Adam Myerson talks about Challenge tubulars

A few days ago we asked our Facebook followers about tire choices for the upcoming season. We got some great responses, but one in particular stood out.

Professional CXer Adam Myerson (Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis) gave us some great insight into the 2013 Challenge cyclocross tire line-up.

According to Adam:

The Fango is great as long as the mud has a “bottom.” The side knobs make it great for hooking up the front tire, which is why the Fango front/Grifo rear is so popular. The Grifo has a little more pedaling traction once it gets muddy. I go double Fangos for grass races, Fango/Grifo if I need a little pedal power, Grifo/Grifo if it’s too hard for the Fango side knob to bite and I need a “rounder” profile, and then of course, Limus once the mud has no bottom. For really fast races, I also will go Grifo XS front/rear, or Fango front. So many good choices from Challenge Tires right now, with new, even softer casings in the works.

Thanks, Adam!