Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) traded places throughout the race. One would lead over the barriers only to have the lead switch on the next technical section. In the end, Jacob won with Artur coming in just ahead of Nick.

Iris Levin (Bike Law Cycling Club) on her way to another win in the Women’s 3/4 against a cloudy backdrop. Photo by Trish Albert.

2018 Cole Cross Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

A gorgeous weekend was on tap for the double dose of Cole Cross at the Oglethorpe Speedway Park. The OSP bar kept everyone hydrated on Saturday. Rain on Thursday packed the course down, creating great racing conditions.Wind on Saturday kept things interesting as racers faced headwinds on several of the straights. The course was different than in years past. Gone was the spiral of death and in its place were several trips up and down a a short hill. The course also went around the new go-kart track. Reactions to the new course were positive.

GACX Director Elizabeth Lee (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) has an “Oh Crap” moment coming off a hill. Photo by Jim Behning.

Race action was fast both days Groups of racers stayed together in several races. Spectators thought they might end in a sprint finish, but most had one rider that was able to pull away to take a solo win. Mackenzie Myatt (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) and Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) took the Elite wins both days.

The Men’s 1/2 leaders stayed together much of the race on Sunday.

2018 Old Grey Barn Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Scenic City Velo/Privateer CX has posted some great videos of OGB on their Facebook page.

Old Grey Barn always provides a challenging course. The flyover was back this year along with an off camber section and some good elevation change. Rain—Mud—Rain! It’s what every cross racer wants and dreams of! Saturday Old Grey Barn received half an inch of rain. By Sunday much of it was dried up except for a large mud bog at the bottom of the off camber section. The chilly weather helped with the CX atmosphere.

Some racers prefer pancake handups.

In the Elite Women Judah Scencenbaugh (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) took the hole shot with the trio of Dirty Peaches-Cambrie Epperson, Brittany Montgomery, and Jenna Downey—right on her wheel. Judah would not relinquish the lead. Jenna took second with Cambrie in third.

A couple of sloppy sections were present on the course during the early races like for these Cat. 5 riders.

A similar situation played out in the Elite Men. Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) went to the front and never looked back. With several of the normal pursuers in Montana for the Collegiate MTB National Championships, Nick was able to breathe easy after opening his lead to 30 seconds. Spencer Whittier (Privateer Cyclocross Chattanooga) was second and Jacob Morales (Az Devo) was third.

2018 Boundary Waters Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Boundary Waters Park in Douglasville was the third stop for the Bike Law Georgia GA Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin. Although the course got six inches of rain a few days before the race thanks to Hurricane Michael, course conditions were perfect—just tacky enough and no dust. The Smyrna Bicycles team laid out a fun, fast, and slightly technical course that challenged all riders.

The mostly flat course kept races tight for the first few laps. It was no different with the Elite Women. Mackenzie Myatt (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) took the holeshot, but teammate Judah Sencenbaugh came around during the initial lap. Judah would lead the first half of the race. Molly Russell (Loose Nuts) chased and dug deep into her pain cave but could never quite catch the leading duo. Eventually, Mackenzie took the lead from Judah and won with a 15 second gap. Molly came in for a strong third

One of the youngest racers, Gigi Nguy (FC Juniors) concentrates during the Juniors race.

“THE” Jonathan Page was in Atlanta to conduct a clinic for some of the Junior teams. He was talked into racing the Elite Men for Team GACX. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) decided to put on his own speed clinic during the race. Flying through turns–check. Flying over the barriers–check, flying down the straightaways–check. It was a lesson in how to handle a cyclocross course going fast. While he may not have won, Jonathan put on a barrier demonstration* showing how smooth and fast his technique is. Behind Nick Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) and Jacob Morales (Az Devo’s) were locked in a battle for third. Artur could not seem to shake Jacob until 2 laps to go; he was able to put 10 seconds between them to take second place. Jacob rounded out the podium in third.

