2021 Year End Finale

The 21st season of Georgia Cyclocross has wrapped up fro 2021. Congratulations to all of the overall winners of the individual categories! Bike Law (and GACX’s title sponsor!) won the team competition with BMW-Specialized in 2nd and The Hub in 3rd. A huge thank you to Terrapin Brewing Co. for hosting the finale! We cannot wait for 2022! #crossicoming

A small contingent of Georgia racers went to the Chicago area to race at the Cyclocross National Championships. Matthew Crabbe (Mission Devo p/b Tyler Perry Studios) captured the 13-14 Year old Men’s Cyclocross Championship. His hard work, dedication, and hours of practice in the backyard have paid off. Congratulations Matthew! We can’t wait to see you wearing the Stars and Stripes at Georgia Cross next year.

Matthew Crabbe – New National CX Champion! Photo courtesy of proud dad Ryan.

2021 Old Gray Barn Georgia State CX Championships

by Saskia Hoppe and Lauren Haws

A chilly start to the day with hints of frost quickly evaporating leaving a fast and grippy course. This course has everything; knuckle of death (not a spiral, it wasn’t round!), a flyover, sand, muddy barn, and a pick your own adventure climb! 

In the women’s 4/5 the top 4 stayed relatively close together with Kristen Reece and Laura Brayfield fighting out for 1st and 2nd and Chanel Zeisel and Saskia Hoppe (Sorella Cycling) playing leapfrog fighting over 3rd. Laura was able to come out on top, followed by Kristen and Saskia managed to win the final leapfrog battle coming in 3rd.

The women 3/4 were also battling out for the state championship in cat 4, so the heat was on. Kristen Reece went out hard with the 3 cat 3s (Amelia Hick, looking for redemption after crashing out in the women’s 123 race earlier, Krystal Burnham and Luci Olewinski). The off camber caught her off guard allowing Sorellas Saskia Hoppe and Katie Pothier to sneak by. The cat 3s had their own race up the front, battling it out for points and prestige whilst the Cat. 4s, fighting for the state championship, were in the rear. Kristen Reece battled and fought to claw back the time she had lost early on and took advantage of a couple of mistakes from Saskia Hoppe to come cruising by with a lap and a bit to go, taking the cat 4 state championship. 

The Men’s 1/2 race was off to a fast start, but the first turn took a few victims as a crash in the corner gave Andrew Sparks a shot at the lead as favorite Nick Van Winkle got tangled in the aftermath. Nick dropped in the pack and made an incredible comeback to snag second place, but he couldn’t catch Andrew. Hank Beaver, Michael Sanders, and Cooper Hammerlund rounded out the top five. 

Preston Eye and Matthew Crabbe each snagged two jerseys with an incredible day of racing. Preston won the Junior Boys 15-18 and Men’s Cat 3 titles, while Matthew made easy work of the course and barriers in the Junior Boys 9-14 and Men’s Cat 4 race. Keep an eye out for Matthew at Cyclocross Nationals in Chicago! Maxine Richards took the win for the Junior Girls 9-14. 

Congratulations to all of the State Champions!

2021 Psycho-Cross at the Dick Lane Velodrome

Psycho-Cross at the Dick Lane Velodrome was back—and it arrived with a squishy wet course after days of never ending rain, lots of costumes, many cowbells, more than a few slides down the painted surface of the track or elsewhere on the course, and so much fun! For the uninitiated, Psycho-Cross was a (not really) annual event in the late aughts at the DLV. There was mud, pro racers in banana costumes (or maybe it was the pro racer’s dad in the banana costume), and much hilarity—with photos to prove it.

The Women’s 1/2/3 race saw a small but strong field start. This was relayed to me by the racers. Maria Carrelli (706P) took off from the beginning with Grace Anne Ingram and Junior Sophie Zents (Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios) hot on her rear wheel. They stayed with her for the first two laps. A bobble on the steep downhill cost each of them some time, and Maria rode away. Grace Anne would nearly catch back up to her by the mid-point of the race but could never quite do so. Sophie settled into third. Maria took the win followed by Grace and and Sophie.

The highlight of the day had to be the combined but scored separately Masters 4/5 35+, Women 3-4, and Single Speed. Costumes, handups, and much much heckling were the orders of the race. Jame Carney (Piedmont College Cycling) schooled the other masters single speed racers and rode the hill every lap. There was some concern from the crowd that he sported wider than 33 mm tires, which might have helped. The real race was in the Women’s 3-4 with Darcy Grimes (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear) taking the lead on the first lap with Sophie Zents and Amelia Hicks (Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios) less than a few bike lengths back. By lap 2, Sophie and Amelia had a small lead, which would only grow bigger. The two teammates stuck together like Velcro. Sophie tried to ride the big run up, and Amelia ran it-usually coming out just ahead. It came down to a sprint finish. Both of these juniors are experienced track racers; it was a question of who was stronger. They both stood up at the same time. Sophie put in just a slightly stronger kick to take the win. Amelia was 2nd with Darcy in 3rd.

Costumes seen included a mad hatter, some shorts that none of us can unsee, lots of tutus, a bee, Captain BikeLaw, some other super heros, and a lot of people in lycra.

2021 Elks Aidmore CX

Glorious weather! Just glorious! Some CX temperatures were present for the first race, but the temps and the racing soon heated up. Jim Behning had a fun course in store for the racers. The crick had a bridge over it to keep the endos from getting a bit too spectacular. There were 2 really long climbs and a lot of shorter ones. He even through in a flat section for the crit racers. The dismount was the concrete stairs behind the offices; a few riders rode up them! The kids enjoyed a short lap near the start/finish line. Many of them did many, many laps until they were told to stop.

The Men’s 1/2 race seems to be pretty consistent from week to week this season. David Gunnerson (Otterhaus/K&F Construction) and Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) went off the front. No one could catch them. Nick’s teammate Hank Beaver came the closest; he would place third. It came down to a sprint. With a bike throw, Nick won first by a tire width.

Dawn Hill (L5 Flyers) leads Sophie Zents (Mission Devo p/b Tyler Perry Studios) in the Women’s 3/4. Sophie wold win the final sprint for 1st.

The Women’s 1/2/3 was a bit of an unknown today. Ali Lecraw (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear) is off of a summer of guest riding for the pro women’s squad Colavita in some of the country’s biggest crits. Ali’s strong engine helped them get several podiums this year. Maria Carrelli (706P) was not about to let Ali have the glory. Grace Anne Ingram and Nicole Brasser (Cadence Devo) would also be in the mix for the podium. Ali got the holeshot on the first lap and put about 5 seconds up on Maria with Grace Anne within striking distance. By the end of the 2nd lap Maria caught Ali. They would stay together the rest of the race. No one would come close to them again. Just when it looked like it would be a sprint finish, Maria wiped out in the final turn. Loose conditions plagued riders on different parts of the course all day. Ali cruised in for first with Maria just behind in second. Grace Anne was third.

David Gunnerson was not tired enough from the Men’s 1-2 race, he took the win in Single Speed as well. One gear veterans Mathew Reeves and David Kemp (CX Mafia) rounded out the podium. Guy-with-a-cowboy-hat probably had the most fun during the race. We don’t know, we just report on what goes on (see photo).

Dyllon Gusolus (Oceana Racing) practices vital skills for a single speed racer.

2021 Boundary Waters CX

Another lovely day for a Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing race! Temperatures climbed into the low 80s to warm things up at the competition got heated! Smyrna Bicycles gave the racers a fast, flowy course with a few punchy climbs. There was dirt, grass (always lots of grass), gravel, and even a few roots. Riders good at turning and hitting the climbs with speed were at an advantage.

Saskia Hoppe (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincape Sportswear) won the Women’s 4/5.

In the Women’s 1/2/3, Maria Carrelli (706P)  took an early lead over Grace Anne Ingram. She would keep the advantage around a minute, taking the win. Grace Anne was second. Stacy Robinson (L5 Flyers p/b Ortho Atlanta) was third.

The Men’s Cat. 5 at the start. Look at all of those racers!

The Men’s 1/2/3 played out much like last week except a few riders stayed within closer striking distance of the leading duo as a result of the fast course. David Gunnerson (Otterhaus/K&F Construction) and Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) quickly put about 20 seconds onto the field in the first two laps. They were chased by Michael Sanders (RRR Gravel Bros) while Hank Beaver (Specialized-BMW) tried to hang on his wheel without chasing. Cooper Hammerlund (Pieluminati) was close behind. Eventually David and Nick would pull away from the chasers. The finish was decided by a sprint won by David. Nick was 2nd with Michael in 3rd, Hank in 4th, and Cooper in 5th.

