2018 Serenbe CX Georgia Cross Finale

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

As it has in the past, Serenbe gave riders some real cyclocross weather with a Georgia twist. Rain poured down most of Saturday, creating some really interesting and changing course conditions for Sunday’s Georgia Cross Finale race. It wouldn’t be Georgia if the weather did not throw in a twist in December, so it was 70 degrees.  There was a deep puddle to ride through, some peanut butter mud, some sloppy mud, and a couple of slick spots. Peachtree Bikes knows how to throw a party. There was a heckle zone by the sand pit, beverages for kids and adults, cowbells, candy, a fire pit and lots of cheering. Racers and spectators enjoyed a day of great racing!

Congratulations to all of the Georgia Cyclocross Series Overall Winners! We’ll see everyone in 2019!

Molly Russell (Loose Nuts) on her way to winning the Women’s 1/2/3 race and Overall. Photo by Travis Neumuller.

Jeph Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles) decided to take a swim during the Elite Masters race.