2016 Across the Beeriers

Across the Beeriers
Report by David O’Rear, Photos by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Day One
As the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas were being battered by the fury of Hurricane Matthew, Northeast Georgia was fortunately blessed with sunny skies and warm temperatures for the 2016 edition of Swagger.us Across the Beeriers Cyclocross Race Weekend in Athens, Georgia.

Southern Brewery once again hosted Day One of racing with a course that was similar to last year’s but with a few twists on the Frank Travieso designed track.  The unique feature this year of routing the course through the brewery gave beer drinking spectators an up close, bar side view of cyclocross racing, as racers powered through the building.  Also unlike last year where the Southern Brewery grounds wewe a quagmire after drenching rains of Day One saturated the course, this year racers were provided a course which dry and fast despite the monsoon rains and flooding our southern neighbors were experiencing. Day Two of racing brought another change from last year’s race as Terrapin Brewery hosted it with an interesting course that was both technical, dry, and fast!

Molly Russell (The Spindle) concentrates over the barriers on her way to winning Day 1 in the Women’s Cat. 4.

Day One of racing started with a substantial field of racers with some incredibly fast lap times for the technical course. The most interesting and closely contested races of the day is a toss-up between the Men Pro CX1/CX2/CX3 and the Women CX1/CX2/CX3. In the Men Pro, Course Designer and 706 Project Racer Frank Travieso battled it out on every lap with Dahlonega’s Elliott Baring, and Litespeed-BMW Racer Nick Van Winkle. The race came down to a sprint finish with Travieso edging out Van Winkle for the win and Baring in a close third. In the Womens CX1/CX2/CX3 Race Sorella’s Brittany Montgomery traded Laps with 706 Project racers Emily Cox and Maria Carelli for most of the race until Montgomery opened up the gap in the final two laps. Carelli crashed at the barriers and was overtaken by Sorella’s Jean Miller. The final finish was Montgomery followed by Cox, and Miller finishing third. Carelli stayed in the fight and finished strong for fourth place.

The largest field of the day was in the Mens CX4 with 31 racers at the starting line. Christian DeCenso of of Snyder Factory Racing finishing first, Sabotage Cycles Daniel Podratsky in second and Prima Tappa’s Cooper Hammerlund finishing third.

Especially notable for the day is Ga Neurosurgical Institute Racer Jeff Clayton winning both the Men’s CX3 and Elite Masters 50+ CX1/CX2/CX3. Best wishes to CX3 Men’s and Single speed racer Tom Butler who went down in a nasty crash on the backside of the course during the Singlespeed race. A special thanks goes out to Velocity Racing’s Bret Burlson who stopped mid race to help Tom and divert racers away from the crash. Congratulations to all Day One podium finishers.

Junior 10-14
1.    Eli Hoppenfield (Fraziers)
2.    Stephen Heath
3.    Aiden Landrum

Juniors 15-18
1.    Blake Wilson

Mens CX3
1.    Jeff Clayton (Ga Neurosurgical Inst)
2.    Jeff Hopkins (Service Course Auto Works)
3.    Chris Bullock

Mens Elite Masters 40+ CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Kirk Corsello
2.    William Lanzilotta
3.    Darren Coomer (Litespeed-BMW)

Mens Elite Masters 50+ CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Jeff Clayton (Ga Neurosurgical Inst)
2.    Hardwick Greg (Infinity Racing)
3.    Tim Marshall

Mens 35+ CX4/CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Eddie Donnely (The Spindle)
3.    Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes)

Mens CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Ben Hobbs
3.    Michael Pajewski (Clemson)

1.    Zach Holmes (Atlanta Cycle Barn)
2.    Travis Tindle
3.    Chase Blanton (PCP Racing)

Womens CX4
1.    Molly Russell (Spindle)
2.    Iris Levin
3.    Terri Watt

Day Two
Terrapin Brewery provided an excellent venue for Day Two and was a great backdrop for the Georgia Cyclocross series. This was a rare treat to race on two separate courses in two days, not to mention, racing at two of Georgia’s finest Micro-brewery’s. Day Two’s course was slightly more technical with a couple Interesting features added in. The first challenge was a shallow turn into a short wheel grabbing pea gravel bed. This lead to an immediate sharp uphill left hand turn only to be followed to a sharp off camber drop and right hand turn. Riders who failed to maintain momentum through the gravel would stall and have to dismount. The second feature was a short steep run up with a barrier at the top. Both of these were spots where riders could showcase technical skills; however, they were also the site of several spills and mishaps. They were also located very close together which was very convenient for spectators, hecklers, and hand-ups.

The Men’s Pro CX1/CX2/CX3 Race was once again one the most hotly contested races of the day. It looked like a repeat of the previous day’s race with the usual suspects fighting it out. Midway through the race Travieso suffered what appeared to be a flat and had to pit. This opened the door for another battle between Elliott Barin, and Litespeed-BMW’s Van Winkle. United Healthcare rider Tyler Magner challenged the leaders, but at the finish Barring outpaced Nick Van Winkle for the win with Magner finishing third. Travieso was able to make up enough ground to a remarkable seventh place finish. Frank’s no quit attitude perfectly illustrating why Bicycling Magazine named him as one of cycling’s hero’s for 2016.

Nick Van Winkle (Litespeed-BMW) leads Ty Magner (UHC) over the run up barrier on Sunday.

Another hard fought race was again in the Elite Masters 50+ Race. On his mountain bike, Jeff Clayton looked to be on the way for another win only to be edged at the finish line by Hardwick Gregg. Chris Isenberg finished a strong third.

Thanks to Swagger.us for putting on a fantastic race weekend which will no doubt be one of the highlights of the 2016 race season.

Junior 10-14
1.    Eli Hoppenfield (Fraziers)
2.    Reece Latham (Team Mission Source)
3.    Aiden Landrum Fraziers)

Juniors 15-18
1.    Blake Wilson (Fraziers)
2.    Drew Hockstein

Mens CX3
1.    Jeff Hopkins (Service Course Auto Works)
2.    Ryan Collins
3.    Michael Mantley (Vegan Athlete Racing)

Mens Elite Masters 40+ CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Nate Zukas
2.    Kirk Corsello
3.    Eric Murphy (706 Project)

Mens 35+ CX4/CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Mike Albaneso (Outback Bikes)
3.    Jeff Burgoon (Smyrna Bicycles)

Mens CX5
1.    Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers)
2.    Chris Ostlund
3.    Clint Williams

1.    Clay Adair
2.    Chase Blanton (PCP Racing)
3.    Matt Harris (Faster Mustache)

Womens CX1/CX2/CX3
1.    Leigh Hopkins (706 Project)
2.    Brittany Montgomery (Sorella)
3.    Maria Carelli (706 Project)

Womens CX4
1.    Iris Levin
2.    Chloe Murdock
3.    Candance Kimbell (Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse)