2017 Savannah Superprestige Weekend Race Report

2017 Savannah Superprestige Weekend Race Report
Photos and report by Trish Albert

Ah, Savannah Superprestige how we love you! You are an iconic stop every year for the Parks-Law.com Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Terrapin. A night race, no hills, it’s flat, there is a flyover, an onsite bar open on Saturday with $3 beer, and wind. OK, maybe we don’t like the wind. Saturday was an amazing day to have a race that went from the afternoon into the night. Collegiate riders joined the GACX racers with 2 divisions before GACX kicked off. Racers opened up their legs with some night racing. Helmet lights were the norm in the races that started after dark, which made it easy to see where riders were. Sunday was epic! People will be talking about the race weather for years to come! A nice 10-12 mph breeze became 20 mph sustained winds with gusts over 30 after 11:00 am. Volunteers could barely stay ahead of the wind as they feverishly repaired course tape. Later in the afternoon wayward course tape caused several riders to have to run to the finish. Sunday was also the Georgia State Championships! Georgia residents vied for the stars and stripes jersey and USA Cycling medals. It made for exciting racing as there was often a race within a race between GA residents and out of state racers or for more than one jersey within a race!

Michael Montgomery’s bicycle decided to take home a souvenir during the CX3 race. The bicycle received minor injuries but is expected to recover.

Congratulations to all of the new Georgia State Champions!

Juniors 9-14 Boys: Gabriel Ceniza
Juniors 9-14 Girls: Elizabeth May
Juniors 15-18 Boys: Eli Hoppenfeld
Juniors 15-18 Girls: Ava Sykes
Men 4: Dylan Cantrell
Men 3: Jeremy Spafard
Men 1/2: Elliot Baring
Women 4/5: Stacy Robinson
Women 3: Judah Sencenbaugh
Women 1/2: Maria Carrelli
Masters 40+ 1/2/3/4: Nate Sibly
Masters 50+ 1/2/3/4: Kirk Corsello
Masters 60+ 1/2/3/4: Lamar Mauney
Masters 35+ 4/5: Joseph Chapman
Singlespeed: David Kemp

The Elite Men 40+ start off in a cloud of dust on Sunday.