2016 Boundary Waters CX

Boundary Waters CX
Report and photos by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

A gorgeous fall day greeted racers at Boundary Waters Park in Douglasville, GA. Now an iconic stop on the Georgia Cross Series, BW provides a beautiful venue for a cyclocross race. The Aquatic Center side-course remained mostly unchanged from the previous year. It started out in the field, made a couple of turns before going down a hill with several switchbacks. Riders went from full gas to half speed sharply. The course opened up again around the lake except for a single barrier to a short hill that interrupted things. Some slick pine straw turns led to the gravel hill. With no rain in weeks, at some points it looked like riders were coming out of dust devils as they emerged at the top of the hill. After turning right onto the grass, a short spiral slowed things down before another jaunt up the gravel to the final set of barriers. A nice, long finishing straight allowed racers to finish at full speed. Many called the BW track a “roadie course” and “darn fun” in the same breath.

A large combined field of Men’s CX 5, Women’s CX 4, and Juniors swarmed the start area. Categories had a 1 minute between them. Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) was overheard saying to teammate Harrison Nguy that they want to win Cat. 5 but may not be able to because of too much traffic.  Blake fought valiantly and finished inside the top 10 in the Cat. 5 Men and standing on the first step of the Juniors podium in the Juniors 15-18. He was followed by Harrison and Henrik Klessmann (NCGA).

Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) won the Juniors 15-18.

Seventeen Elite women took the line. It was noted by several of the fast ladies that this year has had the biggest women’s fields in quite a number of years. We love it! Jean Miller (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear) took off the start line quickly followed by UCI Road Championship Junio Women’s racer Megan Heath (Frazier Cycling) and Sorella teammate Trish Albert. In the switchbacks, 706 Project teammates Leigh Hopkins and Maria Carrelli and Sorellas Brittany Hopson and Jenna Downey (Sorella) came around to the front of the field. Megan took a tumble, which allowed the five riders to pull away. Jenna Downey took the lead, but she did not want to stay there. Jean eventually faded, and the other four stayed together. The lead swapped a couple of times as racers played team tactics. On the fourth lap, Leigh and Brittany took the front over the barriers. Going into the fifth lap, Jenna got a small gap on Leigh and Maria. They would hold those positions until the finish. Brittany came across the line about 20 seconds back for fourth.

Howard Buckley (Bike Law) on his way to winning the Elite 50+ Masters

Three riders quickly broke away in the Men’s Elite race-Artur Sagat (SCAD), Frank Trevieso (706 Project), and Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW). A group of three chasers was never able to make contact. Artur, Frank, and Nick swapped the lead several times as they worked together on the flatter sections of the course. With two laps to go, Artur attacked and was able to get around Nick, who stuck to Artur’s wheel like glue. Frank was a few seconds back. About a third of the way into the lap, Artur gapped Nick out of a corner down by the lake. Frank passed Nick half way through the last lap and took second.

Maylyn Oswald decided to take a little break in the Women’s CX4 after a little bobble.

1 Kevin Maxey Litespeed-BMW
2 Drew Rosedale L5Flyers Cycling Team
3 Aaron Thistle
Women CX4
1 Brianna Isbell LNC Racing p/b Octane
2 Ali LeCraw Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear on
3 Anna Frey Peachtree Bikes

Juniors 15-18
1 Blake Wilson Frazier Cycling
2 W. Harrison Nguy Frazier Cycling
3 Henrik Klessmann North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.

Juniors 10-14
1 Eli Hoppenfeld Frazier Cycling
2 Stephen Heath Frazier Cycling
3 Reece Latham North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.

