2018 State Championships

2018 CX State Championships are this Sunday (11/18) at Nash Farms!

Jerseys will be awarded in the following categories:

Junior 9-14 Boys: 9am
Junior 9-14 Girls: 9am
Junior 15-18 Boys: 9am
Junior 15-18 Girls: 9am

Men Category 5: 10am
Women Category 5: 10am

Master Men 40-49: 10:45am
Master Men 50-59: 10:45am
Master Men 60+: 10:45am

Women Category Pro-1-2: 12:15pm
Women Category 3: 12:15pm
Men Category 4: 12:15pm

Men Category Pro-1-2: 1:15pm
Men Category 3: 1:15pm

Single Speed: 2:30pm
Women Category 4: 2:30pm
Master Men Cat 4-5 35+: 2:30 pm

We hope you have this much excitement about winning!