2016 Series Finale Race Report

2016 Series Finale Race Report
by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

The Georgia Cyclocross Series finale was held at the LH Thomson factory in Macon, GA and put on by the Pecan City Pedalers. Many racers had dreams of a muddy, rainy course after dire weather predictions from local news channels all week. Mother Nature threw everyone a curve ball, laughed, and only provided a few light showers throughout the day. The rain packed the sandy course down, making it very fast. The course was relatively flat, only punctuated by two short hills and a lot of turns. The main feature was a wide creek only a couple of people on were able to jump over. Everyone else was forced to dismount and to try not to fall in the creek. Some were more successful than others with that.

Masters 34+ 4/5 racer or Gazelle jumping the creek? You decide.

The Women’s CX1/2/3 has provided some of the most exciting racing all season for spectators and hecklers. Macon was no exception. Several riders went to the front immediately. Eventually a small group got away. As they have been all year, the final battle went down between Maria Carrelli (706 Project) and Jenna Downey (Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportswear). They were together until the final half lap. Jenna put a 5 second gap on Maria that could not be closed. With that, Jenna took the win, but Maria secured the Series Overall. Sorellas Brittany Montgomery, Jean Miller, and Cambrie Epperson rounded out the podium.

In the CX1/2 the usual battle between SCAD Atlanta and the 706 Project got started from the go. Throwing a wrench into either team’s plans for world domination was Andy Scarano, who rides for SCAD collegiately and 706P otherwise. Sunday he donned the blue and black of 706P. Who would come out on top? The usual suspects went to the front early. The lead was switched a few times as the flat course kept everyone together longer than usual. Half way through the race heavy rains started; it would have no impact on the outcome because it soon ended. Eventually, Andy and Artur Sagat (SCAD Atlanta) pulled away from the chasers. Andy beat Artur in a two up sprint for first. Frank Trevieso (706 Project) was third with Wesley Garland (Litespeed-BMW) and Jeff Hopkins (Service Course Auto Works) following. Frank had an insurmountable lead in the Overall Series going into this final race, and he took his bows as the series winner.

Sorellas Chloe Murdock & Brittany Montgomery and the Spindle’s Molly Russell show what the CX spirit is all about as they finish the single speed race.

Thank you to everyone that made this a successful season for Georgia Cyclocross!—the Board, the Race Promoters, out Awesome Officials, and all of the Race Volunteers! We would like to give a special thanks to Series Director/Results Wrangler/SuperFast Racer Elizabeth Lee and Technical Director/Hauler of the Trailer/All Around Nice Guy Jim Behning! Without them the series would not be what it is! Please tell them thank you the next time you see them!

Team of the Year L5 Flyers. Frazier Cycling was 2nd.

Congratulations to all of the Series Winners!

Women CX4

Brianna Isbell LNC Racing p/b Octane
Isabella Nguy Frazier Cycling
Anna Frey Peachtree Bikes

Women CX1/2/3
Maria Carrelli The 706 Project
Brittany Montgomery Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportwear
Jenna Downey Sorella Cycling p/b Hincapie Sportwear

Single Speed
Shannon Blanton
David Kemp The Bike Shop of Columbus
Travis Tindle Southwest Cycling Club Racing

Frank Travieso The 706 Project
Nicholas VanWinkle Litespeed-BMW
Artur Sagat SCAD Atlanta

Patrick Goral Outback Bikes Racing
Staten Putnal Peachtree Bikes
Christopher Hale Spindle X Westside Bikes

Travis Tindle Southwest Cycling Club Racing
Blake Cowing LNC Racing p/b Octane
Mike Horton Peachtree Bikes

Clay Adair Sabotage
Daniel Podratsky Sabotage
Ryan Collins L5Flyers Cycling Team

Elite Masters 50+
Chris Isenberg North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
William (Dub) Smith Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
Sergei Grigorian Bike Law Cycling Club

Elite Masters 40+
Kirk Corsello Next Moto Champion Cycling p/b Roswell Bicycles
Nathan Sibly Atlanta Cycling
Chris Chotas Litespeed-BMW

Masters 35+ 4/5
Michael Albaneso Outback Bikes Racing
Bill Hansen Peachtree Bikes
Chris Robinson L5Flyers Cycling Team

Juniors 15-18
Blake Wilson Frazier Cycling
Harrison Nguy Frazier Cycling
David Heath Frazier Cycling

Juniors 10-14
Reece Latham North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
Stephen Heath Frazier Cycling
Eli Hoppenfeld Frazier Cycling