Elite Masters 40+
1 Kirk Corsello Next Moto Champion Cycling p/b Roswell Bicycles
2 Chris Chotas Litespeed-BMW
3 Michael Manthey

Elite Masters 50+
1 Howard Buckley Bike Law Cycling Club
2 Chris Isenberg North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
3 220 Robert Conatser Reality Bikes

1 Jeff Moore L5Flyers Cycling Team
2 422 Robin Blake
3 418 Griffin Jones

Elite Women
1 Jenna Downey Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportwear
2 Leigh Hopkins The 706 Project
3  Maria Carrelli The 706 Project

Elite Men
1 Artur Sagat SCAD Atlanta
2 Frank Travieso The 706 Project
3 Nicholas VanWinkle Litespeed-BMW

1 Michael Garrison North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
2 Jeff Hopkins Service Course Auto Works
3 Mike Flowers Team Mugshots

Single Speed
1 David Kemp The Bike Shop of Columbus
2 David Marbut Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
3 Kinzer Hewitt LNC Racing p/b Octane

Masters 35+ CX 4/5
1 Jeff Moore
2 Bill Hansen Peachtree Bikes
3 Jason Spruill LNC Racing p/b Octane

2016 Savannah SuperPrestige Weekend

2016 Savannah SuperPrestige Weekend
by David O’Rear

This past weekend cyclocross racers from across the state converged on the town of Pooler, Georgia for the 2016 The Savannah Superprestige Cyclocross Weekend. The SSPCX 16 races were held once again at the Oglethorpe Speedway Park, just north of Savannah. Despite the damage inflicted throughout the Georgia cost by Hurricane Matthew just two weeks prior, OSP appeared to come out of the ordeal unscathed. On closer inspection of the area however, it was obvious the damage had taken its toll on the venue as well the surround communities as piles of debris from the storm littered sidewalks and streets. Thanks to the OSP staf, and some hard work by Bryan Schoeffler and Justin Bristol the race course was ready and the weekend was executed without a hitch on a dry, fast, and exceptionally well laid out race course complete with the stairs and Corona Corner Fly-Over! Free camping, showers, and even a pub on site made for great venue!

Kinzer Hewitt (LNC) gets air over the flyover on Saturday. Photo by Ross Monckton.

Since it was Halloween weekend, CXer’s also had the opportunity between races to attend one of the many Halloween celebrations around the area. From the Pirate Weekend on Tybee Island, to the down town concerts and costume parties, to the popular Savannah Riverfront Crawl-O-Ween pub crawl, celebration opportunities were abundant. Not to be outdone, the SSPCX 16 added a bit Halloween flavor of its own with costume contests and a bit of eerie night racing for double points!

The Single Speeders had fun in Savannah dressing up for Halloween! Photo by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Despite the festive atmosphere and celebrations, when the racing began it was all business. The course although flat and fast, wasn’t without technical elements. Deep pockets of sand positioned randomly throughout the course meant strict attention had to be paid to race lines or precious seconds were lost or at worse complete wheel washouts and spills. Saturday night’s course was remained mostly on the flat portions of the race track and grass with only a short technical loop through the woods which was fortunately lit at night. Sunday temperatures climbed into the mid to high 80’s which added a level of suffering to races. Sunday’s course was slightly longer with a loops through the woods on either end of the course around where shade provided racers with a brief reprieve from the sweltering temperatures of mid-day. Most races on both days drew larger than normal fields and came down to the final lap with sprint finishes.

The Elite Masters 40+ coming into the barriers Sunday at Savannah. Photo by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Once again this year The Savannah Superprestige Cyclocross Weekend proved to be a great race experience and series favorite.

Saturday, Oct. 29 October Results:

Master 40+ CX 1/2/3
1 Kirk Corsello Next Moto Cycling p/b Roswell Bicycles
2 Brady Rodgers Litespeed-BMW
3 Nathan Sibley Atlanta Cycling

Master 50+ CX 1/2/3
1 Tim Marshall Stinhaus Factory Trek
2 Chris Isenberg North Georgia Cycling Association
3 Dub Smith Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta

Women CX 4
1 Molly Russell Spindle X Westside Bikes
2 Candace Kimbrell Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse
3 Brianna Isbell LNC Racing

Junior 15-18
1 Blake Wilson Frazier Cycling
2 Harrison Nguy Frazier Cycling

Junior 10-14
1 Reece Latham North Georgia Cycle Association
2 Owen Braunecker North Georgia Cycle Association
3 Elizabeth May Frazier Cycling

Men CX5
1 Christopher Ostlund
2 Ross Mockton Sixes Pit
3 Patrick Goral Outback Bikes Racing

Men CX4
1 Blake Wilson Frazier Cycling
2 Brad Beadles Cycle Haus Racing
3 Rudy Szymanski Cycle Sport Concepts Tampa

Woman CX1/2/3
1 Jenna Downey Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear
2 Brittnay Montgomery Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear
3 Maria Carelli Team 706 Project

Men Pro CX1/2
1 Frank Travieso The 706 Project
2 Arthur Sagat SCAD Atlanta
3 Nicholas VanWinkle Litespeed-BMW

Men CX3
1 Cooper Hammarlund Prima Tappa Cycling
2 Daniel Podratsky Prima Tappa Cycling
3 Ryan Collins L5 Flyers Cycling Team

Masters 35+ CX4/5
1 Jason Spruill LNC Racing p/b Octane
2 Bill Hansen Peachtree Bikes
3 Michael Albaneso Outback Bikes Racing

Single Speed
1 David Marbut Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
2 Shannon Blanton
3 David Kemp The Bike Shop of Columbus

2016 Dingo CX

Dingo CX
Written by and photos by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Camp Frank D. Merrill, home of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion, hosted this year’s Dingo CX in Dahlonega, GA. We were lucky enough to have the entire airfield for the race. What a cool and usual venue! The course wound around the airfield and through a few short sections of woods. A double set of barriers broke up the first quarter of the race. Two main dismounts were a run up in the woods followed by a short downhill and a wide mudhole that may have been a creek in wetter years. Speaking of water, what is Dingo CX without some rain? Mother Nature threw North Georgia a small curve ball with some showers overnight Saturday. With how dry the last few weeks have been it was just enough to knock the dust down and make course conditions really nice.

Brittnay Hopson cheers on the racers.

Good fields took the starting line all day. Thirteen women lined up for the Women’s 1/2/3 race. The start was a flurry of the blue and grey kits of Sorella Cycling and the purple kits of The 706 Project Ladies as they scrambled for the pointy end of the field. Several riders came into the barriers together, and it would be another quarter of a lap until things began to break apart. Maria Carrelli (706 Project) and Brittany Montgomery (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear) put a little distance over the other racers. They traded the lead several times throughout the race-once when Maria went through the tape and on the final lap when she sprinted past Brittany just before the finish for the win. Jean Miller (Sorella) rounded out the podium.

The Men’s Pro/1/2 race had XXX entries. Not wasting any time Sean Fincham (SCAD Cycling) went straight to the front. He may not have realized he was racing with other people. This was a one-man show from the whistle. Be the second lap he had nearly a 2-minute lead over Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) and his SCAD teammate Artur Sagat. Spectators that were on the backside of the course near the single barrier were treated to a show in how to fly over a barrier and clear with with about 6 inches to spare. This was no bunny hop—more like a horse jumping over a fence! Nick did all he could to bring Sean back, but it was not enough. Artur passed Nick about half way into the race and hung in for second. Nick grabbed third.

Sean Fincham (SCAD Atlanta) jumps over the barriers in the Men’s Pro/1/2 race

Women Cat. 4
1 Iris Levin
2 Chloe Murdock-Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportwear
3 Molly Russell- Spindle X Westside Bikes

Men Cat. 5
1 Chase Key (Chase-We need your info.! Email results@georgiacx.com #568)
2 River Key #N/A one day
3 570 Aaron Thistle

Juniors 15-18
1 Blake Wilson- Frazier Cycling
2 W. Harrison Nguy- Frazier Cycling
3 Henrik Klessmann- North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.

Juniors 10-14 Overall
1 Reece Latham -North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
2 Stephen Heath- Frazier Cycling
3 Johnny Rhodes Delbridge -North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.

The youngest racer, Jack Johnson (Frazier Cycling) shows grit and determination.

Top Junior Girls 10-14
1 266 Elizabeth May- Frazier Cycling
2 271 Sophie Zents -North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
3 275 Amelia Hicks- L5Flyers Cycling Team

Masters 40+ Cat. 1/2/3
1 Kirk Corsello- Next Moto Champion Cycling p/b Roswell Bicycles
2 David Marbut -Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
3 Brady Rogers -Litespeed-BMW

Masters 50+ Cat. 1/2/3
1 Tim Marshall -Stonehaus Factory Trek
2 Chris Isenberg- North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
3 William (Dub) Smith Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta

Women Cat. 1/2/3
1 Maria Carrelli The 706 Project
2 Brittany Montgomery- Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportwear
3 Jean Miller- Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportwear

Cat. 4 Men
1 Cooper Hammarlund- Prima Tappa Cycling
2 Noah Williams
3 Davis Branyon -Prima Tappa Cycling

Men’s Pro/1/2
1 Sean Fincham- SCAD Atlanta
2 Artur Sagat- SCAD Atlanta
3 Nicholas VanWinkle- Litespeed-BMW

Men Cat. 3
1 Mike Flowers
2 Jeff Hopkins- Service Course Auto Works
3 Clay Adair

Single Speed
1 David Marbut-Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
2 Zachary Holmes Atlanta- Bicycle Barn
3 Shannon Blanton

Masters 35+ Cat. 4/5
1 Jeffrey Burgoon- Smyrna Bicycles
2 Eric Burke
3 Bill Hansen- Peachtree Bikes

2016 Across the Beeriers

Across the Beeriers
Report by David O’Rear, Photos by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Day One
As the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas were being battered by the fury of Hurricane Matthew, Northeast Georgia was fortunately blessed with sunny skies and warm temperatures for the 2016 edition of Swagger.us Across the Beeriers Cyclocross Race Weekend in Athens, Georgia.

Southern Brewery once again hosted Day One of racing with a course that was similar to last year’s but with a few twists on the Frank Travieso designed track.  The unique feature this year of routing the course through the brewery gave beer drinking spectators an up close, bar side view of cyclocross racing, as racers powered through the building.  Also unlike last year where the Southern Brewery grounds wewe a quagmire after drenching rains of Day One saturated the course, this year racers were provided a course which dry and fast despite the monsoon rains and flooding our southern neighbors were experiencing. Day Two of racing brought another change from last year’s race as Terrapin Brewery hosted it with an interesting course that was both technical, dry, and fast!

Molly Russell (The Spindle) concentrates over the barriers on her way to winning Day 1 in the Women’s Cat. 4.

Day One of racing started with a substantial field of racers with some incredibly fast lap times for the technical course. The most interesting and closely contested races of the day is a toss-up between the Men Pro CX1/CX2/CX3 and the Women CX1/CX2/CX3. In the Men Pro, Course Designer and 706 Project Racer Frank Travieso battled it out on every lap with Dahlonega’s Elliott Baring, and Litespeed-BMW Racer Nick Van Winkle. The race came down to a sprint finish with Travieso edging out Van Winkle for the win and Baring in a close third. In the Womens CX1/CX2/CX3 Race Sorella’s Brittany Montgomery traded Laps with 706 Project racers Emily Cox and Maria Carelli for most of the race until Montgomery opened up the gap in the final two laps. Carelli crashed at the barriers and was overtaken by Sorella’s Jean Miller. The final finish was Montgomery followed by Cox, and Miller finishing third. Carelli stayed in the fight and finished strong for fourth place.

The largest field of the day was in the Mens CX4 with 31 racers at the starting line. Christian DeCenso of of Snyder Factory Racing finishing first, Sabotage Cycles Daniel Podratsky in second and Prima Tappa’s Cooper Hammerlund finishing third.

Especially notable for the day is Ga Neurosurgical Institute Racer Jeff Clayton winning both the Men’s CX3 and Elite Masters 50+ CX1/CX2/CX3. Best wishes to CX3 Men’s and Single speed racer Tom Butler who went down in a nasty crash on the backside of the course during the Singlespeed race. A special thanks goes out to Velocity Racing’s Bret Burlson who stopped mid race to help Tom and divert racers away from the crash. Congratulations to all Day One podium finishers.

Junior 10-14
1.    Eli Hoppenfield (Fraziers)
2.    Stephen Heath
3.    Aiden Landrum

Juniors 15-18
1.    Blake Wilson

Mens CX3
1.    Jeff Clayton (Ga Neurosurgical Inst)
2.    Jeff Hopkins (Service Course Auto Works)
3.    Chris Bullock

Mens Elite Masters 40+ CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Kirk Corsello
2.    William Lanzilotta
3.    Darren Coomer (Litespeed-BMW)

Mens Elite Masters 50+ CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Jeff Clayton (Ga Neurosurgical Inst)
2.    Hardwick Greg (Infinity Racing)
3.    Tim Marshall

Mens 35+ CX4/CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Eddie Donnely (The Spindle)
3.    Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes)

Mens CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Ben Hobbs
3.    Michael Pajewski (Clemson)

1.    Zach Holmes (Atlanta Cycle Barn)
2.    Travis Tindle
3.    Chase Blanton (PCP Racing)

Womens CX4
1.    Molly Russell (Spindle)
2.    Iris Levin
3.    Terri Watt

Day Two
Terrapin Brewery provided an excellent venue for Day Two and was a great backdrop for the Georgia Cyclocross series. This was a rare treat to race on two separate courses in two days, not to mention, racing at two of Georgia’s finest Micro-brewery’s. Day Two’s course was slightly more technical with a couple Interesting features added in. The first challenge was a shallow turn into a short wheel grabbing pea gravel bed. This lead to an immediate sharp uphill left hand turn only to be followed to a sharp off camber drop and right hand turn. Riders who failed to maintain momentum through the gravel would stall and have to dismount. The second feature was a short steep run up with a barrier at the top. Both of these were spots where riders could showcase technical skills; however, they were also the site of several spills and mishaps. They were also located very close together which was very convenient for spectators, hecklers, and hand-ups.

The Men’s Pro CX1/CX2/CX3 Race was once again one the most hotly contested races of the day. It looked like a repeat of the previous day’s race with the usual suspects fighting it out. Midway through the race Travieso suffered what appeared to be a flat and had to pit. This opened the door for another battle between Elliott Barin, and Litespeed-BMW’s Van Winkle. United Healthcare rider Tyler Magner challenged the leaders, but at the finish Barring outpaced Nick Van Winkle for the win with Magner finishing third. Travieso was able to make up enough ground to a remarkable seventh place finish. Frank’s no quit attitude perfectly illustrating why Bicycling Magazine named him as one of cycling’s hero’s for 2016.

Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) leads Ty Magner (UHC) over the run up barrier on Sunday.

Another hard fought race was again in the Elite Masters 50+ Race. On his mountain bike, Jeff Clayton looked to be on the way for another win only to be edged at the finish line by Hardwick Gregg. Chris Isenberg finished a strong third.

Thanks to Swagger.us for putting on a fantastic race weekend which will no doubt be one of the highlights of the 2016 race season.

Junior 10-14
1.    Eli Hoppenfield (Fraziers)
2.    Reece Latham (Team Mission Source)
3.    Aiden Landrum Fraziers)

Juniors 15-18
1.    Blake Wilson (Fraziers)
2.    Drew Hockstein

Mens CX3
1.    Jeff Hopkins (Service Course Auto Works)
2.    Ryan Collins
3.    Michael Mantley (Vegan Athlete Racing)

Mens Elite Masters 40+ CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Nate Zukas
2.    Kirk Corsello
3.    Eric Murphy (706 Project)

Mens 35+ CX4/CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes)
3.    Jeff Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles)

Mens CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Chris Ostlund
3.    Clint Williams

1.    Clay Adair
2.    Chase Blanton (PCP Racing)
3.    Matt Harris (Faster Mustache)

Womens CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Leigh Hopkins (706 Project)
2.    Brittany Montgomery (Sorella)
3.    Maria Carelli (706 Project)

Womens CX4
1.    Iris Levin
2.    Chloe Murdock
3.    Candance Kimbell (Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse)

2016 Grant Park CX


Mother Nature smiled upon the Georgia Cyclcross opening race at Grant Park in Atlanta on Sunday. With over 300 racers, it ranked as one of the largest GACX races of all time. Everyone loves the park and the intown Atlanta location. Heckle Hill was the center of the action as usual. There may or may not have been frosty beverage hand ups during the later races. One spectator had bacon on a fishing pole trying to get riders to grab it. It was wonderful seeing so many families, friends, and random people watching the race. The atmosphere was electric as the first race of the day toed the line! The action continued throughout the morning and early afternoon.

In the Women’s 1/2/3 newcomer Mackenzie Myatt (SCAD Cycling) took an early lead and never looked back. Mackenzie represented Canada at the UCI World Mountain Bike Championships this summer, so her speed did not surprise anyone. Behind her the battle for second was on! After trading places several times, Jenna Downey (Sorella Cycling) held off Maria Carrelli (706 Project) for second.

Collegiate riders continued the podium domination in the Men’s 1-2. A group of 4 riders separated themselves from the pack by midway through the race: SCAD Cycling teammates Sean Fincham and Artur Sagat, Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW), and Frank Travieso (706 Project). Elliot Barring (UNG) soon joined them. With one lap remaining, Sean put in a massive effort, and the group dropped Nick. As Artur nearly collided with a lapped rider, Sean pulled away. Sean held on for the win with Artur in second and Elliot in third.

Kinzer Hewitt (Loose Nuts) forgot how to bunny hop the barrier at the bottom of Heckle Hill on the last lap. No CX racers or bikes (only egos) were harmed in the taking of these photos.

Next up is two days in Athens at Across the Beeriers October 8-9! Be sure to check the flyer for important information about the venues. NO OUTSIDE BEER EITHER DAY! This race requires transponders: $5 rental for the weekend or bring your own MyLaps chip! Tour at Southern Brewing & Terrapin are included with full price entry. Must be 21 to drink, and ID will be required.

2016 Race Schedule

The 2016 Race Schedule is ready! Flyers are being added as we get them. Please check back often for any updates! Racing starts Sunday, October 2 at Grant Park. What a great intown Atlanta venue! Racers can expect some of the classic course with a couple of new twists (or maybe that’s turns?)!

If you have questions about some of the Rules, we have that covered, too! Questions about which category you should race or what your license says? Please contact USA Cycling or one of our local USAC officials. They will be happy to help!

Want to stay updated on the latest GACX news? Want to know where people are practicing during the week? See cool videos? Get previews of the races?  “Like” us on Facebook, Follow GACX on Instagram, and Follow us on Twitter.

2016 Georgia Cross Series Sponsors

What do Terrapin Beer Company, Outback Bikes, Peachtree Bikes, Loose Nuts Cycles, Smyrna Bicycles, Clif Bar, and State Farm Insurance-Grayson Tudor Agency have in common? You guessed it (or not…), they’re sponsoring the 2017 Georgia Cyclocross Series!
If you’re still on the fence about sponsoring, it’s not too late. Reach out to Jim Bilotto at jimbilotto@gmail.com to get more details about our different sponsorship packages.

RACE REPORT – 2015 Series Finale

2015 SERIES FINALE by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

The 2015 Georgia Cyclocross Series Finale was Sunday, December 20 at Elks Aidmore in Conyers. Racers came out to see who would come out on top for the Series Awards and to close out another successful cyclocross season. GACX would like thank Christoper’s Party Center and The Mobile Marly Marlay for their help with the food and beverages for the Finale. Our wonderful sponsors for providing prizes for the raffle: Smyrna Bicycles, Outback Bikes, Southeastern Cycling, CTown BikesPeachtree Bikes, and Loose Nuts Cycles. A special thank you to Elks Aidmore and USAC for quickly allowing us to move the venue. The Series awards would not be complete without the talented Rhys May, who made the custom awards for the second year in a row. Also thank you to all of the racers and friends that help with the course break down!

Zach Lutz cheers on the racers.

Work has already begun on 2016 series. Keep an eye out on Facebook for a survey soon! We’ll see everyone at #CXNats in Asheville, NC in January!

Congratulations to our Series Overall Winners!

Women Cat. 1/2/3
1. Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles)
2. Rhys May (LNC Racing)
3. Jean Miller (Sorella Cycling)

Women CX 4
1. Amy Ross (Peachtree Bikes)
2. Mae Gurene (Sorella Cycling)
3. Molly Russell (Spindle)

Single Speed
1. David Marbut (Toyota Forklifts)
2. Murphy Davis (Toyota Forklifts)
3. Michael Manthey (Faster Mustache)

Men Pro/1/2
1. Frank Travis (UHC-706)
2. Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW)
3. Artur Sagst (Ms. Roses)

Cat. 3
1. Brian Field
2. Tim Mondor (Alpha Bikes)
3. Michael Packard (LNC Racing)

Elite Masters 50+
1. Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts)
2. Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts)
3. Bobby Thrash (Adventure Cycles)

Elite Masters 40+
1. Wesley Garland (Peachtree Bikes)
2. Ian Prunier (Smyrna Bicycles)
3. Charles Rossigno (Litespeed-BMW)

Cat. 4
1. Chris Bullock (Faster Mustache)
2. Adam Newsmen
3. Zachary Holmes

Masters 35+ Cat. 4/5
1. Robert Conaster (Reality Bikes)
2. Bill Hansen (Peachtree Bikes)
3. Nick Harmer (Faster Mustache)

Cat. 5
1. Eric Garlinghouse (L5 Flyers)
2. Matt Hutchinson (William St.)
3. Benjamin Spangler (L5 Flyers)

Juniors 10-14
1. Reece Latham (NCGA)
2. Troy Waine (EPTC)
3. Leon Waine (EPTC)

Juniors 15-18
1. Blake Wilson  (Frazier Cycling)
2. Max Lenk  (Frazier Cycling)
3. Isabella Nguy  (Frazier Cycling)

Team Competition
1. L5 Flyers
2. LNC Racing
3. Litespeed-BMW

The Team Competition podium.

RACE REPORT – 2015 Grant Park Cup

Race Report and Photos by Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com
Blue skies and sunshine smiled upon the Grant Park CX Cup presented by Van Michael Salon on Saturday. Nearly 300 racers made this the biggest Georgia Cross race of 2015. Some of the draw was that Grant Park was part of the National CX Calendar, which is the first step before holding a UCI race.s The course was challenging for everyone with plenty of turns, fast straightaways, and off camber. The first dismount was a double barrier at the bottom of Heckle Hill. Spectators and fellow racers congregated there to heckle, give handups, and sit on the Loose Nuts couch. The second dismount was a short set of stairs on the backside of the course. They claimed several victims that tried to ride them with flat tires.

The Elite Masters on the start line.

In the Women’s Cat. 4, two duos got away on the first lap. Amy Ross (Peacthree Bikes) took an early lead before wiping out on a turn during the second lap. Several riders including Kathryn Kadous (L5 Flyers) passed her, but she eventually made her way back up to second. Kathryn held on for the wind. Mae Gurene (Sorella Cycling) put in a hard effort on the bell lap to pass several riders and take third. The Men’s C at. 5 podium was Brad Jacobs, Matt Fisher (Red Kite Bicycles), and Eric Garlinghouse (L5 Flyers). Eighteen juniors lined up. In the 10-14, Eli Hoppenfield took an early lead that he never relinquished. Reece Latham (NCGA-Mission Source) put up a good fight and got second. Leon Waine (EPTC) was third. In the 15-18, Frazier Cycling teammates Max Lenk and Isabella Nguy stood on top.

In the Elite Masters 40+, the race started out with what felt like a comfortable tempo for the front riders. After the first lap a group separated themselves from the rest of the field.  On the second lap, 4 of the 7 pulled away-Peachtree Bikes riders Wes Garland and Connell Patterson along with Litespeed-BWM teammates Darren Comer and Chris Chotas. On the final lap Connell said that he “was feeling good and decided to give it a go just as we entered the end of the pavement after passing the start finish. That created a little (just a second or two) separation between each of the remaining 4 riders. Darren rode up to me and there was a small gap between the two of us and Wes and Chris. Going into the last downhill wooded section I was able to get around Darren and elected to bunny hop the stairs creating a gap between the two of us. Thankfully I was able to maintain the gap for my first elite masters win!” Darren was second with Chris in third. In the Elite Masters 50+, Bobby Thrash (Adventure Cycles) took the holeshot followed closely by Jeff Clayton (Georgia Neuro), Dub Smith and Alan Burton (both Toyota Forklifts). The four jockeyed for position with Bobby eventually dropping back from the others and Jeff sliding out on a greasy off camber section. Jeff was able to quickly rejoin Dub and Alan. The lead trio took turns on the front trying to distance themselves from the other two until Dub gained about 15 seconds on them.  Alan sat of Jeff’swheel into the fourth lap until Dub’s lead was firmly established. Alan then passed Jeff and began a solo pursuit of his teammate. Alan reduced the gap to Dub, but Dub was determined to not be caught, burying himself in the final minutes to stay clear and take the win with Alan four seconds behind. Jeff was third.

The Elite Women’s field saw 16 strong ladies vying for the $1500 purse. Continuing a GACX tradition, payouts were equal for the Elite Women and Elite Men. Very quickly Lisa Randall (SuperSport) and Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles) distanced themselves from the cx peloton. Brittany “BHop” Montgomery (Sorella Cycling), Rhy May (LNC Racing), Jean Miller (Sorella Cycling), and Susie Farmer (Privateer CX) gave chase but could not catch them. An untimely flat mid-race took out Jean. Lisa, who is more known for her climbing abilities, outsprinted Kim for the win. In the post-race interview a smiling Lisa said,” That is the first sprint I’ve ever won!” BHop turned herself inside out to claim the final podium spot. In the Men’s Cat. 4 race, Junior Jack Rexter (Frazier Cycling) topped the nearly 50 rider strong field. Kenneth Ingersoll took second with Chris Bulloch (Faster Mustache) in third.

Frank Trevieso (UHN-706) and Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) leading the Elite Men in the middle of the race.

With fast course conditions, the Elite Men stayed together much of the first two laps. Eventually, a group containing Frank Trevieso (UHC-706), Tristan Cowie (Mock Orange Bikes), Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW), and Arthur Sagat (Ms. Roses). Everyone took the lead at some point during the race. At one point a mechanical took out Tristan, but he was able to bridge to the group on the final lap. Frank pipped Tristan at the line for the win. Nick was third. In the Cat. 3 race, Darren Comer took his second podium of the day with the win. Brian Field was second, and Tim Mondor (Alpha Bikes) took third.

Serious prizes were on the line in the Singlespeed race—rubber shakes and frosty beverages. Brendan Cornett (Litespeed-BMW) wanted to make sure that he got some. He pulled away at the start and left everyone in his wake. Toyota Forklift teammates Murphy David and Dave Marbut worked together but could not reel Brendan in. Further  back in the pack, a racer was seen on his city bike complete with basket and cute bell. Eric Nicolette (Fast Mustache) put in a valiant effort for a midpack finish on his tandem cargo bike without a stoker. Brendan crossed the line first. Murphy and Dave were  second and third respectively. All three Singlespeeders were delighted with their rubber snakes. The Masters 35+ Cat. 4/5 riders had a huge field. Tim Marshall (Incycle Bike) took the win followed by Robert Conaster (Reality Bikes) and Jeph Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles).