RACE REPORT—Serenbe 2015

WORDS AND PICTURES Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Gotta say I'm shocked to see Dave Marbut go over to the dark side. He's such a nice guy.

With 3-4 inches of rain forecast for Sunday, racers groaned as they rolled out of bed. Little did they know that Mother Nature was playing a Trick on them and would be giving out a Treat. Although it rained Saturday night at Serenbe, rain held off for all but the last 15 minutes of Sunday’s racing. The Peachtree Bikes crew put together a well balanced course with a couple of climbs, a slippery bridge, stairs, a flat section, and two fast barriers. Although there were a few mud spots, course conditions held up throughout the day, making for some great competition. Peachtree brought out all of the stops with a fire under the pavilion, 2 kegs of beer, and sweet swag for prizes.

A sizable group of Juniors toed the line for the first race of the day. Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) won the 15-18 followed by his teammate Emily. The 14 and Under was a race between the Waine twins and Reece Latham (Mission Source-NCGA) as it has been all year. Troy took first. Reece was second, and Leon was third. The Women’s Cat. 4 race was the closest it has been all season. Mae Gurene (Sorella Cycling) took the holeshot going into the stairs. By the end of the first lap, Carol Baldwin (Sorella Cycling) had taken over the lead, but she was shadowed by Cambrie Epperson and Anna Frey (Peachtree Bikes). Carol won by a bike throw with Cambrie in second. Anna was third. In the Men’s Cat. 5, Shane Sullivan (Fika Coffee) claimed the top step with Griffen Jones and Eric Garlinghouse (L5 Flyers) following.

In the 40+ Elite Masters, Wes Garland (Peachtree Bikes) took off and looked like he was riding a solo time trial. Nothing stopped him-not the mud or slippery bridge. He went on to win by a very comfortable margin over Chris Chotas (Litespeed-BMW) and Ian Prunier (Smyrna Bicycles) , In the 50+, Dub Smith and Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts) vied for the holeshot with Alan taking the lead as the field exited the technical start. Following closely behind were Chris Isenberg (Mission Source-NCGA), Bobby Thrash (Adventure Cycles) and Torre Smitherman (Peachtree Bikes).  The race continued for four laps with Dub staying within 30 seconds of Alan, Chris maintaining the chase to Dub, and Torre keeping the pressure on Bobby. With two laps to go Dub was reducing the gap to Alan and Torre had Bobby in his sights. At the start of the last lap a broken derailleur hanger removed Dub from contention, moving Chris into second while Torre caught and passed Bobby for the final podium step.

A nice field of about 15 women started in the Women’s Elite. Jane Burlew was an unstoppable force. By the end of the first lap she had put 30 seconds into Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles), and by the end her lead would be nearly two minutes. The real battle was for third as Jean Miller (Sorella Cycling), Emily Cox (Loose Nuts), and Rhys May (Loose Nuts) traded places throughout the race. Jean would take that final step on the podium. In the Men’s Cat. 4,  Michael Garrison (Mission Source-NCGA) was victorious. Rexer Jack (Frazier Cycling) and Murphy Davis (Toyota Forklifts) joined him on the podium.

Who would it be in the Pro/1/2 Men? Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) is always good in the mud, but mountain biker Artur Sagat (Mrs. Roses) has been known to sling around the dirt as well. Or could crit specialist Frank Trevieso (UHC-706) use the flats to his advantage? Nick took a slight lead over Artur at the beginning of the race. Frank fell to third, but that would last only until the half way mark. He took a little time out of Artur each lap. Artur was smoother through the mud and off camber sections, but Frank has a big engine on the flats. Eventually, Frank caught Artur and passed him for second place. In the Cat. 3 race, Ian Garrison (Hincapie) was first with Ben Rothschild (Georgia Tech) in second and Brian Field in third.

The Single Speeders really got into the spirit of the day after Halloween. One racer was seen sporting sported a bright yellow frock. Hewitt Kinser (Loose Nuts) looked ravishing in his French maid’s dress. Also spotted were a hot dog and a runner. The Single Speeders did not just dress up, they put on a good race. Dave “Storm Trooper” Marbut (Death Star Racing p/b Toyota Forklifts) got off the front early. He was followed by teammate Murphy Davis, who was wearing his team skinsuit. Dave was able to keep a gap on Murphy and claim the win. Kinser dusted and vacuumed his way to third place. The guys got a bit too sassy on the podium afterwards, and heads were turning. The Masters 35+ cat. 4/5 also had a close race. Newly minted Cat. 4 Jeff Moore (L5 Flyers) took to the front. He was closely followed by Corny Pogi (Atlanta Beltline Bicycles) and Nick Hammer (Faster Mustache). He gained a little time on Corny with 2 to go as Corny opted to take a beverage handup. That was all Jeff needed to pull away for the win. Corny finished second, and Nick was third.


Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) won the Men’s Pro/1/2 race at Sunday’s Dingo CX by over a minute and a half.

PHOTOS AND RACE REPORT BY Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Dingo CX kicked off the Georgia Cross Series for 2015 with an epic weekend. Heavy rains greeted racers on Saturday, and early races Sunday were buffeted by hurricane force winds, which snapped tape and posts. Dingo Race Productions and crew did a great job with keeping the races going, the tape up, and everything humming along! Chef Greg kept the podium winners happy with homemade cupcakes; the Fajitas food truck had hot coffee on Saturday to help drive away the cold rain or at least keep shivering spectators warm.

The course was a mix of sand, grass with “S” turns, and wide track through the woods that was littered with roots. Two bridges and a barrier section broke up the mud. Saturday’s rains kept the course a soupy but rideable mess. At one point late in the day much of the course was under several inches of water. With things drying out Sunday morning, the mud became very thick. Sections in the woods that were rideable on Saturday proved challenging on Sunday. Mud sucked at riders wheels, shoes, and in one case took a crank arm off in the Elite Masters race.

The Cat. 4 Women, Cat. 5 Men, and a large field of Juniors started off Sunday’s races. Three riders in the Cat. 5 quickly got off the front. By the end of the first lap Bret Noisette (MTB Garage) had taken the lead, which he would hold until the finish. Jeph Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles) was second, and Jeff Moore came in third. In a repeat of Saturday’s Cat. 4 Women’s race Carolyn Baldwin got the holeshot to the sand and never looked back. Cambrie Epperson finished second with the ever improving Mae Gurene (Sorella Cycling) in third. In the Juniors 10-14 the Waine twins (East Point Track Club) took off on together and used their mountain bikes to an advantage. They were able to ride through some of the muck that the other kids were running. Troy took the win followed immediately by Leon. Reese Latham (Mission Source-NCGA) overcame not being able to shift to take third.

Liz Hardy (Sorella Cycling) heads back towards the finish line at Dingo CX during Saturday’s Women’s Cat. 4 race.

The Elite Masters 1/2/3 age groups were redrawn for this year for 40+ and 50+ riders. The 40+ riders did not waste any time going at one another. Wes Garland (Peachtree Bikes) took the win over Litespeed-BWM teammates Charles Rossignol and Darren Comer. The 50+ race was a whirlwind of the Red and Black of Toyota Forklifts as they went through on the first lap. Alan Burton put a slight lead on teammate Dub Smith early in the race. They would hold their spots to the finale. Only hometown favorite Bobby Thrash (Adventure Cycles) could spoil the Toyota Forklifts sweep of the top 5 places as he finished third.

The Women’s Elite and Men’s Cat. 4 race saw the course drying out, which made for quite a few slow sections. Much of the grass was like a bog trying to suck the wheels off of the bikes. The Women’s Elite started first and flew through the sand. Deb Whitmore (Organic Valley) and Kim Blodgett (Atlanta Beltline) quickly distanced themselves from the other women. Kim could never quite catch Deb although she would get within 20 seconds. Deb took the win with Kim in second and Karen Miller (Finkraft Cycling Team) in third. In the Cat. 4, Michael Packard won followed by Adam Newsome and Eric Burke.

In the Men’s Pro/1/2 race, Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BWM) appeared to be the only one ready to race. He got off of the line quickly, hit the sand, did not slow down—spraying sand on the hecklers much to their enjoyment–, and had 5 seconds on the field within the first half minute of the race. Nick’s lead would eventually build to over 90 seconds. Battling for second place was NC resident Josh Whitmore (Organic Valley) and perennial GACX podium finisher Artur Sagat. Josh took second over Artur. The Cat. 3 race was a closer contest with Tim Mondor (Alpha Bikes), Brian Field, and collegiate racer Ben Rothschild (Georgia Tech).

The Single Speeders may have had the best equipment choice of the day with no drive train to mess up in the mud. After warming up in the Elite Masters, Dave Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) got off to an early lead, but Troy Dunton closely trailed him. Not far back were Mike Manthey (Faster Mustache) and Mclean Harris (Smyrna Bicycles). Midway through the race Troy took over the lead and would hold it for the win. Mclean rounded out the podium. The Masters 35 Cat. 4/5 saw Faster Mustache riders Eric Burke and Nick Harmer take the top two spots. Not content with one podium today, Jeph Burgoon got third.


The Dingo CX weekend provided a great finale for the 2014 Georgia Cross season. After several years of drought, GACX has seen more rain than most care to this year. Heavy rains Friday night and into Saturday morning left the flat parts of the course at Hayes Chevrolet in Alto under 3-6 inches of water and the rest a muddy mess. The only change for Sunday was that the thin mud turned to peanut butter mud. The course was slightly more rideable on Saturday. A great time was had by all. There were hand ups, cheers, and much heckling. Dingo CX was an epic end to a great year!

Congratulations to the Overall Winners for the 2014 Georgia Cross Series!

CX Pro/1/2 Men

Frank Travieso (UHC/706 Projec)
Nicholas VanWinkle (Litespeed-BMW)
Artur Sagat Round Here Racing

CX 1/2/3 Women

Paula Burks (Peachtree Bikes)
Elizabeth Lee (Lifetime Bikes)
Kim Sawyer (Toyota Forklifts)

CX 3 Men

David Vargas (Atlanta Cycling)
Matthew Reeves (LNC)
Wesley Burrus  (Toyota Forklifts)


Matthew Reeves (LNC)
David Marbut (Toyota Forklifts)
Troy Dunton (GS Tenzing)

CX Masters 35+ 4/5

Corny Delasalas (Sopo Bikes)
Conor McNally (L5 Flyers)
Sergei Grigorian (Bike Raising)

CX Elite Masters 35+

Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts)
Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes)
Nate Sibly (Atlanta Cycling)

CX Elite Masters 45+

Brady Rogers (Litespeed-BMW)
Grayson Tudor (Peachtree Bikes)
Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts)

CX 4 Women

Brittany Hopson (Sorella)
Mae Gurene (ATLX)
Julia Bryant (Sorella)

CX 5 Men

Zach Holmes
Ben Arnold
Patrick Johnson

CXJuniors 15-18                

Mikey Waine (East Point Track Club)
Blake Johnson (AYC Junior Devo)
Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling)

CX Juniors 10-14

Michael Garrison (Mission Source/NGCA)
Leon Waine (Junior Flyers)
Troy Waine (Junior Flyers)

CX 4 Men             

Devin Vernick (L5 Flyers)
Jason Wolfe (Outspokin-Woodstock)
Chris Bulloch

A NOTE FROM MARK (the guy who makes the internets around here): Thank you, Trish, for providing race reports and pictures every week! You deserve a raise! GACXers, if you see Trish, make sure to thank her.


Day two might have been faster without a bike.

Serenbe 2014 Race Report

WORDS AND PHOTOS BY Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) splashes through the mud on his way to winning the Elite Masters 35+.

Serenbe is a beautiful community about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. Usually the races out there are late in the season, dry, and cool. Not in 2014–cool temperatures, over 2 inches of rain, plenty of mud, and even some lightening. Peachtree Bikes really knows how to throw a party! Racers of legal age got a beer glass with their entry that they could use to take advantage of the keg, which may or may not have been tapped before the first race began. Not wanting to lose time trying to find a cup after preriding, one racer was seen previewing the course with a solo cup in his jersey pocket. An announcer provided the wet crowds with race updates. Huge cowbells and honking horns were everywhere on the course, especially by the mudpit and on the backside of the barn. The two horses were not quite sure what to make of the entire melee.

The Single Speeders had the advantage of not worrying about having to shift in the mud. Their drivetrains were not affected by the early morning slop. Matthew Reeves (LNC), Troy Dunton (GS Tenzin), and Dave Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) separated themselves from the pack. Within the first quarter lap, Matthew led followed a few seconds later by Troy. Dave trailed about 5 seconds back. Into the third lap, Matthew came through with Dave next. Troy slid out and got a mud bath, which put him further back in the field. Matthew rode home for the win. Dave was second, and Troy recovered for third. In the Masters 4/5 race, Jeff Hopkins (EPTC) got the holeshot with the the L5 Flyers train of Conor McNally, Robbin Ralman, Dawson Morton, and Paul Latinga hot on his heels. Midway through the race Jeff, Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes), and Mark Baldwin (Faster Mustache) broke up the lead group and turned up the heat as the mud was churned. With 2 laps to go Corny Delasalas (SoPo Bikes) used his running and scuba skills to pass everyone but Conor. On the last lap, he caught up with Conor at the mud pit before the barriers. Corny would lead the duo up the hill and put in one last dig, but Conor stuck to his wheel and pulled away on the downhill for the win. Corny finished second with Mark Baldwin claiming the last podium spot.

The Elite Masters love to play in the mud. Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) put on a one man demonstration of how to handle some of the worst race conditions in the 35+. He has always been known for his bike handling skills. Tim flew through every mud puddle, the sand, and anything else the course threw at him. He got away early and stayed there until he crossed the finish line in victory. Nate Sibley (Atlanta Cycling) and Darren Comer (Litespeed-BWM) rounded out the podium. In the Masters 45+ the victory was no so easy. Several riders played cat-and-mouse throughout the race. Ultimately, Michael Schmid (Reality Bikes) won Charles Rossignol (Litespeed-BWM). State Champion Grayson Tudor (Peachtree Bikes) was third. Congratulatory handshakes were given all around after a hard race.

Michael Schmid (Reality Bikes) took a mud bath during his Elite Masters 45+ winning ride.

The first two races were spared anything other than drizzle. Not the 11:15 race. They got down poured on the entire time. The Men’s Cat. 5 saw a but competitive field. Tim Mondor got first. Zach Holmes was second, and Michael Packard was third. In the Juniors 15-18, Ian Garrison (Mission Source/NCGA) took the win followed by Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) and Mikey Waine (EPTC). Youngsters love to play in the mud. Several first timers came out for the Juniors 10-14. Smiles were seen the entire race as for once parents did not care how dirty their kids got. Michael Garrison completed the Mission Source/NCGA sweep of Junior wins. His teammate Owen Braunecker was second. Leon Wayne got third. With 2 of the fastest Cat. 4 Women having upgraded in the last 2 weeks, the Women’s Cat. 4 field was wide open. Anna Frey took the win followed by Barbara Chandler and Amy Ross (Peachtree Bikes).

Ten Women’s 1/2/3 racers braved the elements to have fun in the mud. With $50 on the line for the Sandpit Holeshot, Rhys May (LNC) slogged her way to the front to take the cash. With the holeshot competition out of the way, Shannon Greenhill (Peachtree Bikes) and Kim Blodgett came around. Shannon’s triathlon background and half Ironman amateur win this summer came in handy as she swam, biked, and ran her way around the course. A little further back, Amy Frank (ALTX) and Trish Albert (Sorella Cycling) decided to break out their kayaks. Shannon held on for the win. Kim was second, and new Cat. 3 Jenna Downey (Peachtree Bikes) was third. One first place was not enough for Ian Garrison. He won the Men’s Cat. 4. Jason Wolfe (Outspokin-Woodstock) and Liam Ainslie (UGA) rounded out the podium.

Course conditions deteriorated throughout the day if that was possible given that they were already terrible for the first race. The Men’s 1-2 got off to a fast start. As has been the case for most races, Frank Travieso (UHC/706), Artur Sagat (RHR), and Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) were off the front in the first lap. Eventually, Frank gapped Nick, who in turn, gapped Artur. With his win, Frank said, “I think I’m a cyclocrosser now.” Nick came in second, and Artur was third. In the Men’s Cat. 3, Trevor Harding hopped up on the highest podium step. He was joined by LNC teammates Matthew Reeves and Kinzer Hewitt.

2014 Boundary Waters (ROUND 2) Race Report

WORDS AND PHOTOS BY Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Georgia Cross returned to Boundary Waters Park for the second time this season. The Smyrna Bicycle and the Toyota Forklifts Teams put together a fast not-quite-flat course that had a little something for everyone, even a corner with mud. The two dismounts were a single barrier before a short, steep hill and a set of fast double barriers. Racers and spectators tried to stay warm as freezing temperatures descended upon Georgia. Many, although not all, were grateful that the rain held off until after the races.

Shannon Greenhill (Peachtree Bikes) mixed it up with the guys in single speed.

As usual, the Single Speeders and the Masters 4/5 kicked things off. On a course with little elevation change, the single speeders stayed together the first lap. Matthew Reeves (LNC) and David Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) began to distance themselves on the second lap. Mikey Waine (EPTC) chased as hard as he could, but the two leaders kept pulling away. The lead went back and forth several times. Matthew took his turn pulling and was able to get a slight edge on David at the line. Mikey held on for third. In the Masters 4/5, a bumpy start and technical sections stretched the field immediately as Conor McNally (L5 Flyers), Jeff Hopkins, Josh Vandall, and Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes) broke from the pack. After recovering from a midpack start, Andrew Ryttewski stormed past a chase group of Corny Delasalas (SoPo Bikes) and Mathew Sexton (Reality Bikes). Conor would hold off Andrew to finish first with Andrew finishing second. While Jeff’s technical skills shined as he pulled away and secured the last podium position.

The Elite Masters 35+ field got off to a rapid start. A couple of riders came into the single barrier at the same time. Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes) looked poised to bunny hop it, but instead, he wound up practicing acrobatics as he flipped over and landed on his back. He was passed by the lead group but quickly remounted and joined them. With a few laps to go, Timmy Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) and Chris decided to quit fooling around and drop the rest of the lead pack. Each lap was a display of cyclocross skills. Chris put on a bunny hopping exhibition while Timmy dismounted to show off his fancy footwork. Neither got an advantage over the other. Coming into the final turn, they were wheel to wheel. Both stood up to sprint, but Chris wheelied into first by an inch. Nate Sibley (Atlanta Cycling) picked up the last podium spot. In the 45+ race, Brady Rogers (Litespeed-BMW) took the initial lead followed closely by Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts), Grayson Tudor and Scott Staubach (both Peachtree Bikes). Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts) dangled a few seconds behind the four, but despite best efforts couldn’t regain contact. Brady continued setting pace in the early laps with Scott and Alan taking their turns on the front at the race’s midpoint. With three laps to go an acceleration dispatched Alan out the rear and brought Grayson to the front. With two laps to go Grayson separated himself from Scott and Brady, Hiss time off the front ended on the final lap as Scott first pulled away from Brady and then passed Grayson, giving Scott his third win of the season. Grayson was second, Brady third.

The Womens Cat. 4 stayed together most of the first lap. Half a dozen riders came into the second set of barriers together. It was not until later that Birthday Girl Ali Whittier (Hub-Chattanooga) put the hammer down for the win. Holly Harris (Peachtree Bikes) got second, and Brittnay Hopson (Sorella Cycling) was third. In the Men’s Cat. 5, the podium was Tim Mondor, Andrew Ryttewski, and Ben Arnold. The Juniors 15-18 is always an exciting race to watch. It was a battle between Mission Source Juniors teammates Ian Garrison and Willem Kaiser and trackie Mikey Waine. Ian came out on top with Mikey in second. Willem placed third. Michael Garrison completed the Mission Source Junior’s sweep of the Junior category wins with his victory in the 10-14 race. Not to be outdone by their older brother, Junior Flyer teammates Troy and Leon Waine were 2nd and 3rd. Special mention goes to the other competitors in the Juniors 10-14 race as they rocked the course: Elizabeth May, Baden Rogan (Frazier Cycling), and David Hills (Frazier Cycling).

The Women’s 1/2/3 race was dominated by the Peachtree Bikes team. Paula Burks took the top step followed by her wife, Shannon Greenhill. Their “podium dogs” are loved by the spectators. Leigh Hopkins rounded out the podium. In the Men’s Cat. 4 Ian Garrison took his second win of the day. He was followed by Jason Wolfe (Outspokin-Woodstock) and Willem Kaiser.

Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) leads in the men's PRO/1/2 on his way to the win.

The Pro/1/2 Men’s race has been exciting to watch all year. They have put on a good show for the crowds. Sunday was no exception. Immediately off the line, Frank Trevieso (UHC/706), a beardless Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BWM), Arthur Sagat (RHR), and a few hangers on took off like rockets. Nothing could separate them. Finally, Nick got a small gap on Frank and Artur. He kept the 8-9 second advantage until 2 laps to go. Frank nearly caught him, but Nick was prepared and put on the gas. He soloed in for the win followed by Frank and Artur. In the Men’s Cat. 3, Trevor Harding took a well deserved win. Eric Kirk and Matthew Reeves, both team LNC, rounded out the podium.

2014 Patriots Park Race Report

WORDS AND PHOTOS BY Trish Albert/SoutheasternCycling.com

Patriot’s Park in Evans, GA hosted the 7th round of the Georgia Cross Series. Gorgeous fall blue skies and temperatures that would get to 70 degrees were the order of the day. Ross Douglas is known for putting together a great course, and Patriot’s Park did not disappoint. An impossible-to-ride hill, another small hill, and a ditch provided the dismounts. There were plenty of turns and a fast downhill straightaway in between them. Ross even found some wet, boggy grass that came into play on the ball field finishing straight.

The Single Speed race was a battle between Matthew Reeves (LNC) and Dave Marbut (Toyota Forklifts). Dave took the early lead, but he was never out of Matthew’s sight. Matthew came around him towards the end of the race for the win. Zach Lutz (ATLX) came in third for his first ever single speed podium. In the Master 4/5, the fast grass start slowed to a crawl at the sandy hairpins before the run-up. Robin Blake (ACC) and Robbin Rahman (L5 Flyers) pulled away from the field at that point. Drew Jordan (ACC) soon powered by Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes) and Corny Delasalas (SoPo Bikes) at the next run-up. Robin Blake took the win in front of his hometown cheering squad. Robbin Rahman recovered from a mechanical for second, and Drew would finish a strong third.

Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) and Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes) separated themselves from the rest of the filed by half way through the Master 35+ race. With no feats of bunny hopping this week, they ran the ditch because it was faster. The chase group of Josh Jackson (Outspokin Augusta), Nate Zukas (ACC), and Nate Sibley (Atlanta Cycling) could not reel them in. Tim took the sprint for the win by half a bike length over Chris. Zukas stole third from Sibley and commented that he’d been trying to beat Sibley for years. It was the first time. The Elite Masters 45+ saw Charles Rossignol (Litespeed-BMW) take the early lead, followed closely by Scott Staubach (Peachtree Bikes), Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts), and Brady Rogers (Litespeed-BMW), The rest of the field strung out behind. On the second lap Grayson Tudor (Peachtree Bikes) joined the front group as Alan was overtaken by Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts) and Michael Schmid (Reality Bikes). By the end of the lap Scott and Brady had formed a lead group, Charles and Grayson a chase group, while Dub, Michael ,and Alan maintained their solo efforts behind. A chase group consolidation began on lap three with Michael and Alan joining first, and the two absorbing Dub as the fourth lap began. The trio worked together for the next two laps, catching Grayson and Charles at the final powerline u-turn on the fifth lap. While Scott and Brady traded punches up front for the top of the podium, the newly formed chase group of five set their sights on the final podium step. On the last lap Scott and Brady remained together until rounding the building to the field. Brady slid out on the gravel, giving Scott the time he needed to cross the line with arms held high. In the race behind, Alan separated himself from the others by riding the ditch, taking third, and holding off a charging Grayson in fourth.

The Cat. 4 Women started off in a tight bunch coming into the first run up. By the end of the first lap, Brittnay Hopson (Sorella Cycling) had taken the lead. She would hold on for her first win. Natasha Harrison was second. Another Sorella, Julia Bryant, rounded out the podium. Michael Packard took the win in the Men’s Cat. 5. Drew Jordan (ACC) and David O’Rear were second and third. Micah Milne (Finish Strong) won the Junior 15-18 category.

In the Women’s 1/2/3 race Peachtree Bikes teammates Paula Burks and Shannon Greenhill , Kim Blodgett, and Trudi Franzel (Global Bikes) took off and stayed together for several laps. The lead switched up with everyone taking point at least once. On the final lap, Paula took off and left everyone in her wake and showing why she’s such a strong racer. Keeping the podium in the family, Shannon finished slightly ahead of Trudi to take second. The Men’s Cat. 4 race saw Jason Wolfe (Outspokin-Woodstock) take the win. Todd Steigerwait (Atlanta Cycling) and Devin Vernick (L5 Flyers) rounded out the podium.

The Men’sPro/1/2 race has been a tight battle all year. Frank Trevieso (UHC/706 Project) took the early lead. He was pursued by rivals Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) and Artur Sagat (Round Here Racing). Behind them were the top two from the Masters 35+ race, Tim Barrett and Chris Wyatt. Not wanting to be upstaged by the top 3, Tim and Chris rode the ditch and did not slow down one bit. Frank’s lead wavered between 10 and 20 seconds most of the race. Nick and Artur would get within a few seconds, and Frank would open the gap back up. Ultimately, he came down the finish straight by himself to retain the series lead. Artur was second with Nick in third. In the Men’s CX3, Loose Nuts cycling took 3 of the top 4 spots. Eric Kirk won over teammate Matthew Reeves. Josh Jackson (OutspokinAugusta) was third. LNC rider Kinzer Hewitt was fourth.

2014 Grant Park State Championships Race Report

WORDS AND PHOTOS BY Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

The Waine twins have been tearing it up all year. Here, Leon sets up to shred a corner.

For years riders clamored for an intown Atlanta Georgia Cyclocross venue. Bring cyclocross racing closer to The People! Last year, the wish was granted. For 2015 Litespeed-BMW and L5 Flyers teamed up to host the Grant Park CX race, which doubled as the Georgia State Cyclocross Championships. Mother Nature provided a stunningly beautiful day with nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures. No mud was to be found, but there was plenty of dust on the twisty, turny course. A set of barriers on a hill on the backside and the infamous Green Monster Run-Up provided the day’s obstacles. The GMRU was the scene of the party of the year! Hundreds of spectators lined the hill with handups consisting of adult beverages, pickled herring, Fireballs, and donuts. Rumor has it the white wine handups were the biggest hit. Cowbells could be heard clanging all over the park as the adoring public cheered on the racers. Attendance records were broken by many divisions. A final total isn’t available yet, but the GPCX had the largest turn out ever for a Georgia Cross Race!

The Single Speeders and Masters 4/5 racers showed up en. Among the racers were Dan McCarthy (Smyrna Bicycles) as Wonder Woman, Erik Nicoletti (Faster Mustache) as Walter White from Breaking Bad complete in his tighty whiteys and riding a tandem, and several riders braving jorts. The Single Speeders went off first. The course lent itself to keeping groups together, and the front group formed quickly. It included David Marbut (Toyota Forklifts), Matthew Reeves (LNC), and McLean Harris (Smyrna Bicycles). The three played leapfrog until the final lap. Matthew was able to put a small gap on David and take the coveted red, white, and blue jersey. McLean came in for third. A fast start to the 4/5 Masters race had Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes), Conor McNally (L5 Flyers), and Jeff Hopkins riding to the front, chased by Mark Baldwin (Faster Mustache) and Corny Delasalas (SoPo Bikes). As Conor rode off, Mike faded, and Jeff slipped on a sandy hairpin. Mark, Conry, and a surging Mathew Sexton (Reality Bikes) took advantage of the bobble and sailed past. Conor would take the win followed by Mark and Corny.

The Elite Masters were fighting for three jerseys: 35+, 45+, and 55+.. The Masters 35+ wasted no time getting racing started. Chris Lessing (Round Here Racing) took off like a rocket. He was chased by Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) , Nate Sibly (Atlanta Cycling), and Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes). They couldn’t catch Chris, who held on for the victory. Tim was second, and Nate was third. The Masters 45+ and 55+ started together. Charles Rossignol (Litespeed-BMW) took the early lead followed closely by Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts) and Brady Rogers (Litespeed-BMW) with the rest of the field strung out behind. By the second lap Michael Schmid (Reality Bikes) had worked his way through the field to join the leaders while close behind was Grayson Tudor (Peachtree Bikes) looking for a piece of the action for himself. A battle ensued amongst this lead group for several laps. Brady was eventually purged with a mechanical, and Charles falling victim to the relentless pace. With the finish near, the remaining trio had to determine who would stand on which box. Concluding that a solo victory would work for him, Grayson rode clear leaving Dub and Michael to fight it out for second. With the finish line just ahead, Dub fell victim to a mis-shift opening the door for Michael to take second place at the line. Charles hung on for fourth holding off the charging duo of Scott Staubach (Peachtree Bikes) and Kirk Corsello (THL Automotive) who had overtaken Brady. The 55+ Elder Statesman of GACX put in a hard fought battle. Lamar Mauney (Toyota Forklifts) took the jersey. Joining him on the podium were Jim Behning (CTown Bikes) and Michael Johnson (Mission Source).

The Women’s Cat. 4 saw over 25 racers. Jenna Downey (Peachtree Bikes) took the win followed by Ana Baile (L5 Flyers), and Ali Whittier (HUB Endurance Chattanooga). The Juniors came out in force this weekend! In the Juniors 10-14, Michael Garrison (Mission Source) won. Harrison Nguy (Frazier Cycling) was second with Leon and Troy Waine (Junior Flyers) in third and fourth. Not to be outdone by his younger brothers, Mikey Waine (EPTC) won the sprint for the jersey in the Juniors 15-18, adding to his impressive palmares for the year. Blake Johnson came across for second. Willem Kaiser (Mission Source) took third. The Men’s Cat. 5 race was won by Zach Holmes. Andrew Rytlewski followed with Tim Mondor in third.

The Women’s 1/2/3 race awarded two State Championship jerseys—Cat. 1-2 and Cat. 3. The race within the race was what Cat. 3 would cross the line first and take it? The ladies wasted no time and strung the field out on the road. By the first run up, Paula Burks (Peachtree Bikes) and Lisa Randall (Super Sport) broke away. The chase was on! Rhys May (LNC), Elizabeth Lee (Loganville Ford), Leigh Hopkins, Kim Sawyer (Toyota Forklifts), and Kim Blodgett were trying to get them. Eventually, Paula and Lisa pulled away, never to be seen again. On the final lap, they were still together. Paula got a slight edge over Lisa on the Green Monster and took the win by 3 seconds. Kim Blodgett was third. Coming in a strong 6th, Rhys took the Cat. 3 jersey. In the Men’s Cat. 4 Blake Zorn (Peachtree Bikes) stepped up to receive the State Championship jersey. Joining him on the podium were Jason Wolfe (Outspokin-Woodstock) and Andrew Luettgen (Wrenched Bicycles).

The Pro/1/2 race was exciting to watch! Four riders took off at the beginning-Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW), Spencer Whittier (HUB Endurance Chattanooga), Frank Trevieso (UHC/706 Project), and last week’s winner Artur Sagat (Round Here Racing). Nick moved to the front with 4 laps to go; however, Spencer was hot on his tail. Riders got jumbled the next lap. Frank moved into second with Artur and Spencer chasing. Nick continued to increase his lead. In the end he had plenty of time to celebrate his win. He fell off of his bike into the arms of his teammates in victory. Artur had passed Frank out on the course, and he rolled in for second. Frank followed shortly thereafter. In the Men’s Cat. 3, Eric Kirk (LNC) didn’t want to be outdone by his girlfriend, Rhys. He won a jersey, too. Trevor Harding and Zach Lutz (ALTX) rounding out the podium.

Dan McCarthy of Smyrna Bicycles makes a lovely Wonder Woman.

Macon 2014 Race Report

WORDS AND PHOTOS (except where noted) BY Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

Chris Wyatt has hopz for dayz. (Photo courtesy Dave Marbut)

Central City Park in Macon, GA was the site for the 5th round of the Georgia Cross Series. Blue skies and cool temperatures greeted riders. The course is pancake flat with lots of twists and turns. A set of double barriers, a semi-rideable sand pit, and a run up the levee provided the day’s obstacles.

The Single Speeders and Masters 4/5 divisions started the day as they always do. The SS riders were seen spinning at 120 rpm down the road on the first lap as things sorted out. They looked a bit like track racers on knobby tires. Troy Dunton (GS Tenzig) took an early lead and never looked back. Eric Kirk (LNC), David Marbut (Toyota Forklifts), and Matthew Reeves (LNC) chased, but Troy kept the gap open. Eric took second, and David was third. In the Masters 4/5, it was a close battle for the front of the pack. Robin Blake (ACC) narrowly edged out Corny Delasalas (Sopo Bikes) to win. Sergei Grigorian (Bike Raising) got third.

The Elite Masters 35+ racers are known for their technical skills and for being fast. Many of them also race their category and podium. Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes) went over the top when he was the only rider during the day that bunny hopped the barrier at the bottom of the levee run up. This allowed him to put a second or two into his rivals each lap. He was followed by Eric Smith (RHCX) and Nate Sibley (Atlanta Cycling). The Elite Masters 45+ saw the return of John Phelan (ACC) after several years of not racing. He got right down to business and went to the front group with Scott Staubach (Peachtree Bikes) and Brady Rogers (Litespeed-BMW). After some cat and mouse games, Scott won with Brady and John right behind.

The Women’s Cat. 4 race saw a fast start. The pack stayed together through most of the first lap until the levee runup. Jenna Downey (Peachtree Bikes) took the top step of the podium. Ali Whittier (HUB Chattanooga) was second, and Brittany Hopson (Sorella) rounded out the podium. In the Men’s Cat. 5, David Kemp came out on top. Federico Holgado (Faster Mustache) and Jackson Gilbert (GA Tech) were second and third. The Waine brothers are keeping their podium streaks alive this year. Oldest brother Mikey Waine (EPTC) was not even tired after his 5th place finish in the Single Speed race. He took an early lead in the Juniors 15-18. Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) was able to stay ahead of first time racer Derek Gilbert. In the Juniors 10-14, the Troy and Leon Waine (Junior Flyers) took first and second. Not far behind for third was Ragan Locaran.

Ali Whittier (HUB Chattanooga) was 2nd in the Women's Cat. 4

With the absence of several ladies, the Women’s 1/2/3 was wide open. Sometimes everyone needs to be reminded that cyclocross should be fun. Junior racer Salma Huque (Junior Flyers) reminded us of that Sunday by racing in a pink tutu. When the fun and games were over, Kim Blodgett took the win. Elizabeth Lee (Lifetime Bikes) chased hard but could not catch her. Rhys May (LNC) took a hard fought and well deserved third place. Kim Sawyer (Toyota Forklifts) took 4th. Salma and her tutu came in fifth. In the Men’s Cat. 4, Tyler Asdit (Georgia Neurosurgery) took the holeshot off the starting line. Todd Steigerwalt won. Christian DeCenso (Prima Tappa) got second, and Robin Blake (ACC) was third.

Artur Sagat placed First Moustache. (He also won the less prestigious Open Facial Hair category.) But seriously, it was great to see Mr. Sagat finally get a well-deserved GACX win. Photo courtesy Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com

The 1-2 Men provided a great race to watch as usual. A small group broke away on the first couple of laps: Artur Sagat (Round Here Racing), Spencer Whittier (Hub-Chattanooga), Frank Travieso (UHC/706 Project), and Nick VanWinkle (Litespeed-BMW). These four were going back and forth the entire race. One would lead for a lap and then another would. Right behind them was Mr. Bunny Hop, Chris Wyatt. His efforts drew the largest group of spectators of the day to the levee run up. In the end, Artur took a the win by 2 seconds over Spencer. Frank was third. In the Men’s Cat. 3, David Vargas (Atlanta Cycling) sashayed his way to the top. LNC teammates Matthew Reeves and Erik Kirk joined him on the podium.

Jim Miller Park 2014 Race Report

WORDS AND PHOTOS BY Trish Albert, Southeasterncycling.com

Josh. The boss. Of Georgia 'Cross.

Jim Miller Park in Marietta is the oldest continuously raced venue in the Georgia Cross Series. The course is also the site of Atlanta’s Wednesday Night CX Worlds. It is well known to those that have been racing-fast, hilly, and a big run up. The start is in the field with the first obstacle-a quadruple barrier set. The major change from years past was the looping of the far side of the course around the outside of the ball fields because of construction. A few technical turns brought the course to an off camber section and usually rideable ditch–then bit of flatland to the climb that leads to the big run up. Only a few have ever attempted riding it. A screaming downhill brings the course back into the field. Rain in the days leading up to the race left the ground a bit wet. Rain during the first two races turned it into a muddy mess, much to the delight of racers.

The first race of the day was greeted with a light rain. The Single Speeders were not deterred by the mud since they have no gears to get gunked up. They hustled out of the gate towards the barriers. A small group quickly broke away from the pack. Troy Dunton (GS Tenzig) spun home for the win followed by McLean Harris (Smyrna Bicycles) and Matthew Reeves (LNC). More than 50 Masters 4/5 braved the weather. Early in the race a break of 5 riders separated from the main field. Connor McNally (L5 Flyers) eventually rode away from Robin Blake (ACC), Jeff Hopkins, Matt Sexton (Reality Bikes), and Corny Delasalas (Sopo). Robin and Jeff faded leaving Matt and Corny. Connor got his second win in as many weeks while Corny out-sprinted Matt for second.

The Elite Masters 35+ race was a rainy showdown between Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes) and Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts). They distanced themselves from the pack in the first couple of laps. Riders chased, but none could catch them. They came barreling down the finishing straight like two Indy cars. Chris won the sprint over Tim. Nate Sibly (Atlanta Cycling) was third. The distinguished gentlemen of the Elite Masters 45+ were again led out by Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts) with pairs of Litespeed BMW (Charles Rossignol, Brady Rogers) and Peachtree Bikes (Grayson Tudor, Scott Staubach) teammates and the rest of the strong field in tow. After some first lap jockeying in the twists, turns and mud hole, the rain slicked run-up forced the first separation at the front of the race–Brady, Charles, Grayson and Scott pulling clear of a group including Travis Neumuller (MissionSource) and teammates Alan Burton and Dub (Toyota Forklifts). While these two groups largely held position over the second lap, charging through the field from behind was Tim Gotsick (THL Automotive). As Tim worked his way through the chase group on the third lap, the leaders split. Brady and Grayson pulled away, leaving Scott and Charles to fight it out for the final podium spot. Tim had other plans, however, overtaking both chasers as he continued his charge to the front. On the final lap Brady got a gap on Grayson, but it proved to be too little, too early as Grayson played his cards to perfection. He unleashed the sprint at just the right time to take the win. Unable to catch the leaders, Tim rolled in for a well earned third.

Ali Whittier (HUB Endurance Chattanooga) took the highest step on the podium in the Women’s Cat. 4 race. Holly Harris (Peachtree Bikes) and Ana Baille (L5 Flyers) stood with her. The Cat. 5 racers got their first taste of what cross racing is really like after the rain stopped. Spare bikes were needed by several riders as the thick slop took its toll. Zach Holmes won, Daniel Podratsky (Faster Mustache) got second, and Sean Taylor (ALTX) was third. The Juniors 10-14 was won by Michael Garrison (Mission Source/NCGA). Harrison Nguy (Frazier Cycling) was 2nd, and Leon Wayne (Junior Flyers) took third. Blake Johnson (AYC Junior Dev) took the win in the Juniors 15-18 with Mikey Waine (EPTC) and Blake Wilson (Frazier Cycling) following.

Did you say more or less cowbell?

The sun came out and baked the 1:00 race. Lisa Randall (Super Sport) bypassed the orange sprinkled donut handups and overcame the heat and peanut butter mud to handily win the Women’s 1/2/3 race. Elizabeth Lee (Lifetime Bikes) came in a minute later for second, and Kim Blodgett was third. In the Men’s Cat. 4 Trevor Harding won over Todd Steigarwalt and Christian DiCenso (Prima Tappa).

The Men’s 1-2 race started out fast. A small group broke away on the first two laps. Unfortunately, a rider crashed hard during the previous race on the downhill near the runup. EMS had to be called after it was discovered her injuries were worse than first thought. The 1/2/3 race was suspended after 20 minutes, so that EMS could extract the injured racer. Officials decided to run a 30 minute “Crit-Cross” race using the part of the course in the field. The 1-2 and 3 categories were staged with time gaps between groups as they were when the race was suspended. The sun had dried up most of the field, making racing conditions very fast. In the 1-2 A group of 5-6 racers had a slight gap on the chase group. They stayed together until the end. Crit specialist Frank Travieso (UHC-706 Project) outkicked Nick VanWinkele (Litespeed-BMW) and Arthur Sagat (Round Here Racing). The Men Cat. 3 race was taken by David Vargas (Atlanta Cycling). Matthew Reeves (LNC) grabbed second with Wesley Burrus (Toyota Forklifts) in third.

