Georgia Cyclocross 2021 Schedule

Georiga Cyclocross is back for the 20th season!

The 2021 Georgia Cyclocross Series schedule! We’ll have more information about individual races as the season gets closer!

Oct. 3 Grant Park CX, Atlanta, GA
Oct. 10 Boundary Waters, Douglasville, GA
Oct. 17 Elks Aidmore CX, Conyers, GA
Oct. 24 Nash Farm CX, Hampton, GA
Oct. 31 Hawkes Creek, Winterville, GA
Nov. 7 Middle Georgia State University, Macon, GA
Nov. 14 Old Grey Barn – State Championships, Rocky Face, GA
Nov. 21 OFF – NC Grand Prix UCI Races
Nov. 28 OFF – Thanksgiving
Dec. 4-5 Southern Brewing & Terrapin, Athens, GA GACX Finale

GACX Covid Cancellation

2020 has us all feeling a little upside down, right?!?! It is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement.

Covid-19 has created a situation none of us could have ever imagined. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but the GACX Board has decided to cancel the 2020 GACX Series. Considering local, state, and CDC guidelines and the impact they have on how we interact at races we feel like this is the best decision for everyone involved. While we are incredibly disappointed to not have the series, we anticipate there will still be a handful of races this fall, just not under the GACX Series umbrella. In the meantime, stay safe, help keep others safe, wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance so we can get back to some bike racing safely sooner rather than later! #crossiscomingin2021 #gacxturns21in2021

Photo by: Travis Neumuller

2019 Hawkes Creek CX – GACX Series Finale

The Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing had its finale at Hawkes Creek Farm in Winterville, GA. The hills surprised some racers as the Athens courses tend to be a bit flatter. A set of barriers and a run up provided some off the bike toting for racers, and fast downhills were a relief from the climbs. Overall GACX Series Awards were handed out after the race. Congratulations to all of our winners!

A Happy Toecutter Taco in the Women’s Single Speed.

Junior 15-18 Boys Elias Dietrich Summit Georgia
Junior 15-18 Girls Caleigh Rasser Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P
Junior 9-14 Boys Matthew Crabbe Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios
Junior 9-14 Girls Audrey Zents Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios
Singlespeed Women Molly Russell Loose Nuts Cycles
Women 1/2/3 Molly Russell Loose Nuts Cycles
Women 3/4 Trisha VanDusseldorp Bike Law Cycling Club
Women 4/5 Tina Locklear Georgia Neurosurgical Institute
Masters 35+ 4/5 Tim Watley CX Mafia
Masters 40+ 1/2/3/4 Nate Sibly Peachtree Bikes
Masters 50+ 1/2/3/4 Brady Rogers Specialized-BMW
Masters 60+ 1/2/3/4 James Behning Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta
Men 1/2 Jacob Morales JM Racing p/b Scott
Men 3 Michael Weigand Bike Law Cycling Club
Men 4 Christopher Hale Bike Law Cycling Club
Men 5 Elias Dietrich Summit Georgia
Singlespeed Men Matthew Reeves
Team Overall Winners Bike Law Cycling Club

Santa Claus put in an appearance in the Masters Races.

2019 EPTC CX Classic Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling, Photos courtesy Travis Neumuller

A gorgeous day greeted racers at Nash Farm for the EPTC CX Classic, the 9th round of the Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing. Nash Farm is a historical venue with wide open fields and a great view of much of the course from the top of the hill. This part of the course also offered a great place for handups that included socks, coffee, and energy gels. Much of the course is grass, which either delighted racers or made them grumble.

Elizabeth Lee (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) is all smiles during the Women’s Elite Race.

The Elite Women’s race saw the absence of series leader Molly Russell-Holmes (Loose Nuts Cycles) as well as several of the top 8, which left the race wide open. Mackenzie Myatt (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) took off at the start and was not seen again by the Women’s field. The rest of the racers quickly separated and held their positions for much of the race. Allison Mrugal (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) was second with new Cat. 3 Trisha VanDusseldorp (Bike Law) in third.

A large group of racers stayed together for the first several laps in the Elite Men. On the fourth lap, Simon Lewis (Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association) put in a good dig that really started the racing. Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) accelerated on lap 5, which gapped Jacob Morales (JM Racing p/b Scott) and Simon. Artur’s teammate Andy Scarano took over pace making on the next lap; they tag teamed to try to keep Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW) from attacking. Artur started to lead Andy out for the finish, but Andy had a mechanical in the last 50 meters. Nick passed Andy to take the win. Andy was second with Artur in third.

This Bike Law rider is not a one trick pony!

2019 Georgia State Championships Race Report

The Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing hosted the Georgia Cyclocross State Championships on a glorious Sunday. A crisp morning gave way to a warm afternoon as racing heated up. Road Atlanta provided a great venue and a challenging course. It was a bit twistier than last year, and the fast downhill and soul sucking climb at 9-11% grade were as tough as racers remembered them. At stake were overall wins in every race as well as State Championship jerseys and medals in many categories.

Trisha Vandusseldorp (Bike Law) is all smiles on her way to the win in the Cat. 3/4 Women’s Race. She also took second in the Women’s Single Speed.

The Elite Women’s race (sponsored in part by ByoCycles) was one of the most exciting with jerseys for both the Cat.1-2 and Cat. 3 Women up for grabs as well as cash for the overall winners. It was a sprint off the line to get to the first left turn. Teammates Mackenzie Myatt and Judah Sencenbaugh (United Health Care/706P) took off in the first quarter of a lap with Molly Russell-Holmes (Loose Nuts Cycles) and Abby Hobbs (Bike Fetish Devo) in hot pursuit. Half way into the race, Mackenzie used her world class mountain bike skills through the downhill in the woods to drop Judah. She soloed in for the win with Judah in second. Molly and Abby were on each other’s wheels the entire race. Molly held the advantage in the fast cyclocross sectionswith Abby’s enduro experience a benefit to  her in the woods. Coming into the final corner, Abby had a bike lengths’ slight advantage until a minor bobble took her out. Molly sprinted past for third.

Lamar Mauney has been racing Georgia Cyclocross since the beginning! He took the Elite Masters 60+ State Championship to add to his jersey collection.

In the Elite Men, it was a mano-a-mano battle against this year’s two strongest riders, Jacob Morales (JM Racing p/b Scott) and Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW). Several riders took up the chase, but Nick and Jacob only their sights set on the target on the other’s jersey. Back and forth the went for the entire 60 minutes. The final corner had loose gravel and would prove to be the deciding factor in yet another race. Nick’s wheel slipped out, which allowed Jacob to gain a meter on him. Both men were out of the saddle sprinting down the straight away like a Grand Prix Motor Car! Jacob clipped Nick by half a wheel for first. Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) came in for third.


2019 Georgia State Championships

This Sunday is the 2019 Georgia State Cyclocross Championships at Road Atlanta!

State Championships will be awarded in the following races. It may be a race you don’t normally do!

Junior Girl 9-14
Junior Girl 15-18
Junior Boy 9-14
Junior Boy 15-18
Elite Masters 40+
Elite Masters 50+
Elite Masters 60+
Women 1/2
Women 3 (awarded in W1/2/3 race)
Women 4 (awarded in W3/4 race)
Men 1/2
Men 3
Men 4
Women Singlespeed
Men Singlespeed


2019 Across The Beeriers Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Who doesn’t love a cyclocross race at a Brewery? The Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing had two in one weekend at Across the Beeriers in Athens. Saturday saw great racing at Southern Brewing including the course going straight through the brewery. Sunday was at series’ sponsor Terrapin Beer Company, who always welcomes GACX with a fun and technical course. With lows in the upper 30s and highs around 60, perfect racing weather was served along with frosty beverages for the adult racers both days. Swagger put on a great weekend of racing!

The Men’s and Women’s Single Speed races rounded out the weekend on Sunday at Terrapin Beer Company. In the Women’s race, three crazy single speeders lined up to vie for GACX medal. As she has in every Single Speed race, she’s entered this year, Molly Russell-Holmes (Loose Nuts Cycling) rode away from the competition.  Lindsey Cochran (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P) was chasing valiantly until an untimely crash broke her chain. Lindsey also offered a blood sacrifice to the CX goddess with a knee injury that needed stitches. Cassidy Thornton took the party pace option and captured the second spot on the podium.

Caroline Palacio (L5 Flyers) won the Women’s 4/5 race at Terrapin.

The podium in the Men’s Single Speed was hotly contested as David Kemp (CX Mafia) and Matthew Reeves traded blows throughout the race. David took the early lead, but Matthew soon caught up and stuck to David’s wheel the rest of the race. On the last lap, David put in an acceleration with a super high cadence rarely seen outside of a velodrome to put an 8 second gap on Matthew. David held on for the win with Matthew in second. Chris Robinson (L5 Flyers) came in for third. David said the “course was fun, but demanding. My pre-hydration was on point.”