Amelia Hicks (Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios) on her way to 2nd in the Women’s 3/4.

2021 Grant Park CX Cup

by Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

The Grant Park CX Cup kicked off the 20th anniversary season for the 2021 Georgia Cross series. The race itself has reached iconic status with the 10th edition. The course did not disappoint—including being raced in reverse. The start was fast and on the easier portion of the course. Some fields managed to break up in the turns on the first part of the track. Others stuck together until it got to the barriers and switchbacks. A fast section was followed by an unexpected run up. There were more technical turns and a large, soul-crushing hill on the back side of the course. The weather gods smiled upon racers. Except for a few drops of rain, it remained dry all day.

In the Women’s 1/2/3 race Grace Anne Ingram rode away from the pack early. Maria Carrelli (706P) was within striking distance most of the race. On the bell lap she attacked and passed Grace Anne for the win. Stacy Robinson (L5 Flyers p/b Ortho Atlanta) was 3rd with Jessica Podtratsky (FeraFox p/b NICH Speed) in 4th.   

In the Men’s 1/2 race a trio formed at the front in the first two laps: David Gunnerson (Otterhaus/K&F Construction), Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW), and Michael Sanders (RRR Gravel Bros). They would trade off who was at the front while attacking each other.. About half way into the race, Michael was dropped. Nick outsprinted David for the win. Micheal would hold onto 3rd, and Dylan Ogle (The Hub Bikes CX p/b Athens Animal Hospital).

The leading trio in the Men’s 1/2 race.

The Single Speed provided the spectators with some of the best racing of the day. It generally involved jorts (over kit, thankfully), tank tops, mullet bikes, mullet hair cuts,  and other things that are not normally found in the more “serious” races. The best action was on the switchback hill with much heckling, cheering, and cowbells. David Gunnerson was not tired enough from the Men’s ½ race and won the SS. Matthew Reeves was 2nd, and Scott Yarosh (Cyclenauts Racers) was 3rd. In the Women’s Single Speed Cassidy Thornton took home the win.

This is how to properly race Single Speed.

Georgia Cyclocross 2021 Schedule

Georiga Cyclocross is back for the 20th season!

The 2021 Georgia Cyclocross Series schedule! We’ll have more information about individual races as the season gets closer!

Oct. 3 Grant Park CX, Atlanta, GA
Oct. 10 Boundary Waters, Douglasville, GA
Oct. 17 Elks Aidmore CX, Conyers, GA
Oct. 24 Nash Farm CX, Hampton, GA
Oct. 31 Hawkes Creek, Winterville, GA
Nov. 7 Middle Georgia State University, Macon, GA
Nov. 14 Old Grey Barn – State Championships, Rocky Face, GA
Nov. 21 OFF – NC Grand Prix UCI Races
Nov. 28 OFF – Thanksgiving
Dec. 4-5 Southern Brewing & Terrapin, Athens, GA GACX Finale

2019 Hawkes Creek CX – GACX Series Finale

The Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing had its finale at Hawkes Creek Farm in Winterville, GA. The hills surprised some racers as the Athens courses tend to be a bit flatter. A set of barriers and a run up provided some off the bike toting for racers, and fast downhills were a relief from the climbs. Overall GACX Series Awards were handed out after the race. Congratulations to all of our winners!

A Happy Toecutter Taco in the Women’s Single Speed.

Junior 15-18 Boys Elias Dietrich Summit Georgia
Junior 15-18 Girls Caleigh Rasser Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P
Junior 9-14 Boys Matthew Crabbe Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios
Junior 9-14 Girls Audrey Zents Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios
Singlespeed Women Molly Russell Loose Nuts Cycles
Women 1/2/3 Molly Russell Loose Nuts Cycles
Women 3/4 Trisha VanDusseldorp Bike Law Cycling Club
Women 4/5 Tina Locklear Georgia Neurosurgical Institute
Masters 35+ 4/5 Tim Watley CX Mafia
Masters 40+ 1/2/3/4 Nate Sibly Peachtree Bikes
Masters 50+ 1/2/3/4 Brady Rogers Specialized-BMW
Masters 60+ 1/2/3/4 James Behning Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
Men 1/2 Jacob Morales JM Racing p/b Scott
Men 3 Michael Weigand Bike Law Cycling Club
Men 4 Christopher Hale Bike Law Cycling Club
Men 5 Elias Dietrich Summit Georgia
Singlespeed Men Matthew Reeves
Team Overall Winners Bike Law Cycling Club

Santa Claus put in an appearance in the Masters Races.