Jonathan Page (GACX) brought World Cup experience to the Cat. 1/2 Men.

*See the video on the Georgia Cross Facebook page.

2018 Grant Park Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Grant Park—we are so glad any hurricanes decided to wait til the middle of this week to hit. We missed you last year! Grant Park is one of the most popular and beloved Georgia Cross venues. It is our only race ITP (Inside the Perimeter in Atlanta). Racers and spectators come out in droves to enjoy the great course, amazing atmosphere, and hot racing. Was it ever! The temperature soared above 90 degrees F for the afternoon races. The racing was also on fire with exciting break-aways, chases, and finish line sprints. While we didn’t set a record or attendance* there were over 320 racers registered.

Brianna Goral (GRITS) demonstrates perfect beverage hand-up technique during the Women’s 3/4 race.

Nine Elite women took on the #GrantParkCX course. With the starter’s whistle they were off. Judah Sencenbaugh (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), Brittany Montgomery (Dirty Peaches), and Molly Russell (Loose Nuts) took to the front right away. By the second lap, Judah suffered the first of two flats and slipped back to fifth. Brittany had taken the lead with Molly setting into second. They would hold the gaps through the entire race. Cambrie Epperson (Dirty Peaches) would take the third podium step

Ross Monckton getting a little height in the bunny hop during the day’s final rce.

The Elite Men’s field was huge; Grant Park has some of the largest fields of the year. A small group of several riders settled on the front in the first couple of laps including Nick Van Winkle (BMW-Specialized), Andy Scarano (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), Tyler Clark (Brevard College), and Elliot Baring (Baring Performance Management). About half way through the race, Nick dropped the rest of the group. A small gap hovered for the rest of the race that he held until the finish. Andy finished second with Tyler in third.

*The record belongs to Grant Park a couple of years ago with about 350 entries.

2018 Elks Aidmore Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Elks Aidmore is always a favorite stop in the Georgia Cross Series. The course always has a good elevation change, a few roots, a great hilltop heckling spot, and other challenges. Rain several days before the race left the course with hero dirt—that perfect set of conditions. Race day was mostly cloudy but dry.

Ten Elite Women lined up for the first race of the year. Mackenzie Myatt (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), Judah Sencenbaugh (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), and Molly Russell (Loose Nuts) took off with Judah getting the holeshot. Judah sat in the lead for the first lap. Going over the barriers, Mackenzie took the lead from Judah. Her lead would hover between 5 and 10 seconds for the rest of the race. Mackenzie took the win with Judah in second and Molly coming in a very strong third.

Dawn Hill (L5 Flyers) on her way to winning the Women’s Cat. 3/4.

A field of 21 Elite Men kicked off the season at Elks. For the first few laps the men were acting like it was the Tucker Ride instead of a race. About 7 were together until about 3 laps into the race. Nick VanWinkle (Specialized-BMW), Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), Elliot Baring (Baring Performance Management) broke away. The small group behind them chased to no avail. Nick took the win over Artur with a bike throw at the finish line. Elliot rolled in for third a few seconds behind them.

Lamar Mauney (Toyota Forklifts) in the pain cave in the Elite Masters.

2017 Series Overall Winners

Congratulations to the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin overall winners for 2017! Many races were very close with only a couple of points separating the top three.

Thank you to our promoters, volunteers, and Board members that make racing possible! They all put in hundreds of hours of work over the summer and fall to pull off GACX! Please say thank you the next time you see one of them.

The overall team award: 1st place-L5 Flyers, 2nd-Litespeed-BMW, 3rd-Peachtree Bikes.

A survey will be going out via social media in the next couple of weeks. The Board of Directors would like your feedback on this year’s series and any ideas you have for next season. We are always looking for new Board members. There will be a spot on the survey to indicate your interest. We need assistance with all aspects of the series from setting the schedule, race reports, helping with logistics, the website & social media, and more!

We hope everyone enjoys their off season!