David Kemp (CX Mafia) leads Matthew Reeves in the Men’s Single Speed at Terrapin.

2019 Boundary Waters Race Report

Mother Nature finally smiled upon racers at the Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing round at Boundary Waters Park. Not only did it rain for 2 days prior to the race (mud!), the day was gorgeous with lows around 55 and a high of 69 with nothing but sun. The course was nice and wet with a side of boggy for the morning races. The sunshine would play a role in the later races as some parts of the course turned to peanut butter as they began to dry. Overall the course was in good condition for some fast racing.

Rosie Levy (FeraFox Racing) took her first win in the Women’s 4/5 race.

In the Elite Women’s race, a hardcore group of seven women lined up. The pack took off together and stayed that way for the first half lap when Mackenzie Myatt (United Health Care/706P) took off. Molly Russell-Holmes (Loose Nuts Cycles), coming off of 2 muddy UCI races last weekend, chased and even closed the gap a bit towards the end of the race. Mackenzie was able to hold her off for the win. Abby Hobbs (Bike Fettish Devo) was third.

The Elite Men’s race was a similar story as the last couple of weeks. Jacob Morales (JM Racing p/b Scott) , Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW), Artur Sagat (Team United Healthcare Georgia/706P), and another rider went off the front from the first lap. The 4th rider was soon dropped leaving Nick, Jacob, and Artur to battle it out. It seemed as though no one held an advantage as the lead swapped several times. On the last lap, Artur said “Nick got a gap on us in that mud pit before the barriers and gassed it. Jacob Couldn’t follow, so I tried to chase down Nick, but we were going to same speed.” Nick too the win with Artur in second be a couple of seconds and Jacob another 20 seconds back.

Kenny Oladapo loves to entertain the spectators with jumping the barriers. Most of the time he makes it, but some of the time bloopers are caught on video or in photos.

2019 Elks Aidmore Race Report

by Trish Albert/Southeastern Cycling

Elks Aidmore in Conyers was the first double race weekend for Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing. Saturday dawned sunny and eventually wound up sunny and hot. The Honey Badger course was run counter-clockwise. The bog was mainly ridable although many chose to run it. Rumors of some broken bike parts by the bog bunny hoppers were whispered throughout the crowd. Sunday was cool and cloudy with scattered rain everywhere except over the course. Light rain finally appeared during the Masters 4/5 35+/Women’s 3 /4 but did little except make the pavement slick. The course reversed direction for slightly less but steeper climbing. The bog took a few victims including a pair of handlebars but left most riders and emu electric bikes wet and muddy. Spectators gathered around the bog to see both the victory of getting over it via bunny hop, riding straight through, or running it….or defeat and carnage.

On Sunday in the Elite Women Molly Russell-Holmes (Loose Nuts Cycles) took an early lead, but she was shadowed closely by Emily Cameron (United Healthcare Georgia/706P). Emily could not close the few second gap, which gave Molly the win for both days. Brittnay Montgomery (Peachtree Bikes) was third.

Trisha Van Dusseldorp (Bike Law Cycling Club) on her way to winning the Women’s 3/4 on Sunday.

In the Elite Men, a trio surprisingly stayed together until 2 laps to go—Jacob Morales (JM Racing p/b Scott), Nick Van Winkle (Specialized-BMW), and Andy Scarano (United Healthcare/706P). Andy was the first to be dropped. Nick was still glued to Jacob’s wheels. Somewhere on the backside of the course, Jacob put 15 seconds into Nick to the surprise of the crowd. Jacob increased the lead a bit more by the time he finished. Nick came in for 2nd with Andy in third.

Max Erwin (Loose Nuts Cycles) does a wheelie up the paved hill in the Single Speed Sunday.

On Saturday one of the most talked about incidents at the bog was in the Elite Masters 60+. The full sequence is in the Elite Masters gallery at (along with plenty of other races and photos). Lamar Mauney (Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta) had a wee wobble over the bog in the Elite Masters 60+. Michael Johnson decided to try to bunny hop Lamar. No Masters or bikes were injured.

Lamar Mauney and Michael Johnson getting tangled up in the Elite Masters 60+ on Saturday.