2014 Boundary Waters Race Report

Photos and words by Trish Albert/Southeasterncycling.com
Theme of the week: Best “Philisms”

You think Frank's fast? You should see his son!

Smyrna Bicycles and the Toyota Forklift team ordered perfect southern fall weather for the third round of the Georgia Cross Series. It rained heavily on Friday, so riders were unsure what kind of conditions to expect on the course. Boundary Waters Park has a mix of terrain and soil types. Except for two big mud holes on the climb, the rest of the course was in perfect shape. The course was similar to past years with a fast, flat section in the field punctuated by a set of barriers. There was a fast downhill to a sharp left turn in the woods and then a bit more flat. The climb is the biggest obstacle during the race. About half of the racers could ride it; everyone else was forced to run it. Pavement, grass, and move pavement brought riders back to the finish line.
The Singlespeeders had 21 racers sprinting around the course and jumping over things with one gear. A lead group of Mclean Harris (Smyrna Bicycles), Mikey Waine (EPTC), Matthew Reeves (LNC), and David Marbut (Toyota Forklifts) got off the front early in the race. The lead jockeyed back and forth several times. A bit further back in the field, there were races within the race. Josh Frank (ATLX) said that “I scorched a kitten trying to hold Shannon Greenhill’s wheel but ran out of fur to burn before crossing the finish line.”* Shannon dropped Josh and many of the guys. Kyle Schultz (ATLX) also dazzled the crowd on the run up with his very Miley Cyrus like dance moves.  Mikey reached into his suitcase of courage to win the three up sprint. He was followed by Mclean and Matthew. The Master 4/5 Category is proving very popular with nearly 45 entries. Conor McNally (L5 Flyers) had a great start and took the holeshot into the barriers. He never gave up being on the pointy end of the race and led it home for the win. Jeff Richards (HomeSmart) continues to improve each week. He and Tom Hoppe (Bikeman.com) picked their way through the field and battled it out for the last 2 podium spots. Jeff came in second with Tom in third.

Fast older gentlemen

In the 35+ Elite Masters, a pack took off from the starting gun. For the first 3 laps, they settled into a rotation, taking turns pulling. No one was able to get a gap. With 3 to go, Tim Barrett (Toyota Forklifts) made a move and gained 7-8 seconds on the chasers. Nate Sibley (Atlanta Cycling) got a slow start. At one point he was nearly 10 riders back, but he slowly picked his way to the front. Working with Chris Wyatt (Peachtree Bikes), they reeled Tim back in. Going into the final lap, Chris and Nate were side by side. Chris took the sprint for the victory. Nate followed closely behind,  and Tim hung on for third. The 45+ Senior Gentlemen got off to a fast start. Dub Smith (Toyota Forklifts) took the early lead followed by Brady Rogers, Charles Rossignol (both Litespeed BMW), Grayson Tudor, Scott Staubach (both Peachtree Bikes), and Alan Burton (Toyota Forklifts). The first trip through the ride/run-up hill split the group with Brady, Charles, and Grayson riding over unscathed and the others forced to dismount. The second lap was one of re-grouping and re-sorting into pairs that would continue for most of the remainder with Brady and Grayson in the lead followed closely by Charles and Scott, who in turn were followed by Alan and Dub. Aiming to hit the run-up in the lead on the final lap, Grayson gained a gap on Brady before entering the woods that he held until the finish for his first 45+ win. Just behind, Charles had separated himself from Scott taking third for his first trip to the 45+ podium.
The Cat. 5 kicked up a lot of dust as they started. When it settled Todd Steigerwalt came out on top with Blake Zorn (Peachtree Bikes) and Zach Holmes rounding out the podium. Eight Juniors 10-14 toed the line. Michael Garrison (NCGA/Mission Source) took the victory. William Sietz (GSMR) was second, and Sean Branyon (Frazier Cycling) was third. In the 15-18, Mikey Waine (EPTC) wasn’t content with just one victory for the day. He soloed to take this older Juniors race, too. Davis Branyon (Frazier Cycling) came in for second, and Gabriela Lantinga got third. The Cat. 4 Women’s race was open for anyone to win. First time cyclocross racer Jenna Downey (Peachtree Bikes) took the honors. Julia Bryant (Sorella Cycling) and Ali Whittier (Hub Endurance Chattanooga) were on the other two podium steps.
The Women’s 1/2/3 battle is between Lisa Randall (Super Sport) and Paula Burks (Peachtree Bikes) this year. So far, they have each won a race. With a course that did not favor either rider, it was anyone’s to win. Lisa and Paula dropped everyone early and stayed with each other throughout the race. Paula got Lisa at the line by 1 second. Leigh Hopkins was third. A little further back in the peloton, riders were more concerned with the quality of the hand ups. Lisa Bongiorno said that “the bacon was freshly cooked but a little dry, causing the back end of the field to nearly choke to death.” Others noted the serious lack of donuts. In the Men’s Cat. 4, Connor Ardery (Outspokin Augusta) took the flower. Eric Palacio (L5 Flyers) and Robbin Rahman (The Forge) rounded out the podium.
Last week at Elks Aidmore, Zach Lutz (Grindstone Cycling) won Saturday’s Cat. 4 race and immediately moved up to Cat. 3. This week, he won the Cat. 3 race. David Vargus (Atlanta Cycling) took second, and Joshua Jackson (Outspokin Augusta) was third. With course conditions so fast, the 1/2 Men’s race looked like a road race the first few laps. A large lead group and two smaller chase groups were within eyesight of one another. Half way into the race, slower riders had been shed with only the best up front. The usual suspects were there including Frank Travieso (UHC/706 Project), Nick VanWinkle (Litespeed-BMW), and Artur Sagat (Round Here Racing). The fast course favored crit racer Frank, but he could not shed Nick, Artur, and the others. He finally put in the winning move with 2 laps to go. Frank came down that finish straightaway like a Grand Prix Motor Car to win. Nick got second, and Artur hung on for third despite flatting on the last lap.
*No actual felines were harmed in the writing of this race report.