2019 EPTC CX Classic Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling, Photos courtesy Travis Neumuller

A gorgeous day greeted racers at Nash Farm for the EPTC CX Classic, the 9th round of the Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing. Nash Farm is a historical venue with wide open fields and a great view of much of the course from the top of the hill. This part of the course also offered a great place for handups that included socks, coffee, and energy gels. Much of the course is grass, which either delighted racers or made them grumble.

Elizabeth Lee (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) is all smiles during the Women’s Elite Race.

The Elite Women’s race saw the absence of series leader Molly Russell-Holmes (Loose Nuts Cycles) as well as several of the top 8, which left the race wide open. Mackenzie Myatt (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) took off at the start and was not seen again by the Women’s field. The rest of the racers quickly separated and held their positions for much of the race. Allison Mrugal (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) was second with new Cat. 3 Trisha VanDusseldorp (Bike Law) in third.

A large group of racers stayed together for the first several laps in the Elite Men. On the fourth lap, Simon Lewis (Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association) put in a good dig that really started the racing. Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) accelerated on lap 5, which gapped Jacob Morales (JM Racing p/b Scott) and Simon. Artur’s teammate Andy Scarano took over pace making on the next lap; they tag teamed to try to keep Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) from attacking. Artur started to lead Andy out for the finish, but Andy had a mechanical in the last 50 meters. Nick passed Andy to take the win. Andy was second with Artur in third.

This Bike Law rider is not a one trick pony!

2019 Georgia State Championships Race Report

The Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing hosted the Georgia Cyclocross State Championships on a glorious Sunday. A crisp morning gave way to a warm afternoon as racing heated up. Road Atlanta provided a great venue and a challenging course. It was a bit twistier than last year, and the fast downhill and soul sucking climb at 9-11% grade were as tough as racers remembered them. At stake were overall wins in every race as well as State Championship jerseys and medals in many categories.

Trisha Vandusseldorp (Bike Law) is all smiles on her way to the win in the Cat. 3/4 Women’s Race. She also took second in the Women’s Single Speed.

The Elite Women’s race (sponsored in part by ByoCycles) was one of the most exciting with jerseys for both the Cat.1-2 and Cat. 3 Women up for grabs as well as cash for the overall winners. It was a sprint off the line to get to the first left turn. Teammates Mackenzie Myatt and Judah Sencenbaugh (United Health Care/706P) took off in the first quarter of a lap with Molly Russell-Holmes (Loose Nuts Cycles) and Abby Hobbs (Bike Fetish Devo) in hot pursuit. Half way into the race, Mackenzie used her world class mountain bike skills through the downhill in the woods to drop Judah. She soloed in for the win with Judah in second. Molly and Abby were on each other’s wheels the entire race. Molly held the advantage in the fast cyclocross sectionswith Abby’s enduro experience a benefit to  her in the woods. Coming into the final corner, Abby had a bike lengths’ slight advantage until a minor bobble took her out. Molly sprinted past for third.

Lamar Mauney has been racing Georgia Cyclocross since the beginning! He took the Elite Masters 60+ State Championship to add to his jersey collection.

In the Elite Men, it was a mano-a-mano battle against this year’s two strongest riders, Jacob Morales (JM Racing p/b Scott) and Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW). Several riders took up the chase, but Nick and Jacob only their sights set on the target on the other’s jersey. Back and forth the went for the entire 60 minutes. The final corner had loose gravel and would prove to be the deciding factor in yet another race. Nick’s wheel slipped out, which allowed Jacob to gain a meter on him. Both men were out of the saddle sprinting down the straight away like a Grand Prix Motor Car! Jacob clipped Nick by half a wheel for first. Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) came